The Office: Livin’ the Dream, 9.21

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The Office: Livin' the Dream

Writer: Niki Schwartz-Wright, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): Andy decides to pursue his dream — Andy tries to work up the nerve to quit his job and pursue his dreams of stardom. Dwight finally receives his karate black belt from his new sensei (Michael Imperioli) and has his best day ever at work. Jim returns to Scranton to spend more quality time with Pam. Guest star: Michael Imperioli. One-hour long, starting 8:30/7:30c.

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In a poll conducted May 2-5, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.07/10

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The Office Livin’ the Dream quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Andy: Which tie makes me look like a guy who likes sofas?

Andy: Thin sliced tuna. Carpaccio. Go on.

Andy: Half the time, I don’t know if I’m wearing my stage makeup or my work makeup.

Jim: Go all in for what’s most important. That’s my new thing.

Angela: She’s this uptight, judgmental shrew. You know the type.
Kevin: I’ve never met anyone like that.

Angela: Without my cats, I am utterly and completely alone.

Dwight: There are four new deadly weapons in this office. Basher! Thrasher! Crasher! And…
Jim: Smasher!
Dwight: Smasher? No, where did you get that? Fireball!

Andy: David Walrus! In his native habitat.

David: At a certain point, the ice gets too thin. And you fall through. And that is when you get fired.

Andy: I am pursuing fame of any kind.

Creed: Andy, no, definitely not. Charisma black hole.

Clark: Are you trying to get a second second job here?

Clark: But be careful, it is very easy to get lost in Pete’s beautiful dead eyes.

Phyllis: There’s just something there you don’t want to look at.

Pete: I’m sure you and I will have our own thing.

Jim: You don’t watch baseball. I keep forgetting that.

Darryl: You’re meant for a job with lots and lots of slack.

Andy: Right back atcha, Darryl.

Stanley: What happened to the generation that knew you shut up, did your work, and died quietly from a heart attack.

Angela: He would strap me to his chest, in a Baby Bjorn made for fat children, and do lunges across the farm. I felt like I was flying.

Billy: I got to hand it to him, he’s one of the most tenacious and determined men I’ve ever met.

Jim: You’re going to want to invest in a lot more liability insurance.

Jim: If there’s someone who loves paper more than Dwight, I definitely don’t want to meet that person.

Kevin: Our question is… seems dumb.

Nellie: What if you were to stay here and… full-ass it?

Kevin: You’re too charactery to be a lead, and you’re not fat enough to be a great character actor.

Erin: Andy, honestly, I think you might become homeless. Or maybe even starve.

Dwight: I will never, ever let you down.

Meredith: I don’t want to see you in a porn next year.

Dwight: You might be a bullpen kid. Give it a couple of years. Scram!

Jim: Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely here for Pam. But this is an awesome added bonus.

Andy: Huge dick move. But very effective. I need to be that same kind of dick to myself.

Angela: You have so many hairs on your chin, Animal Control should have taken you away!

Angela: Don’t let pride ruin your whole life. It’s not worth it.

Andy: Lorelai and I would like to say goodbye. The only way we know how.

Oscar: I thought you found nature vulgar.

Dwight: It really is amazing how your life can change in one day.

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  1. Seems like an overall positive episode! I assume that with this being focused on Andy, Dwight, Jim and Pam, some of the stories of the more minor characters will be wrapped up?

  2. I teared up while reading this!:) seems like such a nice episode. But I then realised, Jim spending a bit more time with Pam isn’t going to solve the ‘Philly/Scranton’ issue…

  3. This isn’t always a good move..even though we all want Jim/Pam to end happily ever after I’m sad to think that Jim wouldn’t follow his dreams…and even worse that Pam wouldn’t encourage him to do so!!!

  4. I agree with Anna – I want Jim and Pam’s storyline to end happily also, but it is very sad to think that Jim may not follow his dream. Let’s hope that, once he’s back in Scranton, Pam realizes that it may not be the best move for him and it may be time that she looks at her own insecurities and realizes this. Like people have said previously, Jim gave up a good job in New York to be with Pam, plus he encouraged her to go to New York to follow her dream of becoming an artist. Only fair that she allow Jim to do the same. And, it bothers me that, at least right now, she doesn’t seem to even remember it.

  5. Dwight’s best day at work…five words, Dwight Kurt Schrute Acting Manager.

  6. This doesn’t say that Jim moves back to Scranton, or gives up his job at Athlead. He returns to Scranton to spend more quality time with Pam. Quality not quantity. He could be working full-time at Athlead, and only comes home to help with CeCe & Philip on the weekends. He may take a work day off, and return to Scranton to spend that day just with Pam – alone time, no kids. But, it’s just a guess.

  7. But how does Brian fit into all of this? He clearly has feelings for Pam… surely they’re going to use that in one of these episodes? Hmm.
    But I could totally see it playing out that Pam sees how bored Jim is at work in Scranton, and how much he is missing his new job, and she changes her mind. (which is good!) But I do kind of want a bit of Brian drama. :P

  8. So Andy quits to pursue his dreams and Dwight finally gets the manager job? That’s a happy ending for both of them.

  9. @9
    I don’t think we will see Brian again, I think Pam storming out on him showed that she wants nothing to do with him.

  10. Yay, go Jim!! (: I hope they can figure out a compromise so that Jim can be happy at work and be with Pam (and she’s happy too). Maybe this is the first step towards that.

    The thing is, Jim is a family man at heart. He has never been a business-y workaholic type. While I want him to be happy with his job and achieve his potential, I still think his family is going to be the most important thing for him, always. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  11. Hopefully Andy wins back Erin and takes her with him to live a life of superstardom. :)

  12. I’d wish Andy not to quit his job as manager whilst he’s pursuing his dream as an actor. Dwight doesn’t deserve to run the office if Andy leaves. And Jim and Pam find it so hard to remain together when he still works part-time in Philly.

  13. I’m hoping that Dwight doesn’t become manager. I mean. They’ve proven to us TWICE that he is not fit to become a branch manager. I’m rooting for Stanley. He’s been with the company for years and he’s mentioned many times on the show that he wants the position.

  14. Well, we all know what Dwight’s best day of work will be. That’s an obvious hint at Andy quitting his job and Dwight becoming manager.

  15. Considering how many times they reminded us about Dwight never realizing his dream of becoming manager in the last episode, I think we’re heading towards Dwight as manager in the end.

    Perhaps he’ll finally kinda change his ways.

  16. ok…day 1 (episode 1) there was a call to michael scott about downsizing. after 9 seasons still teetering on the edge? after many of the same phone calls? this HAS TO BE the luckiest little paper company on the face of the earth.
    i realize all the characters (and actors) have gotten older and matured, but i’d love to see some of the old personalities and pranks emerge in the last few episodes. i think they’ve strayed too far from the originals in many instances.

  17. Dwight becomes manager and everyone quits….Dwight’s best day at work ever, lol

  18. Dwight earned it. He had DM’s best quarter when Andy left, because he became a facilitator (unwitting and unwillingly) for the office to do its best. By trying to lead, but in fact only acting as a not-quite powerful reminder of the group’s responsibility, they in freedom shone. Andy’s first act was to undo some of that– inadvertently teaching them they didn’t need a general. Dwight should get the “Power of a Leader” poster if he moves in that office– he proved it.

  19. Dwight would probably work best as a perpetual Assistant to the Regional Manager. Just without an actual Regional Manager. So he would have the authority, but always restrain himself and do his best for the office in fear of the empty position above him.

  20. As far as who the new manager could be (given Andy does actually quit), I am split between Dwight and Jim. Dwight’s best day ever would certainly be sitting behind the manager’s desk (but then again, we’ve seen this several times already in years past…I don’t know that it’s something we’d see yet again, but who knows!)

    A big part of me thinks Jim may get offered the job while still at his company in Philly…he then debates whether or not to turn the offer down and follow his dream in Philly or accept the job offer and give up the dream to be with Pam and the family back in Scranton for good. Something has me leaning more towards the Jim storyline!

  21. @Dundermifflinite You mention seeing Dwight become manager several times, but I only remember two. In The Job Michael gives him his job although He probably didn’t have the authority to do that and I don’t think any of the workers really believed he was the next manager and the other was season 7 Dwight K Schrute Acting Manager. Am I missing other times?

  22. I’m positive Dwight is gonna be named manager. There’s a couple subtle hints about it in Stairmageddon & one in Promos, if I’m not mistaken.

  23. I believe that we’ve seen Dwight become more mature throughout this season and I personally think he’d make a good manager now, though I’m hoping that Jim will become manager because it seems like parts of the series has been kind of hinting towards that.

  24. Don’t forget to check your DVRs to make sure it will record both half hours of the next/last couple shows. Mine is only picking up one to record.

  25. Easily one of the worst episodes of the season. First, it was overlong and largely unfunny. There wasn’t much tension at all, and thus no comic “relief” to the tension. Only Andy’s plot and Angela’s plot bore tension, and both were tired variations on what we’ve seen before. Andy was a jerk through the whole episode, and his closing sappy song didn’t swell my heart – I more felt like “good riddance, get out.” This from someone who was a fan of Andy before his character got butchered. I’m hopeful that the series finale will be better, but this episode was very disappointing.

  26. The closer we get to the end the more I’m realizing the writers made the right choice to end this show on their own terms. They could have gone down the “revamped Office” route with new characters, but instead decided to just wrap things up and finish the storylines with these guys. I think this is the right way to do it.

  27. I feel as if this should have been the end of last season, making Dwight manager could probably have saved this show, especially if they had continued the story line with everyone having this big secret held over him keeping him in check, but it’s good to see them fixing everything before the end.

  28. Speechless. Best episode. Kudos to the writers, cast, and anyone that had anything to do with the creation of this episode. Couldn’t have imagined a better way for things to start winding up.

  29. I absolutely loved everything about this episode! The writers are genius, they are tying everything up perfectly! Totally love that Angela and Oscar have come full circle. Love love love! So sad it is ending but love how it is going out.

  30. – Loved the genuine happiness for Dwight. Especially from Jim. Their relationship has JUST the right amount of respect at this point for two people that also happen to annoy the hell out of each other.
    – At this point, it’s so hard to root for Andy, but that goodbye was still appreciated. I kind of like that he’s his own biggest cheerleader.
    – Still don’t understand why child support doesn’t exist in The Office’s universe, but I’m always for more Angela/Oscar. And rooting for Angela/Dwight.
    – There were some great s2-esque moments between Jim/Pam. And I loved that Pam overheard Jim’s conversation.

  31. Wow! What an awesome episode. David Wallace is Gold. I got some nice Jim/Dwight interaction, which is always wonderful. I loved Oscar coming through for Angela. Loved Dwight’s black belt and getting his promotion. I loved that Dwight has become self aware enough to become a successful manager. There seemed to be some David Brent/ Tim Canterbury/ Gareth Keenan references tonight in the actions of Andy Dwight and Jim without it being in your face, which is great. The ending gave me hope that Pam may come around with Jim going after his dream. Wonderful Wonderful episode :) Andy’s song at the end got me teary in a good way.

  32. Why did I ever doubt that The Office would have the perfect way of wrapping everything up?

  33. Wowza. Loved the episode — LOVED IT! It probably ranks in my top 10, which is saying something. I laughed more during this epi than I have all season. And, as Gabe put it, it was ‘dropping bombs’ for the last 2.

    Irony = Angela, seasons ago (season 2? 3?), saying that Will and Grace was too ‘loud.’ Fast forward to now: she is living with Oscar. WITH A BABY.

  34. Great episode. There was a lady narrating the whole thing though. Was that on purpose? I didn’t like it at all. Kind of annoying

  35. This episode was perfect. So glad they extended it to an hour and so glad I’m coming to Scranton tomorrow!

  36. I really liked this episode. You can tell they are winding down, but still creating big stories. And although it wouldn’t have fit in with a documentary, I would have liked to see an Andy montage with his goodbye song

  37. The scene with Andy singing was INCREDIBLE, The best writers in the world!

  38. This episode had it all — LOVED IT!!!!! Just made me so sad to think we’re nearing the end.

  39. Wow! I was on the verge of tears for most of the episode. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

  40. Remember when Michael always said that Dunder Mifflin was supposed to be a family, and everyone thought he was out of line? These last few episodes are gearing up for that as it’s easy to tell that everyone truly cares and respects each other. They’ve become a family, and what a wonderful homage to Michael… “What a great boss he turned out to be!”

  41. I wait all week for the office and it did not disappoint. I loved everything about the full hour, especially the way Jim looks at Pam. I’m going to be lost when this ends :(

  42. Alex – I totally agree an Andy montage would have been stellar. They had so much to choose from! Phenomenal episode! This season will be much easier to watch as a whole with these final episodes reeling us back in at the end. Overall a bold, gutsy season, you have to admit. They’ve built a ton of tension thus far, and bravo for leaving the mystery with Dwight and Angela with only two episodes left. Genius.

  43. Who else was fighting back the tears during Andy’s song? Not because Andy was saying goodbye, but because the reality of The Office ending was setting in?

  44. Wow, I turned on NBC at 7:50 and the show had started already!! I missed the first 20 minutes, but the remainder of the show was fantastic. Andy’s song at the end was probably one of his finest moments on the show. Can’t wait to see the last two episodes…I’m really going to miss this show. :(

  45. PLEASE tell me somebody else thought that the scene with Jim & Pam, and Pete & Erin was a statement that THERE IS NO COMPARING, new jim & Erin to JAM! There is and always will be one Jim & Pam. I know I may be reaching here, but I thought the writers were gonna go with Pete & Erin taking over as the new younger version of Jim and Pam. then the writers go and say I DON’T THINK SO! I loved that scene.

  46. Loved this episode…
    1. Jim will probably get to go for his dream!
    2. Andy tenderly sang the same song Michael used for one of his exits
    3. Angela Kinsey rocked it out and made me care even though her character has done some awful things.
    4. Erin might just still choose Andy

  47. Wonderful! Interesting to see how Angela has hit rock bottom after years of being such a shrew, but I do feel badly for her and want her to end up on the farm with Dwight and all the cats she can handle. : )
    As for Jim, he has said his dream was to own a bike shop – that is what I hope for him because I don’t really think he’s happy at Athlead. Oscar coming to Angela’s aid – priceless. I’m absolutely dreading May 16. But looking forward to this weekend in Scranton!

  48. Very well written episode. Had a smile on my face entire time. There wasn’t a moment I would change.

  49. Help! My tv cut out on Jim’s conversation with Darryl! What did Pam overhear Jim say?

  50. Grace – yes, I agree – they have become a family. So close, so caring. In the nine years the show has been on the air, I’ve come to love these characters as well. Oh, how I’ll miss them! Having all available seasons on DVD will help, but it won’t be the same. I’m so sad.

  51. I was holding strong, wasn’t gonna cry, until they pulled out the “big guns” with the Sarah McLachlan song . . . and then came the waterworks. Oh boy, how am I gonna make it through these last two episodes? Love this show, loved this episode!

  52. Also loved the little callbacks. Dwight putting his leg up on Jim’s desk like Michael. Pam leaning against Jim’s desk was very flirty s2-esque. Made me grin a lot :D

  53. What happened after Jim said he couldn’t do that to Pam at the end. My PVR didn’t get the last little bit

  54. @ 67 Erin,
    Darryl told Jim that their company had a buyer, but to prove that the company could be a nationwide company they would need to travel around the nation for the next three months getting athletes from all over. Jim told Darryl that he couldn’t do that to Pam, though.

  55. That was awesome!!! I had a smile on my face the entire time. I loved how kind and honest everyone was to each other, even if that meant telling Andy that he was making a terrible idea of going into show business! Oh, and Pam! I am so happy she was there when Darryl and Jim were talking, that was perfect! I love Jim and Pam.

  56. @Scott – the song is “I Will Remember You” by Sarah Mclaghlan.

    @Erin – Darryl told Jim that Athlead had just received a buy-out offer with the opportunity to expand to the West coast. They were both excited, but then Jim asked how long he’d have to be gone out West and Darryl said about 3 months. Jim then said he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t do it to Pam again. Pam overheard the conversation.

  57. I think the best part of this episode, and the scene that sums up the entire series of The Office, is when Dwight kicks Clark out of Jim’s chair. That scene, and Jim’s, Pam’s, Dwight’s reactions and their behaviors in that moment sum up the entire series perfectly.

  58. @75 Wendy

    So he just repeated his ” I can’t do that to Pam” statement? That makes me feel a little better, since i missed it. Because I saw Pam’s reaction, I assumed he said something huge. Sigh. Thank you!

  59. Lots of nice, kind moments between the cast members. Andy Bernard’s goodbye was a touching reflection on the ending of the show, and a good reminder of how really talented Ed Helms is. And what a treat to hear another “Beesly!” from a very, very happy Jim Halpert!

  60. @61 absolutely! You could see the actors all fighting back tears (for themselves not the characters!)

    @63 Totally agree! Erin and Pete are definitely not going to end up together. I don’t think that the last episode will be their wedding, but I think that Erin and Andy will end up together.

  61. Great episode, one of the strongest of the series. Good to see everything coming full circle. So glad they’re ending it on their own terms.

  62. Also, you think The Office finale is hard for you? My birthday is May 17th… And will consist of heavy watching of seasons 2, 4 and 6. Good lord this show is a gem.

  63. Dwight bouncing Clark back to the annex for Jim made my night. I like Clark, but it was a great move for these characters to have respect like that for each other after all the years and pranks.

  64. Excellent episode! Really awesome! Spectacular! I loved every scene on it, specially the ones with Andy trying to get enough strength to quit his job, including the scene when he’s serenading the whole office. I hope he really makes it. Many scenes with David Wallace. The Dwight plot was amazing, too, from receiving his black belt to being the new regional manager (as long as he doesn’t ruin everything again). The Angela/Oscar/Kevin plot was very emotional. And the Jim/Pam storyline was great, except when it ended abruptly with the Jim/Darryl conversation. Two more episodes to go, people.

  65. God, I want Jim & Pam to get a divorce and be miserable. So entitled, so co-dependent, so weak. It’s gross.

    They’re cowardly smug asses now.

    But I’m very happy for Dwight.

  66. Re: Tuna. @ 34. Lady narrating is MTS button on remote control. Great episode. Could see Angela ending up with Oscar platonically.

  67. Easily the best episode of the season (so far), and one of my favorite episodes of the last few years.

    Such an insane turnaround from the last six or so “meh” episodes.

  68. That was one the best, most old-school Office episodes I’ve seen in a long, long time. Amazing!!!!!!

    Jim and Dwight were both hilarious and sweet to each other, as were Oscar and Angela. Loved it. I also loved seeing everyone in the office trying to do the right thing for Andy. And we got David Wallace too!!! Finally, my favorite couple in the world (Jim and Pam, of course!) were absolutely wonderful tonight.

    Sigh – I can’t wait to see how they wrap everything up . . .

  69. I think that’s the first time we’ve actually heard Ed really sing on the show. Normally Andy has his own little twang I think. But that was really beautiful. Not gonna lie, it made me tear up quite a bit. This was a pretty emotional episode. Definitely the best of the season so far. I’m gonna be such a wreck on the 16th.

  70. This episode was perfect. I loved Dwight & Jim showing each other respect. And of course, I loved all of the Jim & Pam stuff. I was in tears during Andy’s song, made me really realize that it’s almost over. There wasn’t a single thing about this episode I would change.

  71. Perfection.

    I was bawling when Dwight said that he wouldn’t mind Jim as the manager just as Jim was saying the exact same thing about him.

    I’m not coping very well with the ending of this show. I cannot believe that it’s ending.

  72. Wonderful episode! Lots of Jim and Pam love — I hope we find out what happens to Jim’s career. I loved Andy’s song at the end and wish him well, although I don’t think that show biz will be kind to him. And Dwight — you never disappoint!

  73. Knocked it out of the park. Topped my previous favorite episode of the season so far, “Moving On”. Top 10 episode of the series for me. Not much could make it better. Excited for and dreading the final two. I know they’ll nail it though.

    I do really consider this part 1 of 3 for the finale. All the character’s stories are really going in great places and I think that “Finale” will be my favorite episode. They really have it set up to be amazing… Even better than ‘Seinfeld’.

    And of course Andy’s song.. Perfect way to put in an emotional moment without it feeling forced. Beautiful.

  74. finally, a good episode!! I enjoyed all the callbacks and am so glad they are heading for good closure.

    go Dwight!! and go Creed!

  75. Such a good episode. This writer really knew the characters well. Sending Andy off singing was the best way to do it. Also, Creed is manager!

  76. That was a great, great episode. Andy’s song was so poignant and genuinely heartfelt. Angela and Oscar made me a quivering wreck. The Jim and Dwight moments were just incredible. Amazing, amazing. As Michael said, this is going to hurt like a mother******! Bravo all round.

    Just one niggle: isn’t Darryl already Assistant (to the) Regional Manager?

  77. One of the best The Office episodes of all time.

    So so glad, that they gave Jim and Dwight a little moment, when Dwight came out and Jim hugged him.

  78. This very well could have been the best Office episode since “Goodbye, Michael”. The callbacks to past office moments were subtle and sweet. The interaction between the characters was true to the nature of the show, and its conclusion gave me all the confidence in the world in the coming Finale. My only qualm is that I wish Jim given Dwight an “Absolutely I do” when asked to be his Assistant Regional Manager (One of the best office moments ever, in my opinion). Who knows, maybe he’s saving it for later. ;)

  79. Don’t even know where to start. This episode was incredible. It had everything from early jim/pam season 2 to toby’s sarcastic long stares at the camera. Ed Helms had his character playing a guy who matured (which he should have) over the past 6 seasons getting no support in the most Office way possible and ends up playing the most touching piece of music in the series. I love it. I’m so sad it’s coming to an end.

  80. One thing I especially liked in this episode is the Pam and Dwight interactions. When Pam holds up her finger, stopping Dwight from his air-punching in her vicinity, and Dwight honoring it. Then, later, Pam’s very nice and sincere hug for Dwight when it was announced he was the branch manager. Takes me back to Pam’s hug for Dwight when he had a concussion, and his sitting by her when she was crying, in much earlier episodes. What nice times this series has offered us.

  81. I went on twitter to comment on Angela’s performance tonight. So stellar, and same goes for Jenna’s listening in on the convo moment. One of the best episodes of the whole series, the producers weren’t lying. I’m proud of the cast.

  82. That episode was one of THE best episodes of the Office I have ever seen. It may be the best one from the past two years. I was on the verge of tears.


  83. That episode absolutely blew me away. Easily the best episode of the season, tapping into a lot of early season styles and storylines, yet tying together with the current storylines. I think my heart was pounding the entire episode.

  84. This episode was hands down fantastic! It’s so sad that it is all coming to an end..

  85. @Limey – is he still? Even though he’s also working with Athlead? Either way, the new manager can pick a new number two. Do you remember back in Season 3 when Michael thought he was going to Corporate? Then, he picked Andy as his new number two.

  86. This was an amazing episode for everyone. The meta-joke from Kevin about Andy being too “character-y to be a lead” killed me. I was worried that the episode would end with Andy leaving as a jerk, but that song really made up for a lot that happened this season.
    Angela’s performance this episode was so heartbreaking and beautiful. In the past we’ve seen Angela crying over Dwight as comedic and irrational, but the last scene was so emotional. This episode was really terrific!

  87. Hard to describe it all…such a remarkable episode! There were so many subtle little hints at the early Office seasons that I had to watch the episode a second time to catch them all…loved that!

    Just the perfect balance between emotional and comedic moments in this episode. One of my first 10/10 ratings in a long time!

  88. @91: I agree with you about Andy’s singing. During other parts of the show, he really overdoes it to an almost obnoxious level… all part of the character’s personality, but in this episode, he really sang well. I think at that moment the office employees realized (just as we did) that he might have a chance in show business.

  89. Wow! What an amazing episode! So happy that it was an hour long, can totally understand why they need the extra time with all the storylines! Love how Jim and Dwight’s relationship has evolved and how Dwight stood up for Pam, telling Clark that Pam was cool, and telling him to move to the Annex! Loved it!

    Loved the song! I am so sad to see this show coming to an end, but can’t wait to get the final season on DVD to relive the memories!

  90. A truly great episode, and Angela knocked it out of the park. If they keep this up, the last few episodes will be amazing.
    I loved that they focused on Dwight/Angela, Dwight/Jim and Jim/Pam as that bodes well for the last two episodes. Also, Dwight standing up for Jim has to go down in history as a classic scene, right?

  91. I’m surprised no one seems to have picked up on the length of time Jim would need to be away. 3 months, as in the exact length of time Pam needed to be away at NYC when she went to art school. That can’t be a coincidence on this show.

    It’s a buyout. So Jim will go (“that part’s gonna suck, but it’ll be great”), then be done with Athlead for good and be back in Scranton for the reunion / wedding / finale, which is set “months after the airing of the documentary.”

  92. Great episode, and the best Creed line in months.

    One problem– didn’t Oscar adopt one of Angela’s cats a while back– the Senator’s favorite cat? Whatever happened to it?

  93. Someone else got it right, it’s the best episode since Michael’s goodbye episode.

    So many wonderful moments. well done to all involved.

  94. Wow, loved it! Loved the callbacks – foot on the desk, air high-5, the kick at phyllis’ head, & Dwight and Pam’s special bond. Angela’s performance was amazing throughout, and Andy’s song had me tearing up. I’m really going to miss this show.

  95. Question: What did Pam say that made Jim respond, “Beesly!” I couldn’t quite hear it. Best episode in a long time!!!!

  96. @41 Since the Senator is a politician, he probably doesn’t pay his taxes or his child support…

  97. Though it’s funny to see Dwight get annoyed or mad, It was really nice to see him so happy.

  98. Was that David Wallace’s first talking head?

    Wonderful episode! I cried with Angela’s storyline. Nice to see her evolve and grow as a character. Actually, it is nice to see most grow as characters (the exceptions being Andy and Kevin.)

  99. Such a great episode with a ton of references and call backs- a real treat for long time fans. You can tell they read the fan feedback on sites like these. I bet Jim does the buy out. Pam heard how sincere and dedicated he is to her, but three months in exchange for a huge chunk of money from the buy out could mean they could be financially secure for their kids and pursue their career dreams. Looking forward to a big Dwangela moment and I love how Oscar and Angela’s friendship has evolved :)

  100. I think Jim will go. It is a buyout, which more than likely means he wouldn’t stay. I think that is why in the next episode, according the blurb about it, that Jim convinces him that he needs an AttRM … because he took it in this episode, but Pam will let him go and Dwight will need a replacement or at least a fill-in.

  101. Hopefully we’ll get a shot of Dwight at the manager’s desk in the opening credits next week…

  102. Best Episode so far this season! It was funny, it was heartfelt, it was silly, it was kind of sad. I couldn’t help but tear up when Dwight finally got offered the position he’d been vying for, for 9+ years. So glad JAM is back on track. Peace out, Nard Dog. And watching Angela cry over Dwight in the car…oh man I can’t even explain it!

    It just makes me so sad to know that this is all almost over. :(

    What’s going to become of Officetally when the show ends? I hope Tanster & the rest of us can keep this going!

  103. Long episode so there was a lot to take away from it. There’s still some cringe-worthy moments (the bad kind) like Erin’s monologue about whether Andy was in the office to see David, or Andy’s recent behavior with David. (Seriously, Ed Helms could not be happy about how his character has been written the last few years.)

    And while I still think Angela considering homelessness with an infant is absolutely not funny, and even mean-spirited, Angela Kinsey did have a few good moments last night.

    Andy’s song is silly in context but still somehow touching. Funniest line of the night was Dwight’s “Burn” off camera to Jim about Dwight Jr taking his chair.

  104. I would totally buy Ed Helms’ version of that song on iTunes if it was released! That high note he hits on “liiife..” just sent chills everytime I heard it.

  105. I cried like a baby during most of the episode. I can’t believe it’s almost over! :(

  106. @119: Jim was saying something about how they were having some pretty good days/nights (or something along those lines). And Pam followed up by saying “mornings too”

  107. Truly a throwback to some of the best episodes and what I always loved about the Office over the years. If they keep this quality up, the show will end on an extraordinarily and well deserved high note.

  108. I’m surprised no one picked up on Angela’s entire performance being a call-back to Meredith in an episode from season 2 or 3. The hair style was very old-school Meredith, and also pouring the liquor into a cup at her desk!

  109. that “you come so prepared” moment of jim and pam reminded SO much of season two that scared me! pam’s look and laughter… my god! i missed their interactions :)

  110. So Andy leaves on the 3rd-to-last episode, and he began in the 3rd season. He wasn’t an original cast member, but I’m guessing he’ll return for the finale if it’s set in the ‘future.’ Just saying….

    Also, JAM back to their small-talk flirting, which was amazing as always. What an awesome episode!

  111. What was that green bone in Toby’s nook that said Toby’s Troops?

  112. Just remembered another Wallace talking head. When he brought Michael in to ask him what he was doing right in the episode The Duel. “It’s not the time to start being judgmental. It’s hail Mary time.”

  113. Loved the feel good vibe of this episode! Everyone was so decent to each other. I loved the callbacks to other episodes, like Dwight putting his leg up on Jim’s desk and Andy’s song. I also loved the old school flirting between Jim and Pam, like her leaning on his desk and him calling her “Beesly.” I LOVED it when Dwight kicked Clark out of Jim’s seat! Such a definitive moment.

    Did anyone else notice that Dwight’s new sensei had the old “Karate Kid” headband on? That cracked me up for some reason.

    For all of the reasons above, and for David Wallace, and for Jim saying what he said at the end, not knowing that Pam heard him, I will forever love this show. It will be sorely sorely missed….

  114. Did anyone else notice that David Wallace didn’t actually announce Dwight was manager? He was going to and then got a phone call, Dwight announced it himself.

  115. The part where Dwight said ”In case Michael or Andy ended up in a traffic accident.” had me cracking up.

  116. –@65-YES!! was beginning to think i was the only one remembering the whole bike shop “dream”. it was from the END of season 8. if the documentary is aired “months” before the finale, then i make another prediction that pam is pregnant in the finale.
    –i also said last week it wouldn’t be the end of the tension between pam and jim (just a hunch), HOWEVER…THANK YOU WRITERS!!! this week’s episode made up for soooo much unhappiness in the past few months!! it was fantastic to see all the references (SO MANY!) from past seasons and episodes that die-hard fans would have picked up on. LOVED IT when jim called pam “BEESLY!” have waited eons to hear that again!
    –andy’s song…beautiful choice. i wish the cast had let go of their OBVIOUS tears a little more. if you look at the footage, almost everyone is blinking back tears at some point. that also would have been a great place to add a few clips of andy.

  117. Creed copying Dwight by jumping on his desk and shouting “Creed Bratton District Manager!” cracked me up.

  118. Am definitely in agreement with most here, one of the best episodes of the series.
    Could not stop crying during Andy’s song (as that has also struck a heart-wrenching personal chord) and it was so touching that the actors were moved by it, not only their characters. Erin watching him play and sing looked like she thought she made a mistake breaking up with him. Someone said previously that last night was part 1 of 3 of the finale. So true. Angela’s performance was simply stellar and had me still weeping at those last couple minutes with her and Oscar.

    ROL (roaring out loud) when Toby stuck out his tongue in disgust at JAM’s intimate flirting.

    Think I better plan on taking a sick day May 17th.

  119. Angela’s quick downward spiral is worrying. I thought Dwight was being sarcastic when he said Pam was cool haha! The scene in the annex proved that there is no competition when it comes to JAM vs Erin and Pete.
    Was Jim’s prank with the post-its not shown or did I miss it?
    Still, I loved pretty much every moment of the episode. As sad as it is that the end of The Office is so close, the quality of the final episodes should make this month just a bit more bearable.

  120. The way Andy’s song played out was fantastic. I think most viewers thought he was going to sing a “Take This Job and Shove It” type tune, but it turned out to be one of the all time best Office scenes. I put it at the number two Office tune; ahead of Pam and Jim’s wedding song, but “Lazy Scranton” will always be #1!

  121. Glad all the reviews have been so positive.

    Again the highlight of the episode was the hug between Dwight and jim, played so well by both actors.

    Can’t believe there is only two episodes left.

    Hope there is happy endings for all, even Toby!

  122. I was very disappointed by the last two seasons. Seemed to me that the writers left the building a long time ago. And the Pam/crew guy story was just as nuts and out of place as the Rachel/Joey thing in “friends”. But that episode gives me faith and i believe we’ll have a very nice finale.

  123. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments about all the throwbacks in this episode, but I can’t believe no one caught the greatest of all. Sensei: “I can’t do this if you keep thrusting like that.” Pam looks at the camera and smiles. Sensei: “I’m going to have to cut it off.” Jim looks at the camera and smiles. All together now…

  124. @143: I was also thinking “Thank You Writers!” This week’s show seemed like such a lovely gift in that it felt like I had discovered a lost episode from circa season 2-3. Wow! Jenna & John can still pull off the flirty charm. Beesly indeed!

    One laugh-out-loud moment I had was when Angela was bemoaning about how she will be completely alone without her cats and Oscar says something like “Well, you still have your baby…” I am also cat-centric, so I had forgotten about her son until his reminder. Hilarious.

    Um, I think I am going to watch it again now….. It’s probably my fav. ep. in many many years!

  125. Agree 100% @150.

    This was a good episode with lots of Jam!
    Man that Ed Helms is talented!

    There should be an Office Greatest Hits with all the songs, parodies, etc.

  126. Why did Jim ask Pam for those items from her desk? (salt, tacks, and something else) I was really confused by that part..or did I miss something?

  127. One of my favorite episodes ever. I think it will have a very nice finale. So excited!!!

  128. “Why did Jim ask Pam for those items from her desk? (salt, tacks, and something else) I was really confused by that part..or did I miss something?”

    Because he was making fun of her for only having those items in there.

  129. I didn’t find the annex scene to be a comparison of JAM and Peterin. More like a comparison of dating couples versus married parents.

  130. I finally get to jump on here! This episode gave me faith again. I actually laughed out loud a few times, kinda like the old days. I found the Oscar/Angela scene and the Ed Helms song touching. A nice send off for Andy. Still cannot stand Pete/Erin combo, but just my opinion…:)

  131. I was thinking that Pam could offer to take the kids and come with Jim for those three months. A little break from work and a family road trip!

  132. I loved this. Definitely bittersweet though, since we’re definitely in the end. In a way, this is the finale because I presume it’s the last footage to be included in the actual documentary, since the documentary airs in next week’s episode. And if this were the end of the series, I’d call it a great way to end it. Andy rode off into the sunset, Dwight became manager, Angela got her comeuppance for years of tormenting others AND made up with Oscar, Creed got some good lines in, and Jim and Pam are fine, apparently back in Scranton for good.

    But of course, Greg & Co. have blessed us with 2+ additional hours! And I ain’t fighting that!

  133. @154(Hannah) and @157(David) … i believe it’s called flirting. :) :) jim “needed” the post-it’s and items from pam as much as pam “needed” to go to the annex to ask jim a question. welcome it!! there’s been a major dry spell in the flirting department. definitely made us all smile.
    i’ve watched this episode several times now. can’t believe how “tricky” the talented writers were throwing back to all the past seasons.
    finally, for those thinking jim is staying at dunder mifflin…did you see the look of panic(?) on his face when david wallace mentioned the regional manager position? no way jim stays there.

  134. This was such a warm and fuzzy and sweet episode! I always seem to like episodes where everybody’s basically just trying to be nice, in their own way. :)

    How weird is it that Andy and Angela used to be engaged, though? Season Nine Andy is so different from Season Five Andy that it actually felt weird to have him reference it now. Like they’re drawing more attention than they really should to how wildly inconsistent his character has been.

    Also, seems to me that Clark has some sort of crush on Pete. Am I insane?

  135. A buy out!?! I’m thinking Jim will be biking to his job at the kayak shop, or kayaking to his job at the bike shop. Jim will go for 3 months, and then JAM will live happily ever after.

  136. Discovered something interesting here. If you watch the video, The Office Farewells: Melora Hardin, on nbc’s website and skip to 4:00 mark, on the right side of the wall the sign reads “The Schrute Building”. Does Dwight take over the whole office building?

  137. @166 Dwight purchased the building on the last episode of season 6 “The Whistleblower”.

  138. Good episode, although I thought that it sometimes felt overlong. This is probably one that could have been better off just supersized instead of hour-long.

    Some of Andy’s humor felt forced, like what he did to David Wallace’s car. However, I thought this episode was great emotionally. All of the tension about Jim or Dwight being the manager, etc. Dwight’s scene with David Wallace was very well-done.

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