The Office: Casual Friday, 5.26

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The Office Casual Friday

Writer: Anthony Farrell, Director: Brent Forrester

Summary (NBC): Michael has to mediate a dispute within his new sales team. Meanwhile, trouble brews in the office when several employees take the term “casual” Fridays too loosely.

Meredith’s Revealing Casual Friday

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The Office Casual Friday rating

In a poll conducted April 30-May 4, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.95/10

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The Office Casual Friday quotes

Michael: I just want a tiny, microscopic version of that.

Michael: I set the rules and you follow them. Blindly, okay?

Meredith: Don’t fall in love with me, kid.

Phyllis: Close your mouth, sweetie, you look like a trout.

Angela: I don’t need to see Oscar’s toes at work!

Toby: So no, I wouldn’t say I have a passion for HR.

Dwight: You are going to want to HEAT my words.

Dwight: Urine. It was urine.

Andy: All my files are now in reverse alphabetical order.

Andy: Oh, it is on like a prawn who yawns at dawn.

Dwight: Her face is okay, but …

Meredith: I thought there might be a dogfight or something …

Jim: Of course. What is like a hostage?

Dwight: No, pictures are too interpretive.

Michael: I am not to be truffled with.

Ryan: You gotta crack some skulls. Chiklis style.

Ryan: Chiklis Shield style. Not Commish style.

Dwight: It’s pony.

Kelly: Damn it, Meredith, where are your panties?!

Jim: With Creed. Playing chess. At work. He’s winning. I feel like I’m describing a dream I had.

Phyllis: You always said we were a family. Then you went after us.

Dwight: Gasp. Are you talking about a secret meeting?

Michael: So from the bottom of my heart, to the top of my heart, I am sorry.

Michael: My gift to you, complimentary white chocolate bark.

Michael: You are not reacting at all as I had hoped.

Darryl: What’d I tell you about building forts in my warehouse?

Michael: Honey! I want you to bring the garbage out!

Michael: It is what you would call a classic difficult decision.

Andy: You’re dressed like this amorphous blob of khaki.

Pam: Maybe you shouldn’t fake fire people anymore.

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  1. Awesome episode! Great way to follow up last week’s show with a plot/subplot involving the ensemble cast.

    I hope Erin stays as receptionist. She and Andy would make a great story arch and that would accompany JAM and a possible Dwangela return.

  2. I’m really surprised at how much people liked this episode. I really didn’t find it all that funny. Maybe upon second review I will like it better but I thought that it was just too tense, in a bad way, not in the classic Office way.

  3. LOVED IT.

    Michael/Steve’s laugh is so contagious. It gets me laughing as hard as he is.
    Jim has been realllly funny the last two episodes. I love his little comments…
    “Pros: Environmentally conscious, because his mom drives him to work everyday”

    I also loved the lunch scene…PONY?!

  4. For all intents and purposes, I shouldn’t have liked this episode. I don’t know why, but I was laughing the whole way through. Am I just in a good mood today (unlikely) or did the writers pull some sort of scheme on me?

  5. Nerfin i totally agree with you about Michael’s/Steve’s laugh. I love it when he’s tickled about something!

    Why are people of the office being so mean to Michael?! It’s seriously driving me insane because over the seasons he’s getting more and more love-able and showing how much he cares about them and they never show him any kindness back with the ONE exception from Blood Drive. That said, I still thought this episode was funny and I LOVED the “memories” board!!

  6. I once told a priest that he reminded me of Toby, then I saw the Toby seminarian bit and I was LMAO. I thought the Jim/Creed scenes were strangely endearing. Then Creed tried to set up “gay” Jim with his daughter, and I smiled and thought, “Welcome back Creed”.

  7. This was probably one of the weaker episodes in awhile (which isn’t a bad thing; the office has been very strong lately), but i can’t hate on it because of the Creed and Jim scenes.

    Any episode with lots of Creed is a good episode.

  8. The whole Ryan having to be fired from a sales position is pretty unrealistic. The sales team is going to be mainly paid by commission, so there wouldn’t be much cost involved in having another salesman. If there are not enough clients to go around, you have your sales team find new clients. Plus, Wallace wouldn’t hire Ryan just to fire him a couple of days later. Ryan should sue.

  9. Did anyone else find it really strange that Pam and Phyllis were wearing the exact same outfit? Somehow purple checkered shirt doesn’t say “Pam” to me.

    This was an interesting episode for me to watch. It has the classic Office vibe which I’ve missed these past several episodes, but at the same time we get to see how people are changing and growing. ALSO, Kevin and the chili…oh man. I had to spit out the water I was drinking, I was laughing so hard!

  10. Ditto, viva la Jam. I laughed so hard. And loved the semi typical office arguments. GREAT!

  11. Did anyone else notice Dwight was using Ryan’s (sorry temps) coffee mug with his picture on it to hold the urine. It’s little details and jokes likes this why I love this show.

  12. Laugh out loud funny, especially everything featuring Meredith (dogfight!) and Toby expressing his frustration for once. I also really enjoyed the whole Michael/Jim interaction about the choice between Pam and Ryan. And I agree that Phyllis was just plain mean in this episode. Poor Pam, she’s always having to put up with people casting rude comments about her appearance and her position in the office.

    Did anyone else feel that we saw the Angela of old in this episode?

    I really felt for poor Kevin too.

  13. In comparison to the last two episodes? This one wasn’t really that funny, nor was it really very plot-essential. (Don’t get me wrong, I’d take a thousand more episodes of the office every season even if it meant dragging out the storyline.) But it felt like NOTHING happened in this one. Some funny moments, poor cold open. Nahh. Hope next week’s is better.

  14. My favorite quote was, “Tell it to our complaint department. It’s a trash can!”

  15. Lordie, did I laugh hard in this episode?
    This is odd, for the office lately has been missing that, for lack of a better word, LOL material.
    However, I was proven wrong tonight.

    Kelly with the receptionist(Erin?) – that little conversation made me laugh so hard, maybe because I came to realise just how much Kelly looks like one of those wacky rnb artists. that cap! awww, dear.

    Meredith is a god-sent. a genius.
    DWIGHT! – “It’s pony!” I was in tears and by the time, Darryl told Michael off for “buliding forts”, the office had destroyed me.
    I love office thursdays!

  16. Good episode, though I was confused if Michael really meant Pam got the job, or he felt bad when he saw she was about to cry and decided to “fake fire” her. He’s done it before so I’m not shocked, but I was slightly confused by that.
    All in all, good episode. Still thought Broke was way better.

  17. It was great to see the whole gang together in the same office again, & on a casual Friday!
    -Creed + Jim (LOL at Creed’s “challenge” after Michael put Jim’s letters on the board, trying to set Jim up w/his daughter)
    -Darryl’s warning to Michael about forts in his warehouse
    -Andy’s line to Toby being an “amorphous blob of khaki”
    -Kevin & his chili
    -Michael’s memories pics
    -Toby’s seminary pic
    -Creed’s fancy cell phone (esp since he doesn’t know what texting is LOL)

  18. I LOVED it! And I really hate Phyllis now. And Ryan. But…I was a little confused. So Pam is sales, Erin’s the receptionist, and Ryan is what? A temp again? Or is he fired?

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