The Office: Cafe Disco, 5.27

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The Office Cafe Disco

Writers: Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan
Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Michael enters the cafe disco business. Meanwhile, Pam and Jim decide to take a secret trip.

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The Office Cafe Disco rating

In a poll conducted May 7-11, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.49/10

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The Office Cafe Disco quotes

Erin: Omigod! I can’t believe it! I just won an art contest!

Michael: When I am breaking all the rules, I’m break dancing.

Michael: Rules be damned, I want to have lunch with these people.

Ryan: Now that I’m back to doing the job of a temp again, I find that food is one thing I can control.

Michael: I am accounting on you to go to lunch with me.

Pam: If you don’t take out his battery, he just keeps going all day.

Michael: I was just learning … to … love.

Dwight: Erin, let me see your birth certificate.

Jim: You know what I want to do today? I want to marry you.

Pam: I had just woken up. I didn’t look cute. That’s how I knew he meant it.

Michael: Gotta keep yourself dehydrated!

Michael: Guys, I believe that I have figured out what is up your butts.

Oscar: Please don’t refer to yourself as our daddy.

Michael: Funk is the problem. And the solution.

Meredith: This is like a haunted coffeehouse thing?

Michael: Please respect the lei.

Michael: Cookie, Kevin. Cookie.

Dwight: Who tipped you over? Was it Phillip?

Dwight: If you want to get sick, you go to a hospital.

Stanley: I would like the memory of a day uninterrupted by this nonsense.

Michael: You all took a life here today. The life of the party.

Kelly: Cafe Disco. More like Crappe Disco.

Dwight: It’s the most annoying thing. It’s like children singing Christmas carols.

Andy: I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’m in a dance-off.

Michael: Cafe Disco is dead, but I can still hear the music in my head.

Dwight: A majestic beast. So fast, so tender.

Angela: I didn’t come here to get wet and wild.

Michael: A lot of people doubted Cafe Disco at first, but it is a magical place.

Michael: We have talking walls. We are not going to eat you.

Phyllis: I think Bob’s going to cheat on me with his new secretary.

Dwight: You can’t steal what is legally your property.

Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration: Are those staples?

Andy: Are you sure that’s not the gay ear?

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  1. Some good parts but in general not all that great. I like the JAM stuff but the Dwight/Phyllis stuff was creepy and just weird.

  2. My favorite episode, hands down. I absolutely loved it! The whole time I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. I think I teared up too. All the plots, all the characters, were fantastic. I loved it!

  3. Squeeeeeeee!!!!! Pam was A-dorable! I’ve never rocked out to a t.v episode more than I did tonight. In my opinion BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON! P.s- they should make a cd from all the music played tonight. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  4. This may have been my favorite episode of The Office EVER.
    SO funny, I did not stop laughing once during the entire show!

  5. One of the weaker episodes of Season 5 in my opinion, but the shots at the end with everyone in the office having fun was refreshing. BTW did anyone actually think that Pam and Jim were gonna get married?

  6. “I won an art contest!”

    That was a great cold open, and a great episode.

  7. What a great episode! Just overall very fun, and feel-good!

    dwight feeding phylis carrots!!! brilliant hahahaha

  8. Perez- You took the word right out of my mouth. Not the best episode but an overall upbeat, enjoyable episode. The best part was Creed’s disco ball/rearview mirror.

  9. It was a very fun episode and everyone was involved.
    The dance off between Andy and Kelly was awesome.

  10. Oh man! Such a whirlwind episode!
    1) The cafe disco thing was SO SO cute. We got to see such cute sides of every character, plus a happy Michael. I love the ‘Kandy’ dynamic. Plus if Bob cheats on Phyllis my heart will SOOOO break.

    2)In the promos, I thought “we’re getting married” was a joke. I flipped when I saw it was real! The episode had SO MANY cute JAM moments- one of the best of the season. I was so happy when they called off the elopement. I want a beautiful 2-hour office special for the JAM wedding wherein I will laugh, cry, and have enough JAM in my heart to die happy.

  11. In regards to Jim and Pam… *sigh* I expected as much.

    The episode was really sweet, though, and IA, fun. Even though I feel like that Phyllis story came out of nowhere and resolved itself out of nowhere…

  12. Not my favorite episode this season, but I thought it was very funny! The Dwight/Phyllis dynamic was a bit creepy and I cringed when he cut open her shirt but it was entertaining nonetheless. Andy and Kelly? Priceless. And Jim and Pam are too cute for words.

  13. Oh! I forgot to mention that Jenna Fischer looked SO BEAUTIFUL in this episode. Anyone else think so? I want that dress!

  14. Steve Carell must really love singing along to “Everybody Dance Now”! (Yes, I saw “Evan Almighty – and thought it was entertaining.) :)

    Maybe not the most important episode, but it certainly was fun to watch. I loved the appearance by Gene and Lee! :)

  15. So dancing and The Office are two of my favorite things. When combined in an episode? A-MAAAA-ZING!!! And such a cute episode too. I think this may have been my favorite of the season.

    And to think, when I originally saw the title of the episode, I thought it sounded kind of dumb. Goes to show me that the writers are way smarter than me.

  16. Omg omg! Hahaha, there were so many random things happening in this episode, but I liked it! The Dwight and Phylis thing was weird, not sure what the point of that was. But I LOVED Andy and Kelly dancing, and Jim and Pam stuff and the new secretary finally getting sorta involved. AND Vance Refrigeration guys! My two favorite writers. Ahhh.

  17. My mind just turned to mush. Between KANDY, Phyllis and Dwight, JAM cuteness, and adorable new Erin, I just couldn’t handle myself. Also, Angela Kinsey was on fire tonight with some great acting. BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON.

  18. I really enjoyed this episode! Andy’s dancing was pretty funny and wasn’t Kelly piercing his ear during the last scene?

    Oh, and thankfully Jim and Pam didn’t decide to tie the knot yet. Also, it looked as if Pam was sporting her old hairstyle (seasons 1-3) during the last half of the episode.

    The whole dancing in general was really fun and lighthearted, and that Erin girl seems to be adjusting to everything, isn’t she?

  19. Who sings the song that Dwight says he wouldn’t normally dance to but Phyllis needs to move and the song is really good?

  20. I love love loved this episode!! The cold open was hilarious, was anyone else fooled thinking that Erin actually won that contest? I was so excited that Gene and Lee were there too! Such a feel-good episode all around.

  21. Not my favourite episode of the season…. but Michael listening to Cat People by David Bowie makes up for a lot!!

  22. Creed using the mini disco ball as his rear view mirror would have been great to see!

  23. @ #26 – laura

    Yes! When I saw Pam had her old hairstyle I lost it. I have always wanted to see her with her old hairstyle with her and Jim actually together and just with her new found confidence. It was so amazing.

  24. That was such a fun episode. I’m glad almost everyone made their way down to the cafe disco. Pam looked gorgeous in her dress. The Andy and Kelly dance off was hilarious. I loved the ending with Kelly trying to pierce Andy’s ear. I wish Angela would have danced. I was glad to see that Kevin is dating again. Hopefully it works out for him this time.

  25. It is a shame they decided to put the best interaction between Pam and Jim all year in the overall worst episode of the year.

  26. This was my favorite episode of the season! I still can’t stop laughing over Kevin and the cookie thing!!

  27. Great! Another episode to watch again and again to catch new stuff each time.

    Everyone having a good time dancing and Kevin making out with Lynne was so funny!

  28. I LOVE it when Michael dances. I just can’t hold back the laughter – so funny!!! I wish he could dance in every episode.

  29. Did anyone get the joke of the cold open?

    Dwight is now the salesman who is good friends with the receptionist so Dwight is now the salesman pulling pranks.

  30. I loved it! My favorite part was when Phyllis was getting up from the table and Dwight goes: Whoa whoa there! That struck me as really funny. I agree about Jim and Pam not getting married! I can’t wait for an episode when they have a real wedding. Jenna Fischer looked very pretty, but when does she not!? Ed Helms, Ellie Kemper (Erin), and Mindy Kaling are amazing dancers! Erin was also

  31. OMG that episode was so great! It didn’t really have a point, but it was just so much fun! There were way to many giggle moments to name! But I’ll try…

    -Michael holding up the speakers for “Everybody dance now”
    -Stanley randomly passed out
    -Kelly and Erin dancing
    -Dwight treating Phyllis like a horse
    -Andy/Kelly dance off

    And then, of course, the JAM stuff was SO SO SO SO SO cute!!!!!!! Jim’s got to be the most adorable dorky dancer ever…

  32. What’s the name of the song that Dwight referred called “fantastic”????

  33. FYI, Pam’s dress is JCrew! I have it in tea rose. You can find it here

    Loved this episode! I literally laughed out loud the entire time. Dance off!

  34. Okay, I missed the first four minutes of this episode, and I was wondering what happened. And I was wondering if in those first four minutes, did it explain why ryan wasn’t in this episode? Any help?

  35. SUCH a brilliant episode! I couldn’t stop grinning at the end. Also, I loved the callback to Evan Almighty!

  36. What’s happened to the office?? Instead of the awkward moments, painful silences, and clever exchanges that made the office famous , we’re being subjected to -as others here have put it- “cute” episodes. Ugh. I LOVE the office as much as anyone, but I’ve gotta agree with what Pam said tonight- it was cheesy, just like a million other sitcoms out there.

  37. I just loved this episode!! Just when you think it couldn’t get any funnier you guys just are awesome writers. Best show on TV.

  38. I loved everything about this episode! I think it’s my favorite of the season so far. =]

  39. The episode had really no story depth, but it was a great episode to just laugh at throughout.

    I do wonder if Ryan will develop issues after his comment about controlling food…

  40. can we get some pictures of jim dancing up ASAP?

    that would be great, thanks.

  41. 49:

    Gene and Lee are writers, who also play the Vance warehouse guys.

  42. SO.MUCH.FUN!!! I’m still smiling. Everything was just perfect. Loved the dance off!

  43. Bleh… I thought it got sort of fun in the second half (if not really funny), but a lot of it was a drag for me. I felt good at the end of it, so I guess that’s something.

  44. This is the best! I loved every minute of it. Best Jim and Pam interaction since… Money. Adorable. Loved the dance off, Andy is hilarious! And yay for Kevin! Glad to see he is still with Lynn. Angela’s back to normal it seems, which is good. I absolutely loved this episode. I can’t wait for next week!

  45. This was by far my favorite episode since season 3. Don’t get me wrong there have been some great episodes but this was fantastic.

  46. There were great little moments in this episode.
    Like Dwight asking who’s Phillip and then seeing Phyllis on the ground and saying “did Phillip do this to you?”
    that was one of those moments you miss and then find on the second time you watch it. and Angela walking under the stick because she didn’t have to hunch over.
    (does that make sense, the way I worded it?)
    great episode. Pam looked so cute in that dress!

  47. Some good moments, but not my favorite by a long shot. I liked the Nard-dog and Kelly scenes. And the disco ball line was funny. But otherwise- eh.

  48. A little bit of “cheesy” every once in awhile is great. Goodness knows I would love cheesy at my office sometimes.

    Was it classic Office…whatever that is? Maybe, maybe not. What S5 has made me realize is that this show does fit in any box, even a box it may have created early on.

    Real life is about risk and change and so is this show.

    My feet and my heart are happy tonight.

    Thank you everyone at The Office.

  49. I liked this one- it was fun :) I loved the JAM scenes and was actually surprised that they were serious about getting married in the talking head. Of course, once I realized there were only ten minutes left and the only JAM scene we’d seen for awhile was Jim picking flowers, it was pretty obvious they weren’t getting married this episode. Pam was adorable in her dress though. I loved that she wore it under her work clothes.

    I do agree with Shard though that the Dwight/Phyllis stuff was weird. Although I loved when Dwight ran in: “I got your text. Who’s Phillip?”

  50. Definitely a light episode to warm us up before the finale! I’m in the category of the fan that usually prefers a “story arc”, but this was fun and a nice change of pace.

    BTW, ‘Office Hangover’ had a good beat, Les!

  51. Alright, I finally found the song Dwight said was “fantastic”. It’s…..

    The Blam – Various Disgraces

  52. God I loved this episode. I don’t know why, but my favorite line of the night was “You cannot steal what is legally your property” Oh Dwight

  53. The Jim and Pam stuff didn’t seem natural at all. I wasn’t buying it. The dance off was great though. Favorite line was that you can’t steal what is legally your property.

  54. 1 episode left. :(

    Too much Phyllis. Think the writers took a week off for this one. JAM super cute. The cold open was great.

  55. Loooooooved it! My gut reaction on first watch was that I laughed a lot, and my eyes kept scanning the screen: left, right, up and down….because it seemed like so much was going on in the background! I totally enjoyed it!

  56. Loved this one! I feel like there have been a lot of relatively serious storylines this season and this was a nice tension reliever. (TWSS?)

    My favorite thing about this ep was the fact that Angela could walk under the limbo stick!

  57. Like everyone else – FUN FUN FUN!

    Did anyone catch Angela not having to duck for the limbo? HAHA! I just about DIED!

    And Kevin and his girlfriend! Oh so adorable!

    And… I feel silly… but who’s Gene and Lee everyone is mentioning? Were those the warehouse guys?

  58. Great episode!! My favorite scene was Michael and Erin dancing to Cat People by David Bowie. The new receptionist is awesome. I hope they keep her as a permanent cast member.

  59. What was the name of the song that Erin and Kelly dance to? It was catchy.

    As a matter of fact, what were all of the songs used? I know some of them, but not all of them.

  60. I’m really surpised to read the comments so far- this was my least favorite episode of the season. Some great moments, but it wasn’t held together by any sort of plot development at all. Definitely not one to remember for me.

  61. Am I the only person who is bothered by whatever it is they’re trying to do with Ryan? To re-hire him to DM as a salesman and then the very next episode re-demote him to temp is overkill. I either hope they did this for a reason, or will give some more thought to that kind of stuff in the future.

    On a better note, is Jenna Fischer hot or what? Pam in that dress took my breath away.

  62. When Andy was dancing in the dance-off, Oscar said, “Take your shirt off.” Did anyone else catch that?

    Perhaps he really took a shine to Andy after “Business Trip.”

  63. After a second full viewing and a third viewing from the 14 minute point (when Cafe Disco came alive,) I loved the similarity between the Michael and Angela scene at the end of Women’s Appreciation (when they’re sitting in Victoria’s Secret) and their scene at the end of CD.

    And, not that it hadn’t previously occurred to me, but the sight of Jim picking the wedding bouquet once again highlighted what a perfect guy Jim Halpert is.

  64. Totally agree with 48. Aside from two or three funny lines, this episode was just… boring.
    One good thing though: I love the direction Erin’s character is taking as the new girl who is desperate to fit in with everyone. I’d love to see her stick around next season as a cast regular.

  65. The song that Dwight said was the best ever is not on Itunes but I found it on Amazon for 99 cents. Thanks to the commenter who figured out the name: Various Disgraces by the Blam.

  66. 78: Yeah, I lol’d, but I wasn’t sure if I heard it for sure either. I guess if you heard it too it must be true.

  67. Gosh, after this episode there are so many songs to add to my office playlist.

  68. “…a lot of people doubted Cafe Disco at first, but it is a magical place. You have to give it a chance.”

  69. I thought this episode was great! Angela under the limbo stick cracked me up. Jim was very sweet as always. Erin was awesome, I’m glad they gave her some significant time in this episode. That secretary looked so much like Phyllis, let’s hope Bob keeps his hands to himself!

  70. I really enjoyed this episode. I LOVED the Jim/Pam interaction and I can’t wait to see this wedding. I agree: Pam/Jenna looked stunning! I want her dress! I also think it was really refreshing just to see everyone get along and have a good time again.

  71. Absolutely loved this. Sure, it didn’t cause major progression of epic story arcs, but IT WAS FUN! I couldn’t stop smiling and now I wanna dance. Rock on, writers, for continuing to mix things up and for not being afraid to just have fun with this group. Loved it.

  72. Did anyone notice that Phyllis’s shirt was perfectly intact at the end?

  73. Best part of the episode.. the espresso machine call back all the way back from season 1s Hot Girl.. classic!

  74. Ok, maybe I’m just a TWSS junkie, but did anyone think that Michael’s line of “I can’t make you go down, but I can entice you” could fall into the TWSS category!??! So funny! Also, I can’t believe how dorky/bad of a dancer Jim (well I guess John) is! But when you’re a Muppet I guess jumping is dancing?!!? No offense meant, but I couldn’t stop staring at him hopping!

  75. Was it just me or did Pam’s elopement dress look like a prom dress?

  76. I loved this episode! I thought there was plenty of weird awkwardness as well as cuteness. I’m also glad that it wasn’t as heavily storyline driven as others have been. I like watching the show for the comedy, not always seeing “what happens next in the journey of whoever.” My favorite part was when Erin invited her friend and Oscar was like, “you invited someone?” and then she said, “am I not allowed to?” or something like that.

  77. I LOVED this episode! It was a great upbeat change of pace from the serious/dramatic episodes that we’ve had lately, and totally contrasts that other second-to-last episode in Season 2: Conflict Resolution.

  78. I hesitate to say this was my favorite episode of the entire series, but that’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. It was sweet, hilarious, and all the music and dancing…how could you not love it?! The writing was great and the actors all really, really shined.

  79. Great episode. It had the randomness that I’ve missed about the Office. Just a fun episode. Nice work.

  80. I really like how the last eight episodes have felt like one story, that was something missing from the earlier part of the season.

  81. To all the haters who keep calling back to what made The Office the Office: There’s nothing wrong with a little cheesy once and a while, and this is NOTHING like the cheesy going on in other shows, never. It was fun, upbeat, silly and a great way to lead into the finale. And shows always change, it’s how it is. The majority of the time we get plenty of awkward and plenty of silence. Only 1 more left people, can you believe it!!?

  82. @89 It was intact because of staples. Bob Vance remarked about that, haha.

    This episode just made me so giddy and bubbly.
    It just felt… like a family, you know?

    Just for this episode, I really want to buy Season 5 on DVD.

  83. Meh, I don’t know how I feel. I might have to watch it again. Don’t you think how it’s weird that they’ll have four or five episodes with a TON of action, and then they’ll drop in something like Cafe Disco, with really slow pacing and seemingly random plot points? I’m just not sure how I feel – I think I prefer a balance between plot-moving and random, awkward moments. This seemed to be heavily weighted on the latter.

    That said, Kelly’s dancing…wow. Just wow.

  84. Jim picking flowers, Angela walking under the limbo pole, Dwight’s prank…so many great things in this episode! I really loved it, there were so many lighthearted and lovely moments!

  85. I feel like I already watched the courtroom-regret-let’s-have-a-real-wedding on THE HILLS which is even more annoying than the fact that I actually watch THE HILLS. I’d rather not see a tearful walk-down-the-aisle moment, I hope they skip the wedding altogether and announce that they already got married to be true to Office form, much like they did when they started dating.

    Kelly/Andy chemistry was unexpected and great!

  86. does anyone know the name of the song that erin and kelly were first dancing to?

  87. @99: I have to agree. This wasn’t just a random episode or “filler” but ties together everything of Michael leaving, the office becoming more serious after Charles (Michael even says this) and now the office going back to goofing off more than doing work. It brought everything full circle.

  88. Okay, so that episode probably will not be nominated for an Emmy or anything, but can you tell me the last time you smiled for that long, without a care? That was just fun tv, and you do not need to overanalyze the plot, or lack thereof.

  89. #99: Yes! You’re right, that’s what needs to happen in season six, the entire season having one big story. Eight episodes is nice, but season two and three really worked off of having one really big story arc. I really consider Stress Relief and on to be Season five, and everything else before it still part of season four.

  90. i’m actually kind of glad they didn’t get married. i do want to see a “wedding” wedding. but with no michael.

    and yes, john is the dorkiest (but most adorable) dancer i’ve ever seen!

  91. one of the songs was “Geo da Silva – i’ll do you like a truck”

    Does anyone know the song immediately after the commercial, where Michael walks in and sees everyone dancing, kinda upbeat hip hop ish. I cought a few lyrics “around glamorous whips” “hammers click”

  92. Ok, thanks to the wonders of Shazam on my iPhone, I was able to come up with the names of most of the songs from Cafe Disco. Can anyone fill in the names of the unknown ones? Shazam was baffled by them.

    In order that they were played:

    -“Car Wash” by Rose Royce
    -“Cat People (Puting Out Fire)” by David Bowie
    -“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory
    -Unknown song while Phyllis and Michael are dancing
    -“Boy Hangover” by Lester Lewis
    -“I’ll Do You Like a Truck” by Geo DaSilva
    -Unknown song when Michael walks in to find the dance party raging
    -Unknown song when Angela walks in to the dance party
    -“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory (again)
    -“Various Disgraces” by The Blam
    -“Y.M.C.A.” by Village People

  93. Amazing episode! One of the best of the season in my opinion! So many great moments!

    #110 Flonkertonchamp:

    Why wouldn’t you want Michael at Jim and Pam’s wedding? I mean, yes, I understand he was a jerk at Phyllis’s wedding but I have to say he’s matured a LOT since then. And Jim and Pam seem to actually quite like Michael, and he loves them, so I can’t see them not inviting them. Plus I think he loves them enough not to do what he did at Phyllis’s wedding to them (also they wouldn’t be stupid enough to put him in the wedding party to begin with, which set off his behavior). But I definitely want him there! He’s matured a lot!

  94. I liked the randomness and the characters getting together. But Pam and Jim just stuck out like a sore thumb. To me, they’re very unnormal. I don’t know who would spontaneously decide to get married and wear a pink dress at work. But anyway, Erin is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. She handles herself well and is very likable.

  95. @104: I think there would be a lot of angry Office fans if they didn’t have a Jim and Pam wedding episode. Loved this episode but where was Toby?

  96. everybody dance now!

    i LOVED the music, i LOVED the stolen JAM moments, i LOVED this episode! it was great to see everyone in the office so…happy? even angela couldn’t keep her foot from tapping, and it was sweet of michael to sit down with her in the corner.

  97. BAH! I totally called the marriage license scenario! :) As someone that is rarely correct, I’m going to wallow in my success. Great great episode! And Jenna/John looked stunning. I think John holding flowers broke my brain. GAH.

  98. I found this episode far fetched . . . but for some reason, I couldn’t help but enjoy the episode. I didn’t really care for “Baby Shower” because it was far fetched, but somehow it worked for me in this episode. Dwight treating phyllis like a lame horse, and feeding her carrots was hilarious!

  99. @113 Michael definitely has to be at the wedding, but I kind of picture Jim making him his best man because all in all, Mike has always had an investment in Jim and Pam getting together, “Booze Cruise” helps prove my point. If not him, Dwight, just so Jim could see what kind of crazy he comes up with.

    The new receptionist, Erin . . . so adorable, by the way!

  100. That was pure fun! I loved it. The cast must have had a blast filming this one.

    We saw a glimpse of Pam as the dorky dancer in Diwali, so I loved that Jim matched her tearing it up on the dance floor in his own lanky, dorky way. I definitely felt a Casino Night vibe with Pam in her pretty dress and her hair pulled back and curly reminiscent of earlier seasons.

    Loved the Dwight/Phyllis bonding, in Dwight’s own weird way. Ed Helms and Mindy Kaling are made of win for their smooth dance moves. Erin is growing on me, too. She just wants to fit in and please – Dwight: Erin, let me see your birth certificate. Erin: (reaches for her bag) Ok! lol!

  101. Hee! I couldn’t stop smiling throughout…the Andy-Kelly dance-off, Kevin going after the cookie, Jim picking out the flowers, Gene & Lee, Michael dancing, Creed’s mini disco ball, Dwight inadvertently hitting Michael on the head LOL!

    #19 Laura: If I remember correctly, I think Steve Carell also danced to “Everybody Dance Now” back in his Daily Show days, so he probably does like the song. :)

  102. The last half of the season was pretty grim, so this one was just an absolute joy. This really brought it together, like the Dundies or Beach Day. A+++++

  103. Who else was doing the YMCA dance along with them? I want a Cafe Disco at my work!

  104. I can’t even remember the last time Kelly and Andy had a scene together, but they were hilarious. They’d actually be good as a couple since Kelly’s so needy and Andy likes to dote on the girls he dates. Also, was Toby not in this episode?

  105. Do I sense a little Michael + Angela chemistry? How strangely awesome would that be to have Dwight’s former lover and Dwight’s one-time hero, coming together in front of him?

    Also, what a great episode. #108, I completely agree that I have not smiled like that without a care in a very long time.

  106. #112 thank you!!! totally making a cd of it and listening to it all the time!!

  107. I’ve never commented on an episode, but this was so contrived. The Office is now a sketch comedy show. Inconsistent characterization and broad, condescending humor–this has been the last two seasons of The Office. As someone who loved the British version (the British–they know when to end a show) and watched (and loved) the U.S. version from day one, I am done watching the current incarnation of this show. It was great while it lasted.

  108. And I forgot…


    Pam’s dress was absolutely beautiful and Jim giving her the flowers put the icing on the cake for me. All they have to do is actually marry and I will be happy forever!

  109. What a great episode! One of this season’s best.

    Only on my second viewing did it actually occur to me that Creed coming out of the bathroom eating chicken was strange.

  110. Boy Hangover totally jacks the beat from Hot & Cold.

    I really didn’t like that. At all. One of the worst. I think that the Michael Scott Paper Company arc makes up for episodes like this and the last one though.

  111. Haven’t watched the episode yet, but I didn’t know Paul’s brother, Warren had joined the writing team. What a family affair! :-)

  112. @106: I agree. I feel really dumb, but I don’t think I enjoyed it. I really miss the days where the show was devoted to stuff that is realistic to a day of work, and also, each show was conducive to moving the story along. This really didn’t do much for me. It’s the 2nd to last episode of the season, and I expected more.

  113. That episode was just FUN! I just watched it again and was dancing along:-)

  114. I absolutely loved this episode. It was so much fun to watch and dance to. The music and the Kelly/Andy scenes brought back so many memories of high school in the ’80’s (including the bathroom ear piercing) . Make sure to go to the Lester Lewis link to listen to the rest of “Boy Hangover”.

  115. I love that Creed comes out of the bathroom eating a chicken wing. It’s so wrong but so funny.

  116. Loved Andy/Kelly interaction and Kevin making out with his new girlfriend. Go Kev! Also, at some point Michael said something like “Well, they got what they wanted, I am eating lunch alone…might as well be dinner” Broke my heart. The writers often give us a small glimpse into Michael’s life and how lonely he is. I love the moments where Michael shines, like in Broke, and the moments where we see his softer vulnerable side when he is not saying the wrong thing or being a buffoon. It reminds me that despite always saying and doing the wrong thing, deep down he is a sweet man with a big heart who wants to fit in and be liked.

  117. Did anyone notice the missed TWSS (complete with pause after Michael said it)?

    “I can’t force you to go down, but I can entice you.”

  118. First of all, my office is a stone’s throw from the courthouse in Youngstown, Ohio, so that shout-out was just awesome.

    And I agree with the majority of comments posted. This was just a happy episode. Phyllis’ snort when she first entered the disco room had me rolling!

    Can’t wait for next week, although I’m sad it’ll be the last new one for months.

  119. Two requests to the writers – 1. more Kandy! Not necessarily as a couple, BFFs would be fine. They are hilarious together. 2. Please keep Erin. She’s fun and cute and a good addition to the cast.

    Great episode.

  120. I adored this episode! I couldn’t stop laughing after Dwight’s talking head in the cold open and then anytime Steve dances, it kills me. “Everybody dance now!”

    Can I also say, I loved how Gene was channeling John Travolta’s hair in “Grease”…I expected him to whip a comb out of his back pocket and start singing “Go Grease Lightning”…

  121. I loved this episode! I feel like the writer’s have hit the “reset” button and all is back to the way it should be on The Office. Yay!!

  122. Nothing wrong with cheesy with a side order of silliness! There was so much to enjoy in this episode:
    – Angela being so prim (and walking under the limbo stick)
    – Kelly and Andy dancing together and sparking off each other
    – Kevin and his girlfriend
    – Oscar getting into the music as he watched on the sidelines
    – Stanley asleep
    – Erin’s utter eagerness (hope she stays as a character!)
    – Phyllis laughing at her own fear when she expressed it.

    I am missing the old JAM though. I’ve been watching season four of late, and we still got to enjoy the banter between them. That’s been sadly lacking of late. I know the URST has gone, but I miss the banter, which is the essence of their chemistry (I’m pleased they didn’t get married too).

  123. And Angela was very herself tonight! The past few episodes have really brought back the office’s favorite “tight*ss”!

  124. Fantastic episode! Re-watched it this morning while eating breakfast. SO glad The Office is ending strong after my least favorite season (well, tied for least favorite with last year). Loved everything about it. Seemed like classic, old Michael; sweet, charming, funny. I love when they dance–so funny! And we get a wedding! Woo hoo!

  125. HILARIOUS!! Omg this was one of the best episodes ever. Everyone’s involvement was great.

    Erin is precious and I really like her. I’m glad to see Kevin is still dating that lady and she was practically molesting him in the corner haha. Andy and Kelly’s dance off was great. Creed’s rearview mirror made me laugh hysterically. Dwight feeding Phyllis carrots…wow! And JAM…I just love them!

    It was just great to see everyone enjoying themselves and having a great time together.

  126. Here is a testament to how endearingly bizarre and awesome this episode was:

    Last night (literally, last night) my boyfriend of 2.5 years broke up with me. I was crying right up until the cold open. But when Michael holds up that speaker and starts jamming to “Everybody Dance Now,” I started to laugh hysterically. Thanks you, “The Office,” for being there.

  127. I enjoyed it greatly. Brought the whole “family” back together, with a fun story line, What had me apprehensive.. It must be the calm before the storm of the season finally. twists, turns, awkward moments, gaffes on the characters parts.

  128. Loved this episode… instant favorite across all seasons. For some reason, it reminded me of ‘Booze Cruise’ without the melancholy. I can’t get enough of Michael Scott dancing! Love the fact that we’ve come full circle from the “BFD” speech Michael gave Jim on the boat deck in ‘Booze Cruise’, and now Jim & Pam are together in such a happy way.

  129. Can I just say thank GOD Angela is back to herself!! I’ve missed the Angela we know and am so glad she’s not the crazy woman she’s been lately….

    Also, I wonder how many time Angela Kinsey ran smack dab into the limbo pole because it was too low at the time. Hah.

  130. How funny would it be if Michael used Erin to make Holly jealous at the picnic? They have great chemistry and she wants to be liked so much, I think it would be perfect!

  131. What a great episode!!! What a treat!
    And bonus appearance of Gene and Lee!!!
    Everything was great. A perfect office episode.

  132. #117 – I completely agree! Although a little far fetched, this episode was so much fun and I laughed out loud more times than I have at TO in a long time.

    And as fun and zany as Cafe Disco was, this episode should be Steve Carell’s submission for the Emmys. He’s so unbelievably good at displaying Michael’s emotions in a believable way.

  133. This episode was great, totally cheesy and different from the regular episode ‘schematic’ but great nonetheless….thanks to the poster who found the song Dwight thought was ‘fantastic’…I think it was fantastic as well!!! :)

  134. Loved it loved it loved it. The dance-off is one of the most genius things they’ve ever done. Andy’s chair moves, and Kelly’s Flashdance moment, were awesome. And Kevin finally getting some action!

    I think the Phyllis/Dwight interaction this season is a fresh twist – like a new relationship. They are fantastic together.

    Not to overanalyze the JAM wedding, but I’ve been wanting them to elope. It’s more about the two of them and saves a ton of money. And it’s more romantic…sigh… ;)

  135. I actually enjoyed the JAM parts of this episode a lot (and not just Jim being totally cute picking the flowers) – as someone planning a wedding, I’m going through exactly the same back and forth – and I’ll probably end up with the dorky wedding where they play YMCA too! And I love the Office “un-couples” – Phyllis and Dwight, Andy and Kelly – chemistry without the romance.

    P.S. Lindsay, any guy who breaks up with you on a Thursday is not worth having – you deserve better!

  136. OMG!!! I live in Youngstown, OH….and I was so excited that they mentioned my city! I can’t believe Jim and Pam could have possibly gotten married in my hometown! It would’ve been amazing!!

  137. best episode all season. a great lead-up to the season finale with a light-hearted, fun episode.

    @112. nice work with shazam. i was thinking the same thing when i was watching the show.

  138. Oh man! I can’t get Erin out of my mind! I’m really fallin’ for that character. She does so much with so little… I really hope she stays on the show as a regular, IMHO she’s a nice addition to the overall “Office” dynamics.

    About the episode. Forced & unrealistic? Maybe. I know stuff like Cafe/Disco don’t really happen in real life, but I really like that things are changing a bit. I wouldn’t like it if the show was the same as 3 or 4 years ago. It would get boring. I’m also glad that the MSPC thing is over now. It was nerve-wrecking not knowing what the heck was going to happen in the end, and now that everything’s back to normal I can relax and enjoy it. Too bad the season’s almost over :-(
    Go Erin!!

  139. It would be stupid to overanalyze the story of this episode. It would be stupid to try and see how it fits into the overall story arc of this season or series.

    This episode was a BLAST! We had all of our favorite characters being EXACTLY who they are and in a Cafe Disco. I twas a blast. I smiled, I laughed, and it would take me roughly 21 minutes to tell you all of my favorite parts.

  140. I LOVED this episode. What a turnaround. (Not that the previous episodes were bad, but this one was hilarious!!!)

    It’s just kind of sad this is the second to last episode of the season. :(

  141. Anyone notice the empty cheese ball container??? It was on the ledge in the cafe disco!

    Awesome music, awesome episode.

  142. That was hysterical! Jim and Pam pogo dancing, Gene and Lee, the dance-off, Jim and Pam looking like they were going to homecoming, Dwight’s horse massage…I was hugging myself like Kelly the entire time :)

    As an Ohioan…Youngstown is a hella-long drive from Scranton; desperate times call for cutesy, irrational measures I guess!

  143. Did anyone enjoy Erin’s dance moves as much as I did? That punching-dance she busted out right when she and Kelly started up was awesome!

  144. LOVED IT! I’m kind of glad they got away from the plot for a little while, and into some more fun reminiscent of the glory days of Seasons 2 and 3. Will Kelly and Andy be Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s next hot couple? or maybe BFFs? Either way, it was wonderful to see them interact. My favorite episode since Money.

  145. That was just pure fun. I’m usually pretty anal about the situations being realistic and natural, but I honestly don’t care this time. As long as the Cafe Disco got shut down after that day, it’s plausible enough for me!
    Dwight/Phyllis, Michael/Angela, Kelly/Andy: I LOVE when characters you rarely see together get along. Kelly piercing Andy’s ear was priceless- I hope he’s shown in the finale with either an earring or horrible infection!

  146. What a fun episode! The only part that I didn’t like was the “suggestion” that Bob Vance may be cheating on Phyllis with his secretary, who looks like a younger version of Phyllis. Phyllis as a scorned woman might be interesting to watch, though.

  147. i can’t force you to go down, but i can entice you.

    how was this NOT a that’s what she said. honestly.

  148. WOW!!!!

    One of the best episodes, I’ve seen. Fun, fun, fun with a Michael Scott Satisfaction outcome.

    The pairings of Kelly/Andy, Dwight/Phyllis, Angela/Michael was great too.

    Erin is also fabulous, in how she doesn’t judge anyone.

  149. I’m in the “I loved it camp.” Dwight treating Phyllis as a horse? Awesome. Kelly and Andy’s dance-off? Awesome. Jim and Pam? Always awesome. What a fun episode.

  150. I am not sure but I’m pretty sure I smiled the entire episode ; ) I agree that this was just plain fun. This would have been a great episode for newbies because I feel like every character had a chance to shine. I loved everything…Michael, JAM, Dwight/Phyllis, Andy/Kelly, and Erin! Who doesn’t love a random dance party every now and then?

    [from tanster: “Who doesn’t love a random dance party every now and then?” Indeed!]

  151. I hope we get to see more trips to the “Kandy” shop. I don’t think we need the romance factor here, but we need more moments with the two of them together.

  152. Let me be the umpteenth poster to say “what a fun episode!” It was little things like Bob showing up to dance with Phyllis, Kevin and Lynn slow dancing to a fast song then later making out, Andy’s ear piercing, and Jim picking flowers for Pam.

    However, I thought the cold open was mean and harsh. My least favorite ever.

  153. I thought the cold opening was a good idea but it was too short. In fact, the last two cold opens have been only 40 seconds and the posters have either loved them or hated them. Tanster, I think we officially need a cold open survivor. As far as the episode is concerned, this episode had two of my favorite talking heads of the season: Michael’s Phillip Morris founders comparison and Dwight’s racehorse finishing 9th and then the jerky finishing 3rd the next year.

  154. #161
    I agree. There’s no way Jim and Pam could have made it to Youngstown in time to get to the courthouse before it closed…unless they have random late-night hours. But I kind of knew they wouldn’t really be getting married last night anyway.
    However, having lived in PA and moved West, most people past Ohio don’t know which side of the state anything is on. Maybe the writers thought Scranton was outside Pittsburgh. Easy 2 hour trip, max!

  155. Actually, I take that back. I can’t believe I said that. The writers are brilliant. What was I thinking??
    They must have put the addresses into Michael’s evil GPS for directions. :)

  156. Of course Cafe Disco can’t happen in real life; in real life there is no Michael Scott! But really, it seemed like the most natural choice for Michael to make. Did you think he’d turn it back into a storage room when he could convert it into something (anything) else? It may not have been real to office buildings across the world, but it was real to his character, and this show, which is a major credit to the writers.

    I love what Michael Scott Paper Company did to the latter half of this season. It’s been fantastic all around, last night being no exception. :)

  157. This episode made me so happy–smiling ear to ear throughout. The cold open, while so mean of Dwight, was a pretty awesome prank. I love how we’re always learning more about Dwight. (He is actually one of the most well rounded people in the office–he knows folk medicine, animal care, farming, sales, sci fi, and awesome dance songs among other things!)

    I loved Michael getting his wish of an impromptu dance party, Kevin fumbling with the espresso maker, Oscar’s WTF about Erin inviting a friend, and the Vance Refrigeration guys getting psyched about GIRLS. Phyllis’s distress over Bob Vance’s over protective secretary was hysterical. The sweet scene of Jim and Pam coming out of the kitchen when Pam was all dressed up, holding her flowers wasn’t too gooey–it was adorable. It’s awesome that the corny dancing made Pam want a real wedding reception. (I think some of those corny songs were played at my reception and there was a packed dance floor with everyone dorky-dancing–just like Cafe Disco!)

  158. I must’ve missed something, because this episode just stunk, IMHO. There have been hits and misses this season … and the misses always seem to feel like the writers are pushing (or more specifically, dragging) the storyline along that much slower. This was just slow and obnoxiously awkward.

  159. I’m totally over-commenting here, please forgive me! But in response to 140 (Lew)and the hairdo–LOL!!!

    The tag with Andy and Kelly in the bathroom I’m sure has been mentioned repeatedly but man, it was priceless! Andy’s anxiety was just a scream, as was Kelly’s impatience and determination to make him “hip.” I loved seeing those two bond in the dance off, and especially over getting an ear pierced. They’re such crazy-fun characters, I’d be happy to watch them do something as mundane as grocery shop. It was a great few seconds that ended the episode with a bang.

  160. This was such a lighthearted, sweet episode. It really made my day. It looks like the cast just let loose and had fun. I was relieved, however, that Jim and Pam are going to hold off and have full-blown wedding, one that the audience can see. The songs and the disco set really brought back some good memories of my growing up.

  161. Anyone notice that when Creed came out of the bathroom he was eating chicken? Hilarious little detail in an already classic episode.

  162. in response to 177, my buddy is JUST like michael scott and he has a video game room in his work…this episode totally reminded me of him. he always gets these ridiculous ideas for an “awesome party” and it almost never works out and he gets so frustrated. but when it does work out, it’s the best moment of his life. sooooo funny.

    this episode ruled.

  163. Loved this episode! So many great moments between characters you normally wouldn’t put together :) my fav part was Kevin vs. the “imaginary cookie” classic! :):) and what’s with the receptionist job being a lot like the defense against the dark arts position this season lol we had Pam, Ronni, Ryan, Pam again, Kevin, and then Kelly(Erin)

  164. I loved this episode! I already watched it 3x on NBC’s site. This was so much fun!

  165. I don’t understand why people say that nothing happened in this episode. Phyllis had a great arc and we saw a different, oddly caring side of Dwight. Michael brought unity to the office after the drama and division of the MSPC. And Jim and Pam realized they wanted to celebrate their wedding with their co-workers.

  166. I started crying when Jim was picking the flowers, and didn’t stop till the ear piercing scene. I couldn’t even laugh at all the great jokes in between until the 3rd viewing. I’m glad they chose to do a real wedding but it was so sweet. This episode is a ten for sure. Funk is the problem, and the solution: the title for my next album, easy. That is all.

  167. Tanster, I think the song that was playing when Angela walked into the dance party is called “Lean Like a Chola.”

  168. I loved Cafe Disco. I felt the magic of Cafe Disco. Michael and Erin’s dancing was hilarious. Andy and Kelly were brilliant. Also, when Michael smiles with his front teeth sticking out and looks at the camera (like he did when Angela started moving her foot to the beat), I can’t stop laughing. Erin is adorable. The JAM stuff was priceless. A+++

  169. i LOVED the Dwight & Phyllis scenes! I really enjoyed seeing Dwight as somewhat caring and helpful for her. The dance party was hilarious, i looved Michael’s face when Angela was tapping her foot at the end, LOL. i laughed so hard at Michael’s “bad man Charles” speech

  170. The feel of this episode reminded me so much of “Office Olympics” which is one of my all-time faves. I love when the whole office pulls together and does something light-hearted and wacky. Those are my favorite moments. Gotta say, I’m loving the character Erin. She is a freaking crack-up.

  171. I had a lot of fun with this episode. I am still trying to find all the songs, including the ones I don’t even have a clue of their names, like the song when Angela comes into the party (and she didn’t need to lean to pass down the limbo pole or whatever, fun detail)

    If anyone can find the remaining songs , their titles or whatever It’ll be great. And the song is not Dance like a Chola, I looked for it in youtube and stuff.

    This site is great, greetings from an Argentinian fan.

  172. What a feel-good episode! Tanster — is there any chance we’ll get a writer/director Q&A on this? Oh, please say yes! If not, I guess I can keep my fingers crossed for a commentary on the DVD. I heart The Office.

  173. This is my wife’s working theory about ‘Cafe Disco’: it is a counter-programming spoof of the Grey’s Anatomy 100th episode. The non-wedding, the medical emergency, the suspicions of Vance’s infidelity (soap-operaish), the disco in the office like a prom in the hospital, the Andy/Kelly dynamic matching George/Izzie. It’s pretty subtle, but it’s there.

  174. Does anyone know the song where Michael walks in to find the party going on (and Oscar is doing this real cute head bob)? It’s a rap song & it’s too fast to catch many words. Thanks.

  175. Question: what does Kelly say to Andy when he says “This dance contest is not over.”? Her response is obscured by the music.

  176. In response to 178: “and what’s with the receptionist job being a lot like the defense against the dark arts position”
    Hahaha! Love the HP reference. Definitely true!
    Overall, amazing episode. Just enough JAM, not too much.

  177. various disgraces is now officially one of my new favorite songs.

    however, i can’t find the lyrics anywhere. is anyone familiar with that song? i can’t imagine where producers found that to include it–the blam seems (sadly) like a nobody band.

    i watched this episode for the 4th time just now. it hasn’t even been 48 hours.

  178. Darn! I can’t find that song either. I’ve been looking everywhere, but the lyrics are very hard to decipher. Anyone?

  179. @198: she says something along the lines of , “what dance contest? i was just dancing casually with my friends, ya’ll.”

  180. If you watch the show online at nbc’s site, does anyone know the song at the 14:34 mark?

  181. Ugly Scientist (167) – I shouted out TWSS the second Michael said “I can’t force you to go down, but I can entice you”.

    TWSS was not said most likely because it might’ve pushed the poor taste limit for network t.v. But Micahel did give the camera a good look and pause – and of course we all filled in the blank!

  182. I especially enjoyed the several character duos shown in this episode. Kelly/Andy, Dwight/Erin, Dwight/Phyllis, Erin/Kelly, Michael/everyone, and of course Jim/Pam. I would love to see another Oscar/Andy story arc. For the longest time, though, I have been dying to see an episode involving Michael and Angela. Please make this happen, writers!

  183. #161 and #174 and Office Writers…I used Map Quest and it would take 5 hours to get from Scranton to Youngstown. Thank goodness they decided not to go. I for one want to see a Jim and Pam wedding.

  184. “Funk is the problem…and the solution” might just be my favorite Office quote since “Abraham Lincoln once said ‘If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North'”. I want the Funk quote on a T-shirt, STAT!

    This episode was just awesome, all around great. Michael and Andy doing baby talk, Erin’s shy yet go-with the-flow attitude, Dwight’s weird physical therapy skills, Oscar breaking when he says the line “Please don’t refer to yourself as our daddy” (if that was the most clean take, imagine the hilarity that must have happened every other time they tried that line), Kevin being enticed by a cookie and having Angela have to open Michael’s hand to show Kevin that there is no cookie…ahh…this episode was flat out awesome.

  185. Rainn Wilson single-handedly saved this episode from the depths of despair. 95% of the non-Dwight scenes were, for lack of a better word, dumb.

  186. At first I didn’t think the episode was going anywhere and didn’t believe that anyone would dance in a storage closet during work. But watching it a second time I realized that it is because of moments like these in the Office that make me love it.

    Reminded me of Christmas and Office Olympics. I love how it seems everyone annoys everyone, but they can all come together and party, kind of like any group of people.

  187. First of all: LOVED THIS EPISODE. Easily in my all-time Top 5.

    Did anyone else think that the Cafe Disco’s espresso machine was the sales prize from Season 1? That flashed through my mind as soon as I saw it. If so, great little detail!

  188. Was the scene where Kelly tries to pierce Andy’s ear the same Andy/Kelly scene you saw in the editing room when you visited it?

    [from tanster: No. The scene I was referring to was the dance-off between Andy and Kelly. I was in the editing room watching the scene, when Ed comes in and starts watching it, too. Pretty soon we had a crowd in there, it was great!]

  189. I had to give credit here. First viewing this seemed really fun and that was good enough. But the 2nd time around I am blown away again by how freaking hilarious these writers are, ALL THE TIME. Loved Dwight’s Jack Nicholson impersonation and a million other PERFECT tiny moments. Love it!

  190. Dear Office writers,

    Please, please, please don’t let Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, cheat on Phyllis. Whilst watching this episode, I realized that if he does, my wife is going to take it out on ME. For the sake of the many non-cheating husbands out there, please spare us our wives’ wrath. I love your show, and I also love NOT getting whacked on the arm/head over a script that I didn’t write.

    Thanks in advance,

    Father G.I.

  191. I clap my hands with glee with every rewatch! Sometimes in the mornings at my work, the receptionist blares some sweet tunes and we groove while we get ready for customers. So this episode was realistic to me!

    I really wish Boy Hangover was available for download somehow.

  192. What a great feel-good episode! I thought the concept sounded a bit dumb at first, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I loved how everybody came together in the end, marking the end of the split between the groups at DM and MSPC. The show has been on a roll lately.
    Also, the Kelly and Andy dance off was absolutely hilarious!

  193. I loved Angela walking under the limbo stick twice. The dancing was fun to watch. I bet they had a great time shooting this.

  194. What a GREAT episode!

    Loved Dwight treating Phyllis like a horse.


    Great JAM scenes, and I always love to see the whole cast together having a good time.

    I couldn’t get the smile off my face throughout the whole episode.

  195. You know what made me smile the most in this episode? Realizing that despite his cold demeanor, Dwight is totally there for the women in the office when they are heartbroken. He sat with Pam while she cried over Jim and this time, he sat with Phyllis while she talked about Bob’s secretary. Very sweet and surprising.

  196. For some reason the way Carrell mouthed “Everybody dance now” just cracked me up for a good minute.

    Also strangely hilarious, when they wheel Phyllis into the office and Dwight closes the shades while the rest of the office looks on in bewilderment.

    I thought the episode took a little while to get going, but the cast was having such a blast acting it that it won me over.

  197. I’ve been reading people’s comments and I just have to say that it would be awful if Jim and Pam didn’t invite Michael to their wedding. He was the first one to push Jim after her and he adores them both. Michael was the only one to come to Pam’s art show and went to all that trouble to help her when she was in New York. He is a good friend to both of them. Do people just WANT to see Michael heartbroken? I think the “it might as well be dinner” line was enough.

  198. The “everybody dance now” I’m sure was an homage to Evan Almighty where he did the same thing (at the end for the credits, and elsewhere).

  199. I’ve watched this one every day since Thursday. It’s just a perfect gem of an episode. And the music! I love it so much!

  200. Did anyone find out the hip hop song when Michael finds the party raging and Oscar is doing the head bob

  201. YAY!! The complete playlist! I’ve been hoping for this all week.

  202. well done! i downloaded The Blam song and created my own little cafe disco moment. thanx.

  203. After JAM decided they love “cheesey” it would be funny if they asked Michael to be the DJ at the wedding..haha

    And I also now have a Cafe Disco playlist on my Ipod..haha!

  204. I really really enjoyed this episode. I liked the Kelly/Andy interaction, and Erin is sooo sweet! She is just super enthusiastic about everything. I’m usually such a Jammy supporter, but I actually thought that bit was the least interesting once I guessed early on that they weren’t going to go through with it. I LOVED the classic comedy in this episode! Oh and Kevin’s doglike “trainers” had me in hysterics

  205. Does anyone else think, after watching this episode, that Andy and Kelly would be kind of perfect for each other?

    Great episode!! They really started to hit a good stride near the end of the season and all the episodes have been so funny.

  206. 1000 Shrute Bucks to whomever knew the Pimpin’ song. It’s been driving me nuts since I saw the show.

  207. i liked it when erin interrupts michael dancing to david bowie and all of a sudden she joins him in dancing the song

  208. There have been three other comments about Pam’s hair but none has mentioned the irony. Partially reverting to her style from earlier seasons, Pam pins back her hair, in preparing to elope with Jim. Conversely, in the second season, Pam unpins her hair in “The Secret” when Kelly asks how Pam will style her hair to wed Roy. We know from “Phyllis’s Wedding” that Pam had planned an elaborate wedding with Roy and we know from “Conflict Resolution” that Pam spent long hours on the preparations — the opposite of an elopement with Jim. Pam had too much delay from Roy but ultimately requests a delay from Jim, to which he (rightly) agrees. Of course, Pam did not really love Roy… I leave you to complete the analogy.

    [:-)] Mark

  209. Absolutely one of my favorite episodes ever!

    -Dwight paying Erin for the art contest joke
    -Kevin and the “cookie” scene with Michael
    -The Andy and Kelly Dance off

    These three scenes had me in tears.

  210. I was just wondering where I could find the dress that Pam wears. The pretty strapless pink that she wears to their almost wedding.

  211. Pimpin’ – Tian & Styliztic. If no one gives me a download link, i’m sending a letter to the producers, cause i have looked through all of googles 17 pages of search results.

  212. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned my FAVORITE line of the episode
    “Back injuries are common. Not as common as knee injuries, but more common than wrist injuries.”
    “I don’t need a history lesson!”
    “What do you think history is?!”


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