The Office: Broke, 5.25

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The Office Broke

Writer: Charlie Grandy, Director: Steve Carell

Summary (NBC): Michael’s new company struggles to make early morning deliveries while the office tries to get their expense reports in on time after Angela enforces Dunder Mifflin’s policy.

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In a poll conducted April 23-27, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.17/10

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The Office Broke quotes

Ryan: Ever since I’ve gotten clean, there’s something about fresh morning air that just really makes me sick.

Michael: Oh Halpert, woah! Boner patrol, arrest that man!

Michael: Your donuts make me go nuts!

Pam: It was either this or an old school bus with an owl living in it.

Pam: Wait, is this just milk and sugar?

Andy: I don’t want to have said that. But I think it’s important that you know it.

Dwight: Been there, done that.

Charles: Stanley, pay attention.

David: I find that extraordinarily surprising.

Dwight: Come along, afterthought.

Dwight: I say we fill Michael’s office with bees.

Dwight: No, Jim, I use a bad apiarist.

Pam: We have maybe a month. I don’t know what I’m going to do.
Jim: Oh, yeah, well don’t worry about it. We’ll figure it out. We’ll be okay.
Pam: That’s what Michael said.
Jim: Oh, yeah. Only this time we will be okay. (Jim’s cell phone rings. The ringtone is Dwight saying “Idiot, idiot, idiot…”) Oh, that’s my new “Dwight” ring.
Pam: I like it.
Jim: Good, right? Hello.
Dwight: Idiot, we’re starting back up. This is Dwight, by the way.

Ryan: I never went to Thailand. I went to Fort Lauderdale.

Ryan: You never had pad thai.

Dwight: Michael adores me. I’m the man for this job.

Michael: We’re not hiring, Jim.

Jim: I will see you titans of industry upstairs.

Michael: We’re not only tight ends, we’re also quarterbacks.

Michael: There is no way in hell that I am going to say that we’re broke.

Michael: Well, well, well. How the turntables …

Michael: I’ll see your situation and I’ll raise your situation.

Michael: I don’t think I have to wait out Dunder Mifflin. I think I just have to wait out you.

Dwight: Mose in socks. Boom, case closed.

Charles: You two are morons.

Michael: Wouldn’t you rather have a fishing pole than a fish?

Michael: I want a Sebring.
Charles: They don’t make them anymore.

Michael: I don’t care if Ryan murdered his entire family. He is like a son to me.

Michael: I have no shortage of company names.

Michael: Our balls are in your court.

Michael: No, no. You’re done.

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  1. Overall a pretty solid episode, but not quite as strong as last week’s. It ties up the arc nicely with the added bonus of Pam as a saleswoman. What they’re going to do with Ryan and the new receptionist is still unknown, but I trust the writers.

    I personally liked the comparison between Charles/Dwight and Jim/David, both wearing the same colour shirts.

  2. I liked this one a lot, but what happened to the expense report subplot? That was about 25 seconds of air time and the summary from NBC made it sound like half the story!

  3. SO awesome! There were some great funny moments, but overall it was just a great pick-me-up episode. Really had you cheering the entire time for MSPC.

    The ending was great!

  4. Best Episode Ever!!! Dwight is about to get it! YEAH! No, You’re done! YES!

  5. Oh my god… I didn’t think that episode could possibly get any better, and then Ryan refused the champagne. This is the best show on television, I feel so genuinely excited for the characters.

  6. Jim:I’ll see you titans of industry upstairs
    Michael: Yeah we’re tightends but we’re also quarterbacks

    *Welcome back to Dunder Mifflin guys!!!
    (I know it was a good episode, I’ve never heard my mom laugh so hard)

  7. Felt much more like “The Office” than last week’s. I’m only upset that yet another story arc has come and gone within a few episodes. But since I wasn’t in love with those episodes anyway, it’s okay.

  8. LOVED IT. One of the best. I love it when Michael’s brilliance shines through. Makes him a much more believable character.

  9. @3 I totally agree with the shirt colors.

    I also loved the ending segment with Michael cutting Charles off.

    Overall great show, not as many laughs as the last but still great.

  10. Well done! It’s a great day to have your TV family back together again. It just gave me a nice little warm spot in my heart. Great episode overall.
    I nearly choked myself when I heard “now that the turn tables…”

    Awesome episode. Love seeing David Wallace, as usual.

  11. Charles is not gone from Dunder Mifflin, just Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

    And Michael and Jim owned Charles tonight.

  12. Great episode, loved it…so triumphant for Michael & Co. And Charles had it coming. (twss?)

    It’ll be strange to have Pam as a saleswoman though. I wonder if they are going to find some way to phase out Erin?

  13. “Not only are we tight ends, but we are also quarterbacks.”

    I loved that line!

  14. That was awesome!! Everyone is back, Charles Minor is out, and all is good in the world of the office. Michael really went all out for Pam and Ryan. When the pressure is on him, Michael really shines. The whole episode was amazing. Michael telling Charles he’s done and Jim then looking at the camera while pointing at the camera was the cherry on top. I can’t wait for next week.

  15. I think this has been my favorite episode this season. I’ve been disappointed by this season in general, but this episode earned some of my respect back. I always thought that the whole Pam going to Art School storyline was completely useless because she didn’t even graduate! I was hoping for her to get a job as a graphic designer for Dunder Mifflin or something. So when she was offered a sales position at D.M. I was extremely happy! Also, Jim has come across as smug and irksome this season (definitely not the season 2 and 3 Jim I know and love) but his affection for Pam, and his little smile at the end when they were cheering, made up for all of his character faults this season. Also, I was shocked when Dwight didn’t show his loyalty to Michael, even trying to sabotage the Michael Scott Paper Company. I always thought that Dwight’s loyalty would lie to his “friends” more so than his job. So, enough of my ranting…. in my opinion, this episode is the best of the season so far.

  16. Nice episode! For some reason, that “well well well, how the turntables” line sounded funnier in the actual show than in the promo, but that’s just me.

  17. I think I was smiling throughout this one! It was not straight up the most hillarious episode due to explaining and plots but it still was really funny and clever! I wasn’t sure how the hell they’d bring everyone back. I wish Pam was receptionist still but maybe that’ll change soon. I’m so glad the office is back to somewhat normal now and I loved the ending!! Great episode! Very entertaining! The Finale has me with 10002390 questions about Karen and Holly so I’m pumped!!

  18. As a Gilmore fan, the Christian Korean bus struck a hilarity cord with me….

    Very good. Not as funny as last week, but a really good feel-good episode. I predicted the end, and kudos to the people that predicted that Ryan hadn’t actually gone to Thailand, but it didn’t make it less enjoyable.

    And I’m glad to see a couple of Jam moments here and there. Now see, writers, just adding a kiss on the cheek here and there isn’t THAT hard, now is it?!

    I LOVED the callback to how Ryan cost the company millions :-D.

  19. Awesome episode! I loved the just woken up Jim at the beginning (I think I heard swooning all over the world lol) and Jim schooled Charles 100%. It did wrap up nicely the entire situation, but I too am confused as to whether Charles was fired or if he’s just leaving the Scranton branch. Either way, I loved the entire episode!

  20. I have loved these episodes with the MSPC more than others I believe. I’m super happy to see them back at Dunder Mifflin though, and Pam as a salewoman! Her and Jim can be desk buddies now. I wonder how that will work out.

  21. Loved Michael kicking Charles’ butt at the end! I’m so glad that Pam is in the office again.

    I am thankful that David Wallace still shows Jim so much respect, but I really got scared when Dwight found out the MSPC was broke. Glad he was waylayed (?) by Jim before he could blow it for Michael.

    Loved the Korean lady sitting in the bus at the end of the episode!

  22. Woot! A happy ending for once! I was so happy to see smarmy Charles have to watch David and Jim while Dwight strode off to crazy town. And Pam gets to be a saleswoman!

  23. My heart soars with the eagle’s nest right now. What a great end to the season this has been. I really think once this season is over people will look back and appreciate how good it was.

  24. Favorite parts:

    The Korean lady in the bus.
    You’ve never had pad-thai.
    Bees in Michael’s office.

    And my favorite: Jim’s kiss-up talking head

  25. Also, Jim’s ringtone of Dwight saying “idiot” was possibly one of the funniest things I have ever heard. And I now want one SO BAD lol

  26. Great episode! At first I thought that the writers wasted a few episodes with the MSPC storyline just to end up back where they started. But with the personnel changes, mainly Pam as a saleswoman, I have come accept that plot twist. For me, this episode was to Season 5 what The Job was to season 3: setting up major personnel changes, firing the VP, and an emphatic “you’re done” (or you and I are done in The Job) which caused me to do a Tiger Woods fist pump. Oh, and I’m not sure I’ve laughed harder at a line than I did at “our balls are in your court.”

  27. Some great laugh out loud moments for me:

    1) Pam letting the Korean lady in the van
    2) “Our balls are in your court”
    3) “Yes tight-ends, we are also quarterbacks”
    4) Michael: “Crunch the numbers again”
    Guy: “It’s a program”
    Michael: “Just crunch them”
    Pam: “Did it work?”
    5) Making David and Charles leave the conference room so many times.

  28. Was smiling the whole time. And to have the tables turned on Charles was really something to cheer about!

    Loved how easily distracted Dwight is…. I think this is one of the best Jim episodes yet…


    One of my top favorite episodes. Ever.

    I really liked the subtle looks between Pam and Jim. It was a great episode for the both of them.

    I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

  30. I forgot to add this…

    I wonder how Michael is going to get along with Dwight now that Dwight was such a jerk to him.

    Also, I thought the thing with Charles and Andy was funny…I wish I hadn’t said that, but I think you need to hear that.

  31. wow i really loved this episode…

    I don’t care if ryan killed his entire family, he is like a brother to me…

  32. @LittleStitious:

    I totally forgot about the “idiot” ringtone! That was fantastic.

  33. Such a great way to tie up this story line, and a feel good episode with some hilarity mixed in. The Korean van completely cracked me up, especially when the lady got in.

    But what did Charles say to Jim in the kitchen right after he yelled at Dwight?

  34. I loved the random Koreans getting in the van

    Hooray for everyone being back :)

  35. Did anyone else catch the Breakfast Club reference? When the MSPC is all sitting in the floor of the closet? Loved it!

  36. Fantastic episode. Pam’s speech about the child driving the car into the tree was hilarious. And I loved the Breakfast Club scene with everyone sitting on the floor making their confessions.

    #52 – Charles told Dwight and Jim that they were both idiots.

  37. I’m beyond happy that the whole office is back together, that Charles Miner is gone, and that PAM IS IN SALES!!!!! FINALLY!

    When, at the end, Michael closed the blinds and he, Pam and Ryan began cheering, so did I!

    Plus the cold open when Jim said goodbye to Pam at the door was super cute.

    Great episode. 9/10!

  38. This is the 3rd fish that Michael has! He gets a new fish every week!

    [from tanster: yes he does. jenna told last week that is intentional. :) ]

  39. Okay, honestly- One of the bests of the season. It still astounds me that Michael truly does work amazingly under pressure. :) Also, the JAM moments were great. Jim was so awesome and supportive in this episode. I can not wait till Jim, Dwight and Pam are desk buddies
    Casual Friday is making me so excitable!

  40. Glad to read I’m not the only one who sat there smiling for the whole 39 minutes. Bravo, Office!

  41. Anyone else catch that Ryan was eating from the cheese ball stash?

    Great episode.

    “Mose in socks. Case closed” – needs to be a t-shirt ASAP.

  42. Great episode. It was a nice way to end that storyline. I love how Jim helped them out…he’s climbing back up there. Charles is gone- woot…but that means Idris is gone :(

    I love David Wallace…he needs to be in more episodes.

    [from tanster: he does, doesn’t he?]

  43. I thought they did a good job of having Michael play hardball while still being bumbling. Also liked him demanding a job for Ryan even though Ryan doesn’t want to work there.

  44. One of the best of the season by far. Loved how giving Dwight some responsibility just blew up in Charles’ face. The Korean woman in the van was actually one of the funniest things i have ever seen on The Office, in every scene she was in too haha. And of course the ending was amazing. When Michael put his foot back on Jim’s desk… couldn’t help but smile.

  45. Another great episode, very satisfying, love that Charles put his faith in the wrong guy and that Michael said no to the money and demanded their jobs back. Good job Jim, making Dwight look like he was wrong about MSPC going broke.

    Glad to see that David still likes Jim and Michael.

  46. LOVED IT! Never laughed so hard!

    Best part: when David arrives and Charles acts as such a kiss-ass, and then Jim’s talking head making kissing noises. So funny!
    Loved that Charles go to see the true “Dwight” in action with his stupid suggestions! Can’t wait to have Michael back in THE OFFICE!

  47. I know Michael Schur is busy in Pawnee but I need a good bit of Mose in my Office diet! I even LOVE the stories that we get from Dwight about him! I LOVE MOSE!!!

  48. Loved how the focus of this episode got back to the roots of The Office by focusing on the primary characters: Michael, Jim, Dwight, Pam and Ryan (with a few funny additions by the support cast, of course). Definitely the best episode of the season.

  49. All the while I was watching this ep, I knew that Carell had directed it, and it actually ‘felt’ like it was. I know that’s hard to explain, but it just really had a season 1/2 feel to it, the way the camera moved, and some of the shots. Like the long, quiet scene in the van. That’s vintage Office. Am I right?

  50. Incredible episode. I loved it from beginning to end and there were several moments where I was laughing so hard I almost didn’t catch the next lines. I am so stoked about Pam joining the Sales team. Michael’s whole negotiation bit was pure awesome and when he demanded Pam be a salesman I wanted to hug him. :) I love Michael and Pam’s dynamic.

    Side note – I hope we get to know the new receptionist a little better in future episodes. Right now I forget she even exists. She doesn’t feel like part of the Office at all.

  51. Wow, HOW did I manage to miss the fact that Steve Carell directed this episode?! Steve is brilliant…I hope he gets to write and direct more ‘Office’ episodes in the future!

    I really liked this episode, it was a good one. I had been feeling sad about the prospect of the Michael Scott Paper Company coming to an end, but the way it all unfolded was satisfying, and for that I thank the writers. :)

  52. This was an excellent episode! I feel like it was a good throwback to Season 2, with the camera angles, silent pauses and awkward humor. I hope the rest of this season has episodes like tonight’s.

  53. I loved SO much about what this episode chose to be. It actually had me screaming with laughter multiple times. (TWSS) I cannot wait to rewatch at least twice tomorrow. Fave parts: Korean church van, Kissyface Talking Head, “Idiot” ringtone (which had better be available at sooner rather than later, btw), and “titans” = “tight ends.”

  54. Not the funniest episode but very good heart. A lot of sweet moments. So happy for Pam and Jim was the best. Such a great, supportive guy.

  55. Yes..the Idiot,Idiot,Idiot ringtone must be online and available to download asap!

    Jim’s kissie talking head = my favorite ever!

  56. Best Episode in a long time. Had me laughing the whole time.

    Goodbye Charles Minor!

  57. I grinned so wide when everyone got their jobs back.
    Especially when Michael said Pam needed to be a salesperson. [:

    &I absolutely NEED that Dwight ring tone. xD

  58. I was grinning like an idiot the entire time. Michael shutting down Charles and putting his leg up on Jim’s desk was the greatest comeback imaginable.
    And David Wallace is one of my favorite characters. I loved that when Michael delivered his brilliant speech about Dunder Mifflin finding a new CFO, David actually seemed impressed and appreciative rather than offended.
    Oh, and I have to give the writers props for finding a plausible way to get tousle-haired, pajama-clad Jim on the show within the documentary format. Bravo. And thank you.

  59. Wow. My heart is soaring with the eagle’s nest. This episode had a very different feel to it; I think it was the lack of a real subplot. It was perfect! It made for a seriously powerful 22 minutes. Steve did an excellent job directing. I was on the edge of my seat! And I have never wanted to hug Michael Scott more.

  60. This was easily the best episode of the season so far!

    It totally paid off for the fans invested in the MSPC arc, and for those fans who truly believe in the writers.

    I love this show.

  61. Did anyone else notice: At the end of “New Boss”, Michael says “You have no idea how high I can fly”. At the end of this episode, Michael says he is “flying high”. Good callback, and a great episode.

  62. Great episode, lots of great lines. Only disappointment was that Michael didn’t sacrifice Ryan to get rid of Charles, just because I’m not a Ryan or Charles fan and that would have gotten rid of both of them. Even still, I’ll be watching this one again tomorrow morning and probably again on Monday.

  63. That episode was just great all around, from the Korean Church van to Michael telling Charles to just leave. Best episode of the season by far.

  64. I loved tonight’s episode! So many different office dynamics were captured tonight!

    I wanted to give Phyllis a high-five when she asked David Wallace if the whole mess could have been avoided by him simply returning Michael’s phone call.

    And the ending? Perfection!

  65. #45

    Yep, it definitely needs to be available. To me, the ringtone was just win!

    There were quite a few classic lines in this episode, right?

  66. Oh and by the way, that episode synopsis was so misleading. I was under the impression the Angela thing would be like a true B or C story and not just a blurb.

    And it was Steve Carell directing!!!

    Wow, I am overjoyed at that, so awesome.

    Also I’m excited to see how they close off the season in the 3 remaining eps.

  67. Wow this was great! Go Jim for standing up to Charles! Go Michael for not being David’s doormat…eveyone is back together! YEAH!

    Question: Now that Pam is in sales and not at reception, where will she sit? I would LOVE to see Dwight temporarily banished (ala Ryan) to the Annex and have Jim get a new deskmate :)

  68. I couldn’t help notice all the comments say how great this episode was. Here’s a few reasons why I think it continues the downward spiral the season has been on:

    1) Continuity mess. Where did Michael get the money to start that company? To buy his initial supplies? The van? This is a guy we’re repeatedly told has money problems and is an irresponsible spender.

    2) They seemed to have gotten clients awfully quickly.

    3) Corporate would never have made the offer they did. You’re talking about a corporation’s resources vs. a regular guy (with money problems). They would be smart enough to know that he would flop, and then just swoop in and take the customers back.

    I really love this show, but this season has been a huge let down for me. Unless they find some miraculous way to tie everything together, I’ll not be watching season 6.

  69. This was a fantastic episode! I can’t pin-point what exactly it was, but everything seemed to just flow and work together perfectly. Best episode in awhile, IMO. This has me super pumped for the rest of the season! And I’m so happy that Jim was finally redeemed. It’s about time (poor guy!) LOL

  70. Still not sure I really understand the Idris Elba situation? So will he just be recurring on a very rare basis? Seems like he and Michael will now have a very interesting boss/employee relationship.

    I absolutely love when Michael doesn’t look like an idiot. Tonight at the conference table, and the “listen kiddo” speech he gave Pam a couple of weeks ago show that there’s much more there than we usually see.

  71. Office magic! Wonderful writing, wonderful ensemble acting, and oh my, Steve Carell directing!

  72. @ Vending Machine Fruit’s question: I have a feeling she’ll sit with her back to reception, like Jim did in Season 3 when they merged Stamford and Scranton.

  73. Loved this episode!!! I was just waiting for Michael to tell David that the MSPC was broke–I’m glad I was wrong! Speaking of the ringtone, I’m putting together an “Idiot” ringtone as we speak. Would you like to add it to the site Tanster?

  74. Brilliant. The writing, the directing—everything was brilliant in this episode. It’s probably my favorite of the season. (kissing sounds, a la Jim’s talking head)

  75. Go Michael! Go Go Go Michael! In your face, Chuck!!! Great episode, the best of the season.

  76. I’m glad Erin gets to stay. She’s cute! In the end everything was back to normal except for Pam’s new job, Erin, and Ryan. This was a great mini-storyline.

  77. I’m Korean and I can relate to this episode so much.
    It had me in stitches the whole way through.
    One of the best of this season, absolute-mundo-ly.

  78. I really enjoyed this one…as did most. So much of who the Michael Scott character is, to me, captured in the scene where he is driving the van and pulls up so Ryan can’t get in. Then stops. Then does it again. He cracks himself up!!! Little things like that are so funny!!

  79. No offense to NBC, but the synopsis for this episode was WAY off. Angela said ONE line about the expense reports, it was nowhere near a main focus.

    However, I thought it was an AMAZING episode. I’ve been waiting for one this funny for a LONG time! Nice job, Steve Carell!

  80. Any episode with Andy Buckley (David Wallace) is an amazing episode. But this one was especially amazing.

  81. I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out, but I just noticed something!

    The cheesepuffs that Michael stole before he started the company lasted the exact amount of time that the company did! It’s perfect! It’s as if the cheesepuffs symbolized the MSPC.

  82. 1. I forgot to mention in my first comment that my fav part of the episode was when Pam said that she applied to Old Navy, Target, and Walmart and no one ever called! I’m actually shocked that no one else mentioned that.

    2. Everyone is talking about the Angela subplot…I think NBC just needed something to throw everyone off. There wasn’t really much else they could say in a synopsis that wouldn’t have given away the whole episode.

  83. Funniest part for me: the church van and the Korean ladies who think it still takes them to church!

    Loved how Jim knew how to give Dwight just enough rope to hang himself in front of Charles’ eyes in the break room so that his potentially damaging information wouldn’t be taken seriously! Jim was finally vindicated in this episode. Yeah!

    Biggest suspenseful moment: waiting to see if Michael would blow it during the buy out negotiations. And hooray! He didn’t! He actually used his real, honest-to-God skills. I love episodes where Michael is the good guy. And I loved how Pam felt such responsibility, first, for his company’s failure, and then later, pride for his success.

  84. My favorite part was when Pam applied to Target, Old Navy, and Walmart and no one called her back. Who can’t relate to that.

  85. I think they did a great job with this quick little job arch of the MSPC. It started well- hit a high note last episode with Heavy Competition and landed it well with tonight’s episode- Broke.

    I thought it was a great little run- can’t wait to see how things shape up here at the end.

  86. I loved how Michael put David in his place! And I loved Charles finally getting to see Dwight’s true colors.

  87. First deleted scene up:

    MSPC webpage news update:

    Great episode. One of my favorite of the series.

  88. I can’t wait to see Pam as a salesman. It would be great to see her and Jim get competitive. And also, where would she sit? Will Phyllis take her on a sales call, and get her all dolled up in trashy hair and makeup? Will Dwight take her to the beet farm for training? I. Can’t. Wait.

  89. When Dwight Looked like an idiot to Charles, did he tell Jim and Dwight that they were both idiots?

  90. Enjoyed the little detail when Michael beeps the horn for Pam and the neighbor’s upstairs light goes on
    and dogs start to bark. Can picture the neighbor asking Jim later that morning in the driveway, “Is that your crazy boss?”

  91. What a great episode! I truly loved every moment of it, it was a lot of fun to watch. Good for Michael, Pam, and even Ryan. Glad to have everyone back once in for all.

  92. Directed by Steve Carell!! That guy can do everything! I loved this episode from beginning to end–the funny lines, the stress, and the story were all just out of control tonight. The scene where Michael, Pam and Ryan were sitting on the floor together making reluctant admissions was golden. And Phyllis just calling it like it is to David Wallace was right on!

  93. One of my favorites this season. Solid Michael episode. It’s always nice seeing him turn competent when it comes to the paper business. Good Jim episode too.
    best quote: whoa, Halpert! Boner patrol!

  94. Great episode, I’m so glad the MSPC is over and everyone is back at DM.

    Did anybody else notice that Michael had a new fish ever week the past couple weeks? I noticed last week it was different but I don’t think anybody else did.

  95. Wait a minute! I just realized. MSPC had many clients, SO does that mean that Ryan finally made a sale.

  96. One word: AWESOME! Truly, this episode is awesome! Love it! Already watched it twice.

  97. I just don’t buy that they would rehire Ryan after what he did. Great episode otherwise though.

  98. What a great episode! My favorite quote: Michael thinking Pam would love a loft. The loft he was talking about sounds like what you would see in sitcoms circa late 80’s early to mid 90’s where the loft is out of the price range for the characters and the design is borderline imaginary but that’s just me. I am so happy we finally get to see Charles fall on his face and his realization of how The Office really works, without him in it. Plus Jim matching David across from Charles and Dwight aka Team Fail just made me happy because it made me wonder if I was supposed to notice it or not. I wonder how things are going to work out now. Should be fun to see!

  99. This show has improved 100% over the soap opera it was in recent history. If 1000% were possible, I’d say that. Thank you writers, for getting rid of the angst and mooning and returning this show to what it does best. And BTW, as ever, Michael in charge = amazing!!! Took me back to The Client, which is an all-time high point, IMO. Big ups to Halpert too! Well played, Jimbo! Buh-bye, Charles (Nice work though, IE!).

  100. As much as I love The Office, I usually have to watch episodes at least twice to really soak everything up and really appreciate them.

    But I thought “Broke” was great right from the start. When I watch a 2nd and 3rd time this weekend, it’ll be to truly savor all the brilliantness. I won’t repeat all the comments above – everyone touched on my favorite scenes and lines.

    Regarding Ryan, however…I’m glad that he’s really redeemed himself over the past few episodes. Admitted he never went to Thailand (we all knew that), he stuck by Michael when I was sure he’d bail, acting more humble, and best of all, declining the celebratory champagne at the end.

    This ep made me happy. Best of all, I get to see Angela Kinsey at the University of R.I. this weekend!

  101. Grrrr I wish I told someone about my predictions! I have predicted (in my head) that DM would buy out TMSPC and that Pam would come back as a saleswoman. I think she’ll sit where Jim sat when Ryan had his seat. Of course, right next to Jim!

    Great great episode tonight. I wasn’t keen on the first two Michael Scott Paper Company episodes but the last two have more than made up for that!

  102. Loved this episode. After the first five minutes, with Jim in his pj’s (he actually got up early with her to see her off!) and Jim’s kiss to the camera, I was in heaven.

    I love that Charles finally showed the chink in his armor – he is not a good judge of people. I love that he was trying to impress David and failed miserably, just like Jim did with him. Great vindication for Jim.

    Did they just run out of time to show the whole Angela sub-plot? Or was that just out there to throw us off? Weird.

    Still, I think the writers are really hitting their stride now, we’ve had two great ones in a row. Kudos!

  103. What a fantastic episode!! I didn’t want it to end. The writing and acting were among the best this season. My love for THE OFFICE hath no end. Hey guys, keep on the great work!

  104. WOW. Awesome episode! I loved the dynamic between David/Jim and Dwight/Charles in the conference room. Excellent writing and directing. Great job!

    I loved the little scene between Jim and Pam where Pam is worried about finances and Jim says everything will be ok.

    I wonder how many takes it took to get the Angela/Kelly scene when they were listening through the door with a coffee cup.

    Angela: “What are they saying?”
    Kelly: “Mmmm mmmm wah wah mmmm wah”

  105. Gotta give that a 10/10. Good solid, decent episode. I’m not a Ryan fan but he was hilarious.

    Steve Carell showcasing his talents in both forms, acting and directing.

    The best Michael episode in ages.

  106. 123 – Yes, he did. Jim didn’t care because he knows how Charles thinks of him. Dwight, on the other hand, is trying to become the end all, be all, of Charles’ Dunder Mifflin world, so he is probably upset about it.

  107. Charles: Yes, I was about to say the same thing. We should buy them out.
    Jim: But you didn’t.


  108. Amazing episode!!!! I love when Michael wins in the end. It winds up being such a surprise cause you expect him to fail miserably…but then he just turns it around. So great!

    Loved the Korean lady getting into the van…SO funny! And even though I said it last episode, I LOVE JIM! Seriously, what a great guy.

    Just a thought, maybe the Angela subplot was to throw all of us off so we didn’t know what this episode was really going to be about??

  109. Greatest episode ending ever!!!! (“No, no …you’re done!”) Priceless! I couldn’t stop laughing for 10 minutes or so. I love this episodes; the one’s with major plot resolutions. I knew they were coming back to Dunder Mifflin, but I didn’t knew how they were going to do it. Awesome episode.

  110. One of the best episodes in what has been a poor season. Oh, how I miss seasons 1-3! Stress Relief was one of the funniest ever, but this one was solid in a non-Superbowl, normal episode. My favorite part was when Wallace began talking and Kevin says “Hi” a couple minutes after Wallace and Kelly said hi. I don’t know why, but that cracked me up!

  111. I LOVED the idiot ringtone! Freakin awesome episode!

    Please Tanster, we know you have connections at nbc, how about working some of that magic by suggesting to them to make the ringtone available! :)

  112. even though i knew this had to happen, i was so nervous during the whole episode. jim so deserved this- charles leaves it that he and dwight are morons, but at least dwight is no greater than jim (as characters, obviously dwights is equally important).
    yay dunder mifflin, although the mspc had an awesome run!

  113. I loved this episode and I loved the whole Michael Scott Paper Company arc. Great way to shake things up a little.

  114. I don’t understand why David Wallace was so reluctant to hire Ryan back since Michael had already done that earlier in the season despite the whole fraud thing. Didn’t David know about that? I assumed that he would have had to approve that.

  115. #36 – I thought I was the ONLY one who caught the Gilmore Girls thing! hahahahaha oh man the Korean van is my second favorite van joke in this series. I loved that it was a running joke… there wasn’t just one lady. Only way that could’ve been better… more than one person waiting in the van at the end.

    #60…. I love when others see the details too. The fish were cracking me up. I was hoping for a full 10 gallon tank on his tiny desk by the end of this.

    That was one of the best episodes!

    BEST Kelly line ever. “mmmph hmmph mmmph hmph”
    Phyllis!!! FTW!!!! “Maybe if you just called him back”
    Pam: “Why would I love a loft?”

    I hope I wasn’t the only one standing and clapping in their living room at the ending. :)

  116. Wonderful episode. I have such affection for this show and these characters that I withhold judgment on some episodes because I believe the payoff will come.
    DID IT EVER!!!

    My favorite part was when Michael redeemed himself in Pam’s eyes by articulating solid, strategic, business-based reasons why they deserved more money during the negotiation.

  117. #152-
    Ryan was hired as a temp when he was working reception. I had the feeling that Michael kind of hid from corporate the fact that the temp was actually Ryan. As David Wallace said Ryan had cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, no way they would let him back in any kind of sales capacity.

  118. LOVED this episode! I was excited from the cold open just because Michael was saying, “Time to make the doughnuts!” My husband and I wake my dog up almost every morning with that line. Hahahaha!

  119. Best episode of the season, I watched it twice back-to-back. I was so afraid Michael would act ridiculously dense which would be so depressing and unbelievable. It was a great relief and a total turnaround when he showed his mettle!! LOVED this episode!

  120. Simply wow. Fantastic episode, from start to finish. GO TEAM SCOTT! Loved the Charles/Dwight interaction.. can’t wait to see how this will interplay with Michael. And, of course, yay for Pam!

  121. I am really really disappointed that the Michael Scott Paper Company has come to an end. I really thought this wrinkle could last an entire season (into most of season 6).

    Also sad to see Michael got nothing out of the whole thing. He lost money on his company, didn’t even get a raise when he returned to Dunder-Mifflin. All he accomplished was getting Ryan back into the office and Pam becoming a salesperson. I know he isn’t greedy. But it would have been nice to see him get a 10% raise out of the buyout.

  122. JUST WHEN I think Michael couldn’t be any dumber, he one ups David and TOTALLY REDEEMS himself. This episode rocked! I totally see Michael running a secret company behind David’s back so he can buy a top of the line lime green Sebring, gold package!

  123. Michael got exactly what he wanted… his favorite job at his favorite company… but now with the respect he deserves.

  124. Didn’t see it mentioned yet but the way Steve altered his facial expression when finally realizing he had to say “yes” to the buyout had me dying with laughter.

    Also, happy to see that Erin is staying =)

  125. First episode in a while that I’ve watched more than once. When Michael, Pam, and Ryan were on their way up in the elevator to negotiate with David Wallace, I was SO AFRAID Michael was going to blow it and say they were broke. I was biting my nails. I’ve never felt so much suspense watching a comedy (that I can think of at the moment).

  126. #150 Alex

    Me and my husband totally said the same thing last night. But of course, Dumb and Dumber is one of our favorites, and we quote from it a lot.

    Great episode. I love how brilliant Michael can be.

    I loved when Pam asked “Did it work?”

  127. I’m putting in my early vote for this episode as Steve Carrell’s Emmy submission. If the negotiation scenes don’t win over Emmy voters, nothing wil!

  128. LOVED IT!! I loved seeing Jim back in good graces again. Loved Pam becoming a salesperson. Loved Charles looking stupid in front of David.

    David Wallace should be in more episodes! Andy Buckley is awesome. Steve Carell did a great job of directing.

  129. I loved it. I am thrilled the gang is back together. Excellent negotiations, Michael. The Breakfast Club confession scene on the floor was excellent. I hope the Asian lady in the van made it home.

  130. Great episode. I don’t think I laughed as heartily as some episodes make me, but I fully enjoyed it (though I could have done without the Korean van plot). It being shown fullscreen is continuing to annoy me, too.

    I loved Jim’s ploy to get Pam (and, by virtue, himself) as much money in the buyout as possible. “I’m here to learn as little as possible,” and his distraction of Dwight were priceless. Michael’s negotiating was fantastic and “No, you’re done,” had me squealing with delight.

    Best line: “We’re not only tight ends, we’re also quarterbacks.” Made even better that, for once, Michael was intentionally making a joke.

    Best little moment: Charles wanting to meet David the moment he arrived. See, even the cool, together guy snivels when his boss is around. (See also his sucking up in the conference room: “I was gonna say the same thing.” “But you didn’t.”)

    Based on the summary it looks like the DVD might have a whole subplot in the deleted scenes, ala The Convict.

    Good stuff, folks. We’re all a family again.

  131. i love this episode, especially the negotiation scenes. michael is, as stanley puts it, a secret genius.

    btw, “idiot idiot idiot” is now my ringtone. :p

  132. #161 –

    Michael got what he wanted. He isn’t about money…he is about friends and loyalty. He cares about his friends more than dollars.

    With everything Charles had problems with around the office……is it just me or am I the only one that replays when Phyllis told Karen “You have a lot to learn about this town.”

  133. LOVED the episode. One question – where do they take us from here?! I thought this storyline would end the season, now what are they going to do?!! WTG Michael Scott!

    Dwight to Charles: Been there, done that.

  134. For those of you wanting an “Idiot” ringtone…
    1)Go to
    2)Go to the audio clips section and Download the clip from The Merger of Dwight saying “idiot”.
    3)Go to and use the “Create Your Own Ringtone” feature.
    4)They’ll send a message to your phone with a link. Go to the link and download the ringtone.
    5)Voila! Dwight can now call you an idiot anytime the phone rings!

  135. So does Dunder Mifflin get to keep the awesome MSPC van? Hopefully sans woman in the back?

  136. LOL #28… David Wallace *is* BOOM ROASTED! So is Charles! Buh bye.

    Is it wrong that I’ve never been more attracted to Michael Scott in my life? What a great episode!

  137. Not as fall down funny as last week, but every bit as brilliant. Actually, a fantastic episode. Bee sabotage, the Phad Thai in Ft. Lauderdale, the child driving the car, the Michael Scott negotiation (which he won by being Michael Scott), another Peanuts reference from Mindy, number crunching (“Crunch”…”Did it help?”), Jim shines again, and Charles is a suck up. I will watch this one over and over.

  138. This show is definitely flying high WOO! It feels like Michael’s Dream Team won a championship & Michael is MVP. & Steve Carell directed! He’s a quadruple threat – actor/writer/producer/director!

    1) Korean van
    2) Michael’s milk & sugar
    3) Charles’ TH, then camera goes back & reveals Dwight!
    4) Dwight: “Come along, afterthought.”
    5) Jim’s idiot ringtone, he picks up & Dwight answers “hey idiot. This is Dwight, btw.” HAHA!
    6) Michael: “Jim, I can’t make you laugh right now.”
    7) Kevin saying Hi to Wallace minutes after Kelly said Hi
    8) Michael’s tight ends & quarterbacks, turntables, “our balls are in your court”
    9) Michael’s whole negotiation
    10) Crunch #s guy
    11) Shout-out to Mose 2nd week in a row! Come back Mike Schur!
    12) Jim & Michael BOOM-ROASTING Charles!

    Still cheering wildly. GO MICHAEL!!

  139. OMG! I have never jumped up and down, cheering for a show, like I do for the Office! Great climax to the story arcs. The Office writers keeping delivering great character writing. I love you guys!!

  140. The MSPC scene where they were all sitting on the floor was great. I loved that Ryan admitted that he didn’t actually go to Thailand, and how when Michael asked how Fort Lauderdale was, he said it was “amazing”. Kind of hinted toward his old mediocre days. I really like the turn between pitied Ryan and jerk Ryan.

    Michael’s line, “My company is worth nothing!” was also nothing short of amazing.

  141. Does anyone know what the Korean Van actually said? I just want to know why the lady kept insisting on getting in?

  142. My favorite episode of the season! Everything was building to this. Awesome payoffs and converging of the stories.

  143. I loved this episode, it was one of my favorites this season. I’m glad the Michael Scott Paper Company thing is over, now the show is back to normal. I really loved the very end when Michael walked into the main area of the office with his foot on Jim’s desk and everyone just looked at the camera like “yeah, we’re all back together…all is right in the world”

  144. Wonderful episode. Everything was so funny. I just noticed that Michael had a different fish on his desk. The new one is black.

  145. There was sooo much awesomeness to the episode! LOVED IT! And I am glad that Pam and Michael are back and Charles is gone. *dance* Super happy Michael got to shut him down when he tried to say bye, payback baby.

    The only part that bugged me was Wallace accepting Ryan back. millions of dollars > MSPC. We will see where this goes.

  146. This episode has restored my faith in not only this season but the entire series. Jim was back in form…Michael showed his sales ability and Dwight is the office weirdo again!!! about time!

  147. Quite simply one of the best episodes of the entire season. Funny and emotional from start to finish. This episode had something that many of the season 5 episodes have lacked; heart and genuine affection for the characters. Nobody knows the character of Michael better than Carell, and that showed in this episode, so he deserves a lot of kudos for directing it. Charlie Grandy also did a brilliant job. He seems to understand the characters really well.

  148. So I was wondering who directed this episode because it was more killer than usual. I think Steve has a future in directing. Every single moment in this episode was funny…and not the awkward moment funny that gets a little old. True character driven funny. Loved every second, I watched it again immediately which I hadn’t done with the Office in quite a few episodes.

  149. I love how Michael is an awesome salesperson. It cracks me up. It’s going to be fun to see Pam be a salesperson now…

  150. The only thing that upsets me about this episode is the fact that MSPC could have carried on for a few more episodes, there was still some stuff that could have been mined. The fact that they are in the same building could have been explored more, as could Michael wanting his old job back, as could the Dwight competition. I would have loved to have seen at least one or two more episodes out of it.

  151. Yowza! Steve as director and the writing staff really made what could have been an unwieldly scenario wind-up swiftly and wonderfully…great job everyone! Although, I would have loved one more episode of TMSPC hijinx, haha. And I’m interested in whether or not Jim’s role in the buyout will have any repercussions…I’m not sure how on the level it all was.

  152. I LOVED this episode. The writers have finally shown why Michael Scott has been successful all these years. Yes, he is a boob, but dang he’s a gifted salesman. Pam’s expression when he gave his take on the future of David Wallace was PERFECT.

    Favorite episode of the year. Go Michael Scott!

  153. So is Charles gone for good? Cause when Michael said he wanted him gone David Wallace said “No”, then Michael said then I want Pam and Ryan back. Then at the end it seemed like he was fired. Just a little confusing.

  154. Just got a bit scared there when Michael blurted out “My company is worth nothing.” Luckily it wasn’t him throwing it all away.
    Great episode. Among the best of the season.

  155. Michael is the dumbest genius ever! Our family has re-watched this episode many times on hulu already. It is fabulous! Bees…love you Dwight!

  156. Loved it. Very moving episode, with Michael thinking ahead and bringing along those who believed in him.

  157. Great episode. Michael Scott and he’s out-of-no-where genius-ness. Love that guy

  158. I am so glad that Michael is back where he belongs!! I really didn’t like that story line and I am very glad that Charles is gone. I guess he found out what a nut case Dwight was. Loved, loved loved this show!! [also happy for Pam and Ryan] PS I wonder where that lady is?

  159. one little jim & pam detail i loved…. even though it’s early and he’s exhausted, jim still gets up with pam to say goodbye at the door. AWW!! i want a jim. he’s the perfect man.

  160. Re: 45 LittleStitious, the “Idiot” ringtone is now available on The Office website


  161. No, Charles wasn’t fired… he was only running the branch until they found a replacement for Michael. I assume he’s got other work to do for the company now.

  162. OMG! I love it, love it, love it. I was on the edge of my seat during the conference room meeting, WOW!

  163. I’m impressed that this was the highest ranked episode of the season so far. I’m wondering if it’s mostly because all the tension we have been experiencing so far was resolved.

    I thought this was a funny episode, especially the Dwight/Jim and Charles dynamic, but does it bug anyone else that David Wallace is such a push-over in regards to Michael? Giving Ryan a job back? That seems a little far-fetched.

  164. I don’t think that David Wallace hiring Ryan back was THAT far fetched. I mean, Michael basically saved Dunder Mifflin in “The Deposition”. Dunder Mifflin would have lost millions then, compared to hundreds of thousands of dollars because of Ryan. David Wallace was just repaying Michael.

  165. i’m having difficulty downloading the “idiot” ringtone… i don’t think it’s fair that you have to BUY quicktime pro in order to save it.

  166. Also want to add that it was so respectable and modest for David Wallace to admit to Phyllis that he could have been the reason for the loss of clients after Michael quit. I don’t think any real executive would have responded that way and even admit they could have been wrong – especially to someone at Phyllis’ level. David Wallace is such a great guy and a gentleman! He BEST be on a heck of a lot more episodes!!

  167. Ahh this episode was fantastic! I was grinning when Michael made a powerful, surprisingly logical argument in the conference room. So many great moments!

  168. One of my favorite episodes of the last 3 seasons! This was a seriously well written, well directed, well acted episode. I sat at the edge of my seat, fists clenched thinking to myself “oh god, please michael, oh god, please don’t f this up.” And each time he said something I was ready to turn it off and never watch another episode again. and then, then, then he was amazing! And I am so happy pam is a salesperson! What a wonderful episode. … Charles was annoying, but in truth the most realistic person on the show in terms of how a boss would actually act.

  169. not to forget..thanks to Jim, because of him, Dwight failed to convinced Charles that Michael Scott Paper Company was broke right?

  170. My second favorite episode of the series behind ‘The Injury’. Michael, Ryan, Charles Miner, David Wallace, Dwight, Pam, and Jim were hilarious.

    Incredibly Awesome Episode.
    It Deserves the Highest Rating This Season.

  171. this was one of the best episodes this season now that i think about it. i love it when michael shows his smart side. i loved so much when charles and david were leaving and charles turned to say goodbye to the office and michael just said “no no. you’re done”. so funny. it’s like we think that michael is kind of an idiot but when someone (charles) just comes out and says that, we get really mad.

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