The Office: Dream Team, 5.22

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The Office Dream Team

Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Paul Feig

Summary (NBC): After getting off on the wrong foot with his new supervisor, Charles (Idris Elba), Jim finds himself face to face with the new boss in a soccer game in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot. Meanwhile, Michael, afraid to face the workday, has trouble leaving his house.

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In a poll conducted April 9-13, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.00/10

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The Office Dream Team quotes

Andy: You are murdering the Nard Dog!

Andy: My maid died.

Michael: Oh good, my hooker is here.

Dwight: Oh no! The new boss does not find Jim adorable!

Michael: I have egg in my crocs.

Michael: Like Benjamin Button in reverse.

Michael: He’s everything I’m not, and everything I am. He’s the whole package.

Pam: I hate that I just used the word ‘relationship.’

Jim: If you really want to impress your boss, you go in there and you do mediocre work. Halfheartedly.

Pam: Next on the list, song parodies.

Dwight: Great ideas are just part of what I bring to the table.

Jim: I was on the orange team.

Pam: We got Vikram!

Vikram: Confidence — it’s the food of the wise man, but the liquor of the fool.

Vikram: Is it possible he’s bowling?

Michael: Everyone deserves a second, second chance.

Ryan’s boss: Back to work, shoe bitch!

Ryan: Do you guys want to hear about Thailand? It was indescribable.

Michael: Ryan Howard is about to make a splash in paper.

Jim: My strategy is to touch the ball as little as possible. Chalk it up to teamwork.

Vikram: What kind of a name is Nana?
Pam: It means ‘grandmother.’
Vikram: Oh sweet Jesus.

Phyllis: I swallowed a crown.

Pam: I was just feeling impulsive! I should have gotten a tiny tatoo on my ankle!

Michael: I do my best work when people don’t believe in me.

Michael: You know what they say. Keep your friends close.

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  1. One thing I liked about Pam’s breakdown (besides Jenna’s usual stellar acting) is that it flipped the usual dynamic they have showed us on The Office. Usually it is Pam that is comforting Michael after he has a breakdown but this time Pam had the breakdown and it was Michael comforting and reassuring her.

  2. Great episode. I was glad to see that after a rough start, Michael is on the right track. Even though he’s not in the office, I’m happy that Michael and company are at least in the business park. Also, poor Phyllis.

  3. I really enjoyed today’s episode. It was kinda funny to see Jim playing a kiss ass. Can’t wait to see what happens with the “new boss” around!

  4. Loved Pam’s breakdown and admitting she made a bit of an irrational decision from boredom at work! But glad to see she also is sticking with MSPC for now.

    Good episode, I feel much better about the ending of this season, as I was very nervous before!

  5. Yeah, I agree with #3. However cute the Pam and Michael bonding is, I really miss Jim and Pam togetherness!

  6. I really liked this episode. :) Michael and Pam always have such an interesting dynamic, and the scene where they approached Ryan in the bowling alley just cracked me up. “Shoe bitch,” haha.

  7. Fantastic and original episode; lots of laughter and a great storyline is developing, liberated of overly dramatic angles and triangles. Things are looking up for the office!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hmm, I guess I’m the minority today. Not the biggest fan of this one. It just seemed a bit weird and I didn’t like the way Ryan did it.

  9. I enjoyed it! Who else thought for a split second that Meredith was the one who got hit in the face with the soccer ball?

  10. That scene with Pam and Michael in the driveway at the end had maybe the best acting that I have ever seen on a comedy. From both Jenna and Steve. No exaggerating. So amazing.

  11. I have to comment again because I forgot to mention one of the best lines ever – Kevin saying his soccer position was “leg” after Oscar said he was a wing. Too funny.

  12. This wasn’t a compete laugh-out-loud episode but I gave it a 10 because it was a great plot advancing ep. I enjoyed it a lot and it got me excited to see the episode following it.

  13. Loved seeing Michael’s condo, post-Jan (so did he buy all the “Successories” posters ever made??) There were so many great talking heads from Jim in this one, and the tension between him and Charles was brutal (love that Dwight has caught on!) Pam’s meltdown and Michael’s attempt to console her was so well done. All around great episode.

  14. I really didn’t enjoy this episode at all. I want to see the ensemble interacting as a unit, which is now impossible. Charles isn’t at all funny. He’s just a jerk. I can’t stand Ryan anymore. I miss seeing Jim & Pam actually speak to each other.

    2 big thumbs down from me.

  15. My friend grabbed my hand when Pam had her break down and Michael said “Now listen to me”. We just knew that this was about to be a big moment for Michael. Michael’s really stepping it up and maturing and that had to be one of my all time favorite moments of this season. I was more excited to see The Office this week than Lost because of this new plot line and the twists and turns we’re getting to see.

  16. I think some who don’t like the story arc miss a key point. Office has been on awhile now… How long can the writers keep churning out interesting plots off the original premise? So change is hard but it also creates interesting dynamics and plot lines. This could all be temporary with Charles continuing to be listed as a “GUEST.” But wherever the story arc goes. It will be interesting seeing how it plays out. I doubt Michael’s company will survive but he could end up taking some clients from Dunder leading up to CFO asking him back.

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