The Office: Michael Scott Paper Company, 5.23

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The Office

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: Gene Stupnitsky

Summary (NBC): Dwight and Andy strike up an unlikely friendship and plan a hunting trip. Regional Supervisor Charles (Idris Elba) asks Jim for a “rundown,” and Jim spends his day trying to figure out what that is. Michael hosts a Paper & Pancakes luncheon.

The Office Michael Scott Paper Company rating

In a poll conducted April 9-13, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.27/10

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The Office Michael Scott Paper Company quotes

Michael: It’s Britney, bitch.

Jim: Love the hair.

Jim: You realize you’re not actually talking to me, right?

Kelly: Yes, Charles. You wanted me.

Kevin: I thought Rajani Ghanda was a boy’s name.

Michael: 788 ‘not yet replieds, but of that group, 782 have viewed it.

Pam: The worst part is, I like making copies.

Ryan: She’d probably be a six in New York, but she’s like a seven here in Scranton.

Jim: What the hell is a rundown?

Toby: Hey, you been watching Damages this year? It’s so good.

Ryan: You could be hot, too, if you made any effort at all.

Michael: Mom, I’m going to have to call you back. P is being a giant B.

Andy: The last thing I want to do is step on your funk, man.

Ryan: I wish my iPod could make phone calls. No, I don’t want an iPhone. I know what an iPhone is.

Michael: I should go and start my own paper company. That’ll show ’em.

Michael: Who would have thought that the thing that would save this company would be work? And pancakes.

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  1. Loving the Dw-andy bromance & How about those opening credits!!! Great episode on so many levels!

  2. Holy CRAP!!! What an amazing episode!! The scene with Dwight and Andy and the banjo and guitar was hands down the best scene EVER!!!

  3. WOW! Now THAT was a great episode! I loved the new opening titles (at least for this episode). I like how Michael isn’t acting like an idiot or being over-the-top. And Pam made a sale! I can’t wait to see where this story arc leads.

  4. I haven’t loled this much in so long! AMAZING episode!

    Question: Who was Michael talking to on the phone in that one scene?

  5. I’m reeeeally excited to see what’s in store for the new Michael Scott Paper Company.

  6. First of all, I’m still freaking out about Ryan watching the “Flea Market Montgomery” video! So funny!

    And the Dwandy bromance was pretty hilarious too.

  7. Awesome!!! Dwight and Andy’s dueling banjo/guitar was PRICELESS!!! Excellent episode! I’m interested to see where this plot is taking us because usually our little show doesn’t have much of a plot direction (at least not very rapid changes)…. But great night for TO with both these episodes!

  8. I loved it!!! I’m still finding myself giggling when I remember certain scenes and certain musical numbers. This was an amazing episode!

  9. I loved the part that had taken place in michael
    scott’s new paper company office, where someone was
    upstairs using the bathroom while on the phone…
    Michael looked so pathetic

  10. Andy and Dwight as friends? Love it! Such an odd duo and yet so funny. And the new credits just make my heart warm.

    I’m glad it was Pam that made the first sale… it means Ryan still has never made a sale.

  11. Am I crazy or is Erin (the new receptionist) the same girl that Michael had a connection with at the Blood Drive?

    She’s cute.

    If it is her, it would be hilarious to see Dwight, Andy, and Michael gunning after the same woman.

  12. I’m from West Virginia, so I am thrilled that they sang that song, AND didn’t even make fun of us! I’m used to that, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt…all the more reason to love “The Office!”

  13. to #16 that’s because it was Toby (I’m pretty sure anyway) and to #7 I’m pretty sure he said mom while he was talking on the phone

  14. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott

    I also loved Michael listening to Toby talking in the bathroom.

  15. Another great episode. I loved the new intro. I’m proud of Pam for making her first sale. Creed stealing Michael’s pancakes was priceless. Dwight and Andy as buddies was awesome. I was happy to see Andy playing his banjo again.

  16. wow…could jim be any more pathetic? i expect full redemption by the end of this season please!

  17. Well I Too am from West Virginia and it was
    awesome to hear Andy and Dwight sing Country Roads! favorite part of the episode

    and, way to go Pam!

  18. Ryan and Pam fighting was great! Good episode!

    Still can’t stand Charles Minor though, I’ve been trying and he’s just too cruel to Jim.

  19. Great episode but what was the point of the “rundown”? I kept thinking at the end Charles would say there is no such thing as a test for Jim. Or that Jim would be further reprimanded….this seemed like a plot destined for the cutting room.

  20. OMG! I looooooved this episode. Despite how weird everything is now, it still cracked me up like crazy. Does anyone else feel like we’ve stepped into some twisted funny nightmare world? I mean Pam and Ryan salespeople together working out of a closet with Michael; Dwight and Andy best friends and singing together!? And Jim trying to suck up?! It’s all insane, insanely hilarious!

  21. Wow!!!! Great and funny. I can’t believe that I didn’t think that the Michael Scott Paper Company would be a good direction. Loved it.

  22. Fantastic episode. Loved every second of it. Although they stole the rundown idea from Seinfeld

  23. One of the funniest episodes of the Office… EVER! We were dealt consistent laughs throughout the entire 21+ mins. I really enjoyed the direction they’re taking the Andy/Dwight relationship.

  24. I LOVED the Pam-Ryan interactions! Too funny! Ryan is still such a jerk! I’m surprised they didn’t show anything with Kelly (Kapoor!) welcoming back Ryan from Thailand!

  25. I think a rundown was supposed to be a quick info summary of each client, how much they buy, etc. Seriously though Charles should have been more specific anyways. This is how mistakes are made and Charles is looking like a huge mistake.

  26. I really enjoy where the story is going. Other than Jim/Pam tension in season 2, there haven’t been many other plots that have interested me.

  27. lol, So when did Dwight become such a stud (guitar-playing and everything)??? :) And yay Pam!

    To Anita (#18): Pretty people do exist in real life. :)

  28. LOVED IT! So funny! I wish Minor had given Pam the job back though. But it was an awesome episode anyways! Can’t wait for next week!

  29. At first I was upset that Michael and Pam quit. Really. I was completely bummed out the next day. BUT, and thank goodness for the “buts”, I now feel the writers are total geniuses. This episode was perfect:

    Awkward tension: Jim and Charles.
    Feel Good: Pam getting a sale.
    Creed: Pancake thief.
    Michael: Quoting Gretzsky as his own.
    Andy and Dwight: In harmony at last.

  30. Arlie – I’m so glad someone else knew what Ryan was watching! Proud Alabamian right here! :)

  31. I am really happy that they are portraying the MSPC realistically. It was great to see that Pam hates Ryan and desperately wanted back into the office. She is staying at the MSPC because she can be a good saleswoman. I didn’t want Michael to be her knight in shining armor. He understands paper and wants to help his people. She can flourish in that closet in a way that she is not allowed to upstairs.

    Also, I am super psyched that MSPC is in Scranton Business Park. Yay JAM kiss! This chemistry is much easier and more enjoyable to watch than what I was expecting. Thank you writers.

  32. Well, this comedy sandwich certainly did not disappoint. At first I wasn’t sure what I thought about Michael’s new company, but I like the direction it seems to be going. I grinned like a goon when Pam made her sale. :)

    And who else sang along with “Take Me Home, Country Roads”? So happy to see the banjo make a reappearance!

    Loved both episodes. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season takes us!

  33. So this kept bugging me tonight. I knew I had seen the new receptionist on the internet somewhere before. Is this the same person?


  34. does anyone know the name of the actress who played the new receptionist? i know i have seen her somewhere but i have no idea where.

  35. I don’t like the new receptionist. She’s too pretty.

    Ryan talking about cell phones he wanted and his weekend plans reminded me of all the pathetic phone calls I overhear in college.

  36. Tina #38:

    Sounds to me like the “too pretty” is somebody comparing the new receptionist to Pam. I say swell. Eye candy is fine by me! Besides, it’s a comedy, not a soap opera.

    I’m just thrilled that for the first time I don’t see an overabundance of negativity re: a lack of JAM episodes. It’s a comedy, not a soap opera.

  37. @42 She did a video with the Derrick comedy group on youtube. Pretty NSFW, so I won’t link to it, but it’s easy to find.

  38. I loved every second of both episodes…but i wish jim worked at MSPC

  39. Did anyone watch it on Global in Canada because they screwed up the order. They showed 23 first and then 22. Anyway, these were great episodes

  40. I loved, loved, LOVED Andy and Dwight. I’m a West Virginian, and I went to WVU where I was in the marching band that plays Country Roads. I think that they should play that clip at the football games! It would be so awesome! Hooray for West Virginia!

  41. Okay, I’ve looked it up since I saw it asked and was wondering myself: Ellie Kemper played Kelly #2. She’s mainly been in some internet videos, which you can find by googling her name.

  42. Flea Market. Montgomery. It’s just like — it’s just like a Mini Mall.

  43. This episode had me laughing a lot more than the one at 8pm. Both still good, but this one was well worth the wait.

    Pam/Ryan fighting, Dwight/Andy playing the duet was awesome, and Stanley laughing at Ryan’s hair was great.

    Good episode guys, keep it up!

  44. i’m used to ending each episode not being able to wait for the next one, but this is different. i just want this season to be over so that i can see where they end up taking this plot line. i can’t figure out if the writers intend on having MSPC be the new “office” about which this show is based, or if they intend on eventually having everything “back to normal” with michael and everyone else back at DM. either way, i don’t see them being able to pull it off convincingly. i’m scared we may have reached the point of no return for this series.

  45. The entire episode was great, but I seriously almost ran out of laughter during the credits. BRILLIANT!

  46. Just remember guys if you feel a tapping on your shoulder tonight it could be Hattie McGonagall come to plead for her life back. :P

  47. Ellie Kemper. The new receptionist’s name is Ellie Kemper, and you recognize that pretty smile because she has been on….strangely enough.

  48. Great episode! Too many funny things to mention, and the new opening really made me jump out of my chair! Obnoxious Ryan is back, still without a sale…and wouldn’t it be funny if he started to date nuKelly? Was that Mommy picking Ryan up after work? I will single out the moment of Michael complaining to his mother about “P” and “R” as one of my faves of the night.

  49. One of my favorite episodes of the series. Loved the intro, loved everything about the episode. I really hope they continue with this Michael Scott Paper Company plot. It’s given me an entirely new excitement for the show that I haven’t had for a long time. I seriously can’t get over how good this episode was!

  50. I wrote in to MSPC and got this reply:

    “Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Michael Scott Paper Company team. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer you or anyone a paid position. We’re still looking into whether or not we can legally employ you to work for us without compensating you in any way.”

  51. Does anyone know who played Michael’s Nana? She looks so familiar.

    Great episodes tonight! I wish we had two every Thursday!

  52. Incredible night in The Office universe. Thank you Tanster for what has to be an incredibly long night. Two amazing episodes. Ryan’s iPod/iPhone discussion is the type of thing that makes me obsess over this show.

  53. A really, really good episode!! And the Pam/Jim kiss at the end was a nice touch.

  54. These two episodes were pretty much perfect. The scene with Michael talking to Pam in the driveway was amazing. Such great acting from Steve and Jenna. I can’t wait to see how they continue with the MSPC story line.

    Oh and am I the only one that wants to give Jim a hug? and slap Ryan?

  55. Jim trying so hard to be light hearted and jovial around Charles but just falling flat on his face was so cringy my neck aches. I like how he’s been consistently written to just not be able to get it together when he’s flustered. It’s painful to see week after week, lately, but it’s also pretty funny to see this side of him. Everyone has that frightened, uncool side that comes out on rare occasion, and this is a first for seeing so much of it in Jim. I’m glad we get to see so many sides of the characters.

    Ryan and Pam’s sniveling was priceless, and Ryan’s ipod/iphone conversation was something so ridiculous that I’m still laughing in awe. Michael’s teary eyed, hurt talking head after the pancake lunch was heartbreaking. Steve Carell’s acting was just amazing in this episode and in Dream Team.

    And way to go Gene Stupnitsky, director! That was fantastic!

  56. posted the opening credits. Loved them using Jim’s picture for John’s credit line. :D


  57. I LOVED this episode!

    Jim awkwardly asking Charles if he wanted his door shut and slowly backing out of his office reminded me of the early days of Andy sucking up to Michael. It made me cringe and I loved it.

    New credits were amazing. Pam and Ryan sniping at each other was hilarious. I was completely rooting Pam on as she stubbornly refused to make that darn copy. And then laughed my ass off when she admitted that she actually likes making copies…the paper feels warm. LOL!!!

  58. A second incredibly disappointing episode in a row. I thought it was a terrible Office night overall.

  59. Wow! I don’t know how well this story line will eventually play out, but kudos for not going stale! Good job!

  60. Absolutely loved, Loved, LOVED tonight’s double dose of The Office goodness!! I’ve been looking forward to tonight in what seemed like forever & it didn’t disappoint. Loved the new opening credits, hopefully it’s not a 1 time thing. Other highlights:
    -Michael rolling in his car w/Lady Gaga playing, & of course thinking it’s Britney
    -Michael trying to park his car, then trying to get out of it
    -Michael trying to cut the red tape
    -Toby talking in the restroom
    -Andy & Dwight jamming on banjo & guitar
    -Kevin asking Jim to use rundown in another sentence
    -Creed stealing pancakes
    -Pam making her 1st sale yay!
    -Michael on the phone w/his mom & referring to Pam & Ryan as P & R
    -Michael saying he got into business w/his best friends because it’s a bad idea to get into business w/your friends

    Superb acting by Steve Carell & Jenna Fischer!

  61. My favorite ep in a long time.

    Was I the only one that noticed that the Michael Scott Paper Company was using the old copier that Dunder Mifflin got rid of? (At least I think so anyways…it said TRASH on the side of it). The awkwardness of the MSPC in the closet was great. Like others, the opening credits were just plain awesome.

    Solid 10 for this show.

  62. YES!!! Finally, the breath of fresh air that The Office needed! LOVE LOVE LOVE this new direction. So well executed, such attention to detail- I knew this was a good thing. :o)

  63. The writers have finally figured out that the way to a fresh show is constant change and risk. This was the best office in a long time.

    As to Jim/Pam, the authorities have made the tough but ultimately wise decision of moving their love to the background rather than turning this show in to a full fledged soap like it nearly was for awhile in the fourth season. They are happy, and there’s no reason to focus on it. Might as well move to other interesting areas, like the odd fondness/pity/curiosity Pam seems to have for Michael. Seems like she just sees how good of a person he really is, no matter how clueless.

  64. Loved this episode. I am going to go out on a limb and say the banjo/guitar duet is my favorite office scene ever. I was crossing my fingers all week for an Andy song. And here it was…an Andy/Dwight song. Win/win/win.

    One of the things I love about this show is attention to detail. Did anyone notice the clocks on MSPC wall? USA only had one time zone! Also, I loved that Michael brought in a giant container of party mix and Pam brought a tiny little plant on their first day of work.

  65. Who was that guy Pam was kissing in the parking lot? I didn’t recognize him.

    Seriously, what happened to Jim? Four episodes in a row of him as an idiot is a little too much to take. We get it. Charles doesn’t like him.

  66. Great episode. I was especially impressed with Ed Helms and Rainn Wilson’s “pickin’ and grinnin'”. Being a southern boy, I really appreciated the banjo/guitar duel, especially at the end when they really nailed it.

    Also, to #57, wasn’t Nana the same lady who played the guy’s grandma in Pineapple Express?

  67. I thought this episode was SO funny. I was laughing out loud the entire time, with every joke. I loved how he drove up listening to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance and said “It’s Britney, Bitch.” :)

    I am a little bit confused though. Is anyone else confused about the rundowns plot? I’m not sure if i missed something, but I don’t remember it getting resolved. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Amazing episode all in all!

  68. I really don’t like that Charles doesn’t like Jim and happens to find him in all sorts of positions that make Jim look like a terrible worker. I think the show has made Jim suffer enough and for being the good guy, he should get some rewards (other than marrying Pam).

  69. I wasn’t a fan of Dream Team but I really liked this episode. It had some great funny bits (Michael hearing Toby in the bathroom.) Thad said, I really can’t see the writers taking this plot much further. I wasn’t a fan of this plot development to begin with, and despite some really good jokes today, my opinion hasn’t changed.

  70. It may be time to move on from this show. Where has the subtlety gone? Is there no pathway back to the quality that was season 2? The new plot isn’t worthy of stealing the opening credits from this once classic. Did the story of Michael quitting really have to morph into something so cheesy? Ugh.

  71. What a great night for The Office. Loved Pam and Ryan’s petty interaction cos it felt real and genuine. Everything just worked, in this and Dream Team. Awesome.

    I’m totally getting the tab for “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and learning it.

    44, Jeremiah-

    Threw me off for a second cos that’s my name, too. Anyway, I recognized her immediately from that video as well.

  72. I’m sick of the Charles hating Jim storyline. It’s going nowhere and it’s old… and it’s making Jim look absolutely pathetic.

    I find it very funny that Charles doesn’t notice Dwight and Andy playing guitar and banjo in the break room, but somehow notices every little thing Jim does.

  73. I loved both shows, but especially this one. I have been a fan since the beginning and worship season 2, but I love this new story line. The writers are amazing. The “Country Roads” sequence was so enjoyable. Loved it!

  74. To those who are getting uncomfortable with the Charles hating on Jim plotline… that means it’s working! It’s supposed to make us uncomfortable, because Jim is uncomfortable. We want it to stop because he wants it to stop. Not to mention, it’s ridiculously realistic. Have you never felt like your boss ALWAYS walks in at just the wrong moment, seeing you only at your worst and never at your best? I know I feel like that all the time at my job, and it’s a stupid desk job that doesn’t even matter, but it’s frustrating! This storyline is relatable and it’s making me root for Jim in a way I haven’t since he was pining after Pam. I could go on and on about the things I loved about last night, but for now I’ll just say BRAVO to the writers for a fabulous night of television.

  75. The new direction is a big risk but it’s also what makes the plot interesting and unique and that’s what I like about this show.

    Loved the opening credits.

    I would like to hug Jim, slap Ryan and maybe punch Charles. And then run like hell in the other direction.

    As always, the writing is so great!

    Steve Carell & Jenna Fischer have done some of the best acting of their careers in these newest episodes!

    It sucks that Jim is having such a rough time with the new boss, but it’s going to be awesome to see how he overcomes everything. Sure, he looks like an idiot to Charles, but we know the real Jim and he’s going ot find a way out of this. Or maybe Pam will come to his rescue. Fancy new Beesly is really learning a lot right now.

  76. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by Andy and Dwight – o my goodness – the BEST! Dare I say it – better than the JD version? Please, please guys – record a full length version! No, no Toby – be quiet and sit back down!

  77. I *loved* both of last night’s episodes! Well-written, well-acted, and well-shot. It was just a fun night all around. There was funny stuff, awkward stuff, Andy on the banjo and the great debate about any song sounding better when sung a cappella.

    I do feel badly for Jim, but hey — he can’t charm everybody, right? Well, besides Dwight, that is. B-/

    Yes — someone else noticed MSPC has D-M’s old copier! Hee, hee! Pam can’t escape it. And Charles’ can’t escape Michael. Awesome.

  78. I actually clapped and cheered when Pam made MSPC’s first sale. Also loved the reworked intro.

  79. I liked the episodes when i re-watched them today – in the correct order. Yes, Global network (Canada) showed the second episode first…so i was wondering – when did P&M get office space, and when did Ryan get back? I thought I’d missed something huge in the cold open… nope…then it was all explained in the new opening credits/second episode. That’s terrible… I did prefer Ryan when he was keen and arrogant though…I also preferred Dwight when he was more of a beet farmer/bear expert. more of andy singing please! :o)

  80. Who agrees that Dwight/Andy’s duet should be recorded and put on iTunes?!!?

    These two episodes were the BEST episodes since the premiere.

    I loved every single SECOND of these shows. Jim’s total awkwardness with Charles (god i love The Wire) and Dwight/Andy, RYAN!!!!!, Creed’s pancakes, just everything.

    Since Prince Family Paper I’d started to only like-like The Office, but this has made me fall back in love with The Office again.

  81. Coming from a WVU student, Country Roads was awesome!! Dwight and Andy has made West Virginia proud! LOL

  82. This episode was definitely better than Dream Team, although not one of the best. The opening credits were awesome, though!

    Really, making Jim into a moron all of a sudden isn’t working for me. Jim worked under Josh, who was kind of a no-nonsense, business-savvy guy, and did well. While he is and always has been a bit of a slacker, he was never stupid. He can barely string together a full sentence at this point. Come on!

  83. I know that a lot of people do not agree with me, but I really like the Charles/Jim dynamic. Jim is not perfect. He admitted that he only half-heartedly tries to do mediocre work. That is bound to rub Charles the wrong way. I have changed bosses and gone from one who loved me and thought I could do no wrong to someone who thought I should be doing things in a different way. I can tell you, it took me longer than the equivalent of six episodes to earn trust and feel comfortable again. So, when I see Jim struggling in the same way, I can relate.

  84. Please tell me this whole Michael and Pam not working for Dunder Mifflin is temporary. The story line is funny, but I love the dynamics of Michael as boss of all the other co-workers and the Jim/Pam thing too much to lose it. Also, I hope the new opening credits is also temporary. Great for one time, but not for all the time…

    Bottom line – let’s not change the show too much. Keep a good thing going. It’s worked for 5 years.

  85. Hey. #77, MalonesCones!

    Last night as I was falling asleep, I had the same thought. I think that IS Saul’s (James Franco’s) Bubbie from Pineappple Express! Thanks for posting and comfirming my midnight thoughts!

  86. I didn’t really like this episode. As someone else said earlier, I want this season to end so everything will be back to normal again. Michael must be the Dunder Mifflin Scranton regional manager!
    I hope he’ll return to DM very soon!

  87. I think Nana is also the lady from the beginning of Dumb & Dumber.

    “Although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel, old people can still serve a purpose!”

  88. Liked Dream Team a LITTLE more.
    Best episodes of the season for me, and two of my all time favorite. Michael wasn’t a cartoonish idiot in these episodes, they were funny, all the stories were, IMHO satisfying.

    Most people hate that Jim’s getting picked on, and though I agree it stinks for Jim, it adds conflict. What’s the worst that could happen in the end anyways? Very solid episodes!!

  89. This pair of episodes was the bee’s knees. But the endings reminded me of something that Brent Forrester mentioned on the Business School commentary about old formulaic sitcoms where the end of every episode presented an uplifting moment or some other soft-minded do-goodery. Well these 2 endings, acquiring the “office” and the 1st sale, echoed those moments in those old sitcoms and I hope that the trend doesn’t continue. My favorite moments in the office are when I’m not sure how I feel about what’s happened (Goodbye Toby). I’m laughing…but it’s kind of sad…hmm…

  90. Even more fantastic episode! Really impressed at how the writers are playing out this new dynamic. Very well could have failed but in my book Michael Scott Paper Company is a success. Nice seeing Ryan 2.0, same as before yet now blonde. Can’t wait until Kelly finds out. Country Roads segment had me cracking up. Every actor and actress was performing their best stuff. Just loved every second of it. Only moment slightly annoyed at was when Pam talked to Charles behind Michael’s back. Understand being worried and regretful to a point but this was already shown in Dream Team. All the same, I’m proud of Pam for leaving Dunder Mifflin when she did. Should have probably talked to Jim more first but still proud of her.

  91. Dear Mr. Charles Miner,

    Keep being mean to my b/f, and I will kill you…or at least think very nasty thoughts about what I would like to do to you. You have one day.

  92. I love how Pam has made a sale and Ryan still hasn’t.
    Also, the jam scene with Andy and Dwight was the best thing ever.

  93. I burst out laughing when Michael pulled up in his car playing Lady Gaga! I love “Just Dance” and it is entirely fitting that Michael would like it too.

    I am rooting for Jim to stand up to Charles once and for all!

  94. @ 95: I don’t like Jim being dumbed down, either. He’s always been an unmotivated slacker, but he’s also very smart. I think he’s been shunted to the side concerning character development.

    It was interesting seeing Ryan back. I think it’d be interesting if there was a storyline introduced that portrayed him as being more human and in need of some sympathy, since he hasn’t had that kind of storyline yet. It’d be interesting to see how it would play out.

  95. I’m sorry, I love the Office, but this episode was too weird. Since when does Dwight have confidence with women? Or have any musical ability except playing the recorder? The opening credits are good for this episode, but I have such a soft spot in my heart for the original credits. I hope they don’t change it. I felt like this Office episode was an April Fools prank or something. It just felt weird. The Office is a great show and it makes me happy every time I watch it. But this episode made me sad. It was like seeing a really good friend after a long time and realizing how much they have changed, but not even in a good way. Please please please have the show back to normal soon.

  96. #108. Shannan

    “Since when does Dwight have confidence with women?”

    He seemed pretty confident during last season’s “Night Out.”

    “Or have any musical ability except playing the recorder? ”

    Since Season 2, at least. He played the guitar in “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”

  97. Did anyone else find it completely typical of Michael when he pulled up, top down in the Cruiser, to say “It’s Britney, b****” when in fact it was Lady Gaga??

    Favorite moment: The guitar/banjo duel in the break room between Dwight and Andy.

    Most cringeworthy: Dwight accusing Andy of having blood rush to a certain part of his body after their encounter with the new receptionist. “Don’t worry, because I did as well.” Love them together!

  98. Ugh, so I’m going to have to disagree with the majority on here and say that I really don’t care for the MSPC. I really enjoy the classic Office antics at DM and I don’t like this change. I feel like this season was fine until Charles Miner came on and screwed everything up. I mean what happened to Dwight’s loyalty to Michael? He doesn’t even care that he’s gone…wtf? And I hate what they’ve done to Jim, he is NOT stupid and had the opportunity to have the same job that Charles now has. Please bring Michael & Pam back to DM soon!!!

  99. @111: I couldn’t say it any better. That’s exactly how I feel about these episodes and this season. :)

  100. I can’t believe some of what I’m reading. This is the most character development we’ve seen for Jim since his aborted Season Four story. He’s being challenged for the first time in his Dunder Mifflin (dare I say) career and we get to see him react. And the bottom line is this: Jim Halpert doesn’t react well to those with real authority. Even his interview with Wallace showed hints of nervousness only broken when David joked around with him. Charles intimidates Jim like we’ve never seen and I’m enjoying seeing another side of him, even if it’s one he’d prefer be kept out of the documentary.

    As for him and Dwight being different…guess what: people change. We’ve known these people for nearly four years now. Are you the same person you were four years ago? And yes, Dwight loves him some Michael Scott, but he’s not an idiot. He knows what’s going on in the economy and how ridiculous it would be to quit his job for a startup company.

  101. Jim isn’t an idiot, he finally has a boss that wants real work done in the office with no funny stuff. Jim isn’t used to it so he’s finding himself in unfamiliar territory. I think Dwight summed it up best in his talking head “Oh no, the new boss doesn’t like Jim…(smile). I’m kind of glad that Jim is being pushed a little because, honestly, I was getting a little tired of Jim always being cute and sarcastic so he could get away with doing mediocre work. This is bringing out more of his character that we haven’t seen before. Kudos to the writers!

  102. #111:

    Dwight was “loyal” to Michael only because Michael was in charge. All Dwight cares about is power.

    Also, Jim isn’t stupid, but there are some people who you just don’t get along with. No matter what you do, you can’t manke things better. He isn’t perfect.

  103. Dwight’s never been 100% loyal to Michael. After he left Dwight in charge, Dwight shut off his tape player with his exiting sound as soon as he left, and didn’t seem to care one bit that Michael, (in his own mind), had left the office.

  104. phyllis*farm (113), I disagree. While Jim isn’t the most motivated worker, I think he just has a disconnection with Charles. It’s funny to watch.

  105. This episode was incredible! I thought it was one of the best episodes this season! It was full of hilarious laugh out loud moments, the characters were shown to be a lot more complex and vulnerable (notably Jim), and the story development is taking a turn for the best! I was terrified that Michael’s paper company would kill the dynamics of the show, but I am so glad to see that it’s actually making the show a whole lot better. Kudos to the writers, kudos to the actors, and kudos to everyone who works on this show because I am in love again!

  106. I wonder how this will be resolved. I think what will happen is DM will get nervous and offer to buy the MSPC. Michael will be dumb about it and Pam and Ryan will have to show him what he should do. Part of the deal will be everyone gets their old job back. Just a hunch.

  107. My first favorite part was Michael having to listen to a phone conversation up above in the DM men’s room. Of all people, it sounded like Toby. Talk about insult to injury!

    And then my second favorite part was, of course, their first sale. Pam proved she could do it. The art school experiment didn’t quite work out, so maybe she’s on her way to finding her niche after all.

  108. I’m so super glad they brought Ryan back and I really hope he gets a decent storyline.

    i really dug these episodes. A lot of people are pissed about this season but I think it’s doing wonderfully. I do think the older seasons were funnier but season five was taken in a different direction and I do still love it.

  109. One of the best episodes this season…just loved the Andy and Dwight dueling banjo/guitar.
    Got to wonder if eavesdropping in the bathroom/closet/MSPC office will play a role later.

  110. I LOVE the MSPC! This storyline is so hilarious, especially for people, like me, who have followed the characters since Season One. I envision Jim, eventually, joining the MSPC, since he and Charles just do not mesh. The funniest parts: Michel’s opener with Lady Gaga music, “It’s Brittany, Bitch! And, I am back!”; “I have egg in my crocks. . .”; The telemarketer’s line, “You know him better than me. You don’t suppose he’s in there bowling, do you?”; and Ryan’s, “She’d probably be like a 6 in New York, but she’s a 7 in Scranton.” Loved Dwight and Andy’s dueling instruments and Michae’s “presentation” to Nana, and the “Investment Club”. This episode, as well as the last, made me laugh out loud. I have watched it twice, since every time I watch, I see something I missed, before. The Office isn’t for everyone, but it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen since All in the Fsmily!

  111. The MSPC is the best thing to happen to The Office since Jim went to Stanford and Andy and Karen were brought into the mix.
    I loved this episode, one of my favorites ever.

  112. Great Episode. One of my favorite this season, the pancake and paper luncheon was great. Ryan still has not made a sale. It’s Britney, bitch. Brilliant.

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