The Office gets five Emmy nominations!

Congratulations to The Office for being nominated for the following Emmys:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series: The Office
  • Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series: Steve Carell
  • Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series: Michael Schur, Christmas Party
  • Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series:
    – Dean Holland, Booze Cruise
    – David Rogers, Christmas Party

Sorry, no nominations in the Supporting Actor/Actress categories … :(

For more information

  • Read the complete list of nominations here. (Thanks, Jenny!)
  • Watch video of the nomination announcements here.


  • Steve Carell: “I am honored and overwhelmed that ‘The Office’ has received a nomination. This is a very exciting moment for everyone involved with the show. We are all extremely honored. I’m also additionally overjoyed by being personally recognized as well.” (Source: Access Hollywood)
  • Jenna Fischer: “Oh. My. God. I’m on an Emmy Nominated Show!!!!! My sister asked me if this means I get to go to the Emmys. I’m not really sure. I think so. How trippy! Thanks for your support everyone!!!” (Source: Jenna’s MySpace blog)
  • Kevin Malone: “The only thing I am confused about is how we landed in the Comedy Program, as opposed to the Reality Program. After all, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is not all that funny. I would refer to it as sobering reality. But hey, i am not complaining.” (Source: Kevin’s MySpace blog)
  • Kate Flannery: WOWSA! (Source: Kate’s MySpace blog)
  • Ben Silverman (executive producer of The Office): “I would have liked to have seen more nominations for our supporting actors and more of our writers and directors, but I can’t complain. Outstanding comedy celebrates the work of the entire cast and crew.” (Source: Yahoo! TV)

P.S. The Emmy Awards will be presented Sunday, August 27th, on NBC.


  1. Bummer about supporting…,but I see Will Arnett got a nod for G.O.B., which is very cool. I’m sure many of you were Arrested fans! RIP :(

  2. I am NOT happy about getting snubbed in the supporting actor/actress categories, but I’m ecstatic about all the other nominations!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  3. Congratulations to everyone who works on the show – they all contributed to the Outstanding Comedy nomination, as it wouldn’t have been possible without every person on the show. What an emsemble. Hurray for all of them!

    Jenna has already posted a blog about it on her MySpace page. Woo-hoo!

  4. It looks like it’s 5 nominations, but only for only 4 possible awards. The headline is slightly misleading.

  5. I’m not as upset as I thought I would be about none of the supporting cast getting nominated. Probably because as has been said before, if any of the supporting cast should receive nominations, all should receive nominations. Unless it was just Jenna and/or Rainn. Then I’d still be ecstatic.

  6. Best of luck to Steve in the Best Actor category! My fingors are crossed.

    And even if supporting charactors were snubbed ((Which really isn’t right)) they all did contribute for the show and it seriously deserves to win oustanding comedy. I mean, that’s exactly what the show is right?

  7. You bet, Diana!

    There will not be a more beautiful sight than if The Office wins Best Comedy and we get to see the entire cast and staff go up on stage to receive the award! :)

  8. I don’t think we’ll win many. This year isn’t our year. After the loss of Will and Grace and Arrested Development, the declining ratings of desperate housewives, and just the fact that there are to many hospital shows, I think that we will do much better next year.

  9. Speaking of snubs, I think Casting and Directing should have gotten nods too.

    Is it just me, or are there better episodes for Emmy consideration than Booze Cruise and Christmas Party? Is there a cutoff date that eliminates some of the great episodes in the latter part of the season?

  10. Kev, what episodes do you think should have been given Emmy consideration? I love “Christmas Party,” (it’s a top 3 for me) but you’re right – there are probably some from later in the season I’d like Emmy voters to see, too. I’m thinking “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” :-)

  11. How does this new Emmy system work exactly? I would have liked to see Rainn nominated or more writing/directing/etc nominations, but oh well. And go Will Arnett, whoooo!!! And of course Steve & the Office for best comedy.

  12. It’s a shame we got snubbed in the supporting categories, but “I mean, who’s gonna give Kevin an award? Dunkin Donuts?”

  13. Woot. The Office got nominated! I’m psyched! I wish John, Rainn, or Jenna got nominated for the supporting roles, but oh well. Actually…i’m kind of angry they didn’t…oh, but i am happy about Arrested Development. Yay!

  14. Congrats on the nominations!!!! Who here thinks that they should show the clip when they were talking about Afgani’s with AIDS in Casino Night when they roll through the comedy listings during the show? :) That little 10-15 seconds blip is priceless.

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