The Office gets five Emmy nominations!

Congratulations to The Office for being nominated for the following Emmys:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series: The Office
  • Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series: Steve Carell
  • Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series: Michael Schur, Christmas Party
  • Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series:
    – Dean Holland, Booze Cruise
    – David Rogers, Christmas Party

Sorry, no nominations in the Supporting Actor/Actress categories … :(

For more information

  • Read the complete list of nominations here. (Thanks, Jenny!)
  • Watch video of the nomination announcements here.


  • Steve Carell: “I am honored and overwhelmed that ‘The Office’ has received a nomination. This is a very exciting moment for everyone involved with the show. We are all extremely honored. I’m also additionally overjoyed by being personally recognized as well.” (Source: Access Hollywood)
  • Jenna Fischer: “Oh. My. God. I’m on an Emmy Nominated Show!!!!! My sister asked me if this means I get to go to the Emmys. I’m not really sure. I think so. How trippy! Thanks for your support everyone!!!” (Source: Jenna’s MySpace blog)
  • Kevin Malone: “The only thing I am confused about is how we landed in the Comedy Program, as opposed to the Reality Program. After all, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is not all that funny. I would refer to it as sobering reality. But hey, i am not complaining.” (Source: Kevin’s MySpace blog)
  • Kate Flannery: WOWSA! (Source: Kate’s MySpace blog)
  • Ben Silverman (executive producer of The Office): “I would have liked to have seen more nominations for our supporting actors and more of our writers and directors, but I can’t complain. Outstanding comedy celebrates the work of the entire cast and crew.” (Source: Yahoo! TV)

P.S. The Emmy Awards will be presented Sunday, August 27th, on NBC.