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Sunday, September 18th, 2011 | 80 comments


This post lists The Office Emmy coverage for 2011.


September 18, 2011

12:05am: Paul Feig tweets: “…saw that Steve Carell has now officially never won an Emmy for The Office. Um … okay. #areyououtofyoureffingmindstvacademy”

10:56pm: Rainn Wilson tweets: “The world of TV should be ashamed of itself that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for Michael Gary Scott. Goodnight.”

10:25pm: Michael Schur tweets: “The fact that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for playing Michael Scott is a goddamn fucking embarrassment. Good night!”

7:54pm: the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series goes to ‘Modern Family.’

7:06pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “@OfficeTally: I’m stunned.” Glad a camera wasn’t on me. Zero poker face. #Emmys” I’m so sad. :(

5:55pm: Some new Dunder Mifflin employees explain what they hate about their job. Pretty funny!

5:50pm: Brian Baumgartner tweets “Wow. Just don’t know what to say. Speechless. Ridiculous. Stupid. #Emmys”

5:41pm: the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series goes to Jim Parsons of ‘Big Bang Theory.’ I’m speechless.

5:30pm: the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series goes to ‘Modern Family.’

5:22pm: Kate Flannery tweets “Backstage at the Emmy..s. Its dark With occasional patches of insane light.”

5:00pm: Brian Baumgartner tweets: “At the #emmys . Here was some pre Emmy fun from yesterday with Cloris Leachman.

5:00pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “Finding a shady spot on the red carpet with pals @BBBaumgartner and @RachaelEHarris!

4:55pm: Rainn Wilson tweets: “The Office has about zero chance of winning this year because the cast has been relegated to rows U & V. #Emmys”

4:47pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “Love me some @kathygriffin!

3:41pm: Rainn Wilson tweets: “Me & my beautiful wife, Holiday @ The Emmys

2:55pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: ““@JennaFLover: @AngelaKinsey @RachaelEHarris Is jenna going ?!” no. But she came over and hung out with us while we got ready. #bestbffever”

2:53pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: ““@WeTidyupUSA: @AngelaKinsey @RachaelEHarris dont trip!! ;)” I might! My train is super long. :/”

2:44pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “Goofing off in the limo…

2:35pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “On my way to the Emmy’s with @RachaelEHarris!

12:49pm: Kate Flannery tweets: “Backstage at the Emmys and I have met @TheTweetOfGod! Talk about a religious experience.”

12:01am: Kate Flannery tweets: “Doing a music thing on the Emmy’s tomorrow night. Keepin’ it vague. I will tweet from backstage if anybody gives a crap. Anything can happen, Jane is Live!”

September 17, 2011

Ed Helms is scheduled to perform with Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph. Read more

Mindy Kaling tweets: “Omg @icecubetray did you see Mariska Hargitay? The one Emmys I’m in Boston, and Missoni Target swag! #thepits”

September 15, 2011

Kate Flannery is scheduled to perform as part of the Emmingtons. Read more

September 15, 2011

Alec Baldwin tweets: “No Emmys for me this year. I’m hosting Tony Bennett’s EXPLORING THE ARTS gala. And I voted for Steve Carell!!”

July 17, 2011

The Office was nominated for four Emmy awards.

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  1. 80. soup snake  

    I was surprised and upset when I saw Steve Carell lose to Jim Parsons. I thought he would for sure win this last time around. I don’t think those Emmy voters have any idea of what real comedy is. “Goodbye Michael” had everything a winning episode should’ve had in my opinion. I highly doubt TBBT episode topped it in any way. I now think these awards are a joke since Steve never won one. I also think The Office should’ve won for outstanding comedy series. I thought last season was amazing and it has only gotten better and better as the years have gone by! Steve might’ve have lost but in our hearts we know he was the true winner!

  2. 79. shornt  

    i’ve never heard of jim parsons or big bang theory up until these past couple weeks, due to commercials during tbs’ office marathons. i honestly thought it was a new show…i thought “hey look that kid from roseanne is acting again”
    i love how he was in the office spoof they showed and no one in the audience laughed at him :)

  3. 78. Hanley  

    Eehh, Steve Carell’s more worthy of an Academy Award – so suck it Emmys!

  4. 77. Abbey in PA  

    Thanks for compiling all of this Tanster. I just wanted to add to the comments that it is absolutely ridiculous that Steve didn’t win. I believe this about The Office, and I think the same applies to Steve – there is so much heart in the show, and Steve gave Michael so much heart and personality beyond the humor, that it may distract those less sophisticated minds who were voting. Jim Parsons probably gets more laughs-per-minute (although I don’t find TBBT particularly funny), but Steve created a cultural phenomenon. No one else could have played Michael so well. I also love Modern Family, and I can understand why it won so many awards, but I think The Office and the cast need their own category. It’s just too good to be contained as a “comedy.”

  5. 76. Mose wannabe  

    Tallyheads, if you see these award shows for the nonsense that they’ve become, you’ll be far less disappointed. Winning would not have validated Steve’s performance, just as losing should not diminish it, in the hearts of those who count.

    In the award shows that we create in our minds, Steve has won Best Actor in a Comedy Series seven years in a row. That’s all that matters.

  6. 75. Chris K  

    @62 & 73 – Jim Parsons is definitely a supporting actor, not the lead of the show. But what category an actor is in is usually due to what category they are submitted to the academy in by the network or whoever, because they think they’ve got a good chance of winning.

    I remember hearing this about a movie, the story was about one woman’s journey. But for the oscars, she was submitted for the supporting actress category, and someone else in the movie was put up for Best actress category. I think it was due to her being a newcomer, or something, but it does happen.

  7. 74. Michael  

    [200-word limit]

  8. 73. TobyFan  

    62 – I felt similarly confused by it all. Jim Parsons is a lead actor, but no one on Modern Family is a lead, they are all supporting cast? Makes no sense. Even my husband, who loves Big Bang, was confused – he thought Jim Parsons had won for supporting actor and Jay Burrell had won lead actor.

  9. 72. Daniel  

    I can’t understand why Modern Family is so popular, I just don’t get it.

    Steve deserved to win, and I’m surprised the show got so few nominations as a whole. I’m happy for Jim Parsons though, he’s hilarious on TBBT.

  10. 71. diahern  

    #67 jimisbigbird – Thank you! That’s what I’m saying…

  11. 70. darth scranton  

    In my rage, I forgot to mention that Alec Baldwin tweeted that not only was he rooting for Steve Carell to win, but that he had voted for him! That’s class, to me. I feel like if Alec had won (and had been at the ceremony instead of a benefit), he would have directly acknowledged Steve, perhaps even invited him up onstage.

  12. 69. Aimee  

    First, I felt bad for Steve because he didn’t win.

    Then I felt bad for Jim Parsons because he DID win and everyone thinks he didn’t deserve to.

    Then I realized these award shows are really silly, ya know?

    So I turned off the t.v. and did something else.

  13. 68. Chris K  

    Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce both won for the last season of Frasier. It’s safe to say that, even tho it was a good show, it was less than it once was by its eleventh season (I still love watching every episode, don’t get me wrong).

    They were honoured with the awards for the whole series, not just because of whatever episode was submitted that year. Do the emmy voters not realise what they’re losing?

    Well done to Jim Parsons for making this an emmys ceremony to remember for the voters and the backlash. I have seen the episode Jim Parsons was nominated for, and I can safely say that he showed nothing compared to what Steve Carell showed us. Let me summarise: Sheldon danced….and that’s it. It makes me sad.

  14. 67. JimisBigBird  

    Our show is better than these misguided Emmy voters. In my mind Steve, John, Rainn, Jenna and the show itself are all multiple winners. Does Big Bang Theory or Modern Family hold a character that even comes close to the significance and brilliance of Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute? Do they contain a love story as genuine and honest as Jim and Pam?

    There’s no doubt in my mind everyone knows Steve deserved that award.

  15. 66. Angie  

    I woke up still so bitter about this. To quote BJ and Paul, “um.. okay” really is all you can say. Because what the #!*# were they thinking!?

    All i know is this will only be remembered as the time the Emmy’s royally effed up. Not as the time Jim Parsons won, but as the time Steve Carell did not. And that i think says a lot. The fans, and i’m sure many, many others are with Steve on this.

  16. 65. Ray  

    Congratulations to all the winners. No matter what I think of you – you won.

  17. 64. Kurn  

    I quit watching when Steve lost. John looks gorgeous, as usual!

  18. 63. Ben  

    The Emmys hate The Office. Steve Carell DESERVED that emmy!

  19. 62. remember to call  

    No, The Office did not deserve Outstanding Comedy Series, at least not ahead of Parks and Rec or Modern Family, and I’m glad one of those two won. Now I have not as much as seen a minute of Big Bang Theory but according to IMDb, Jim Parsons ISN’T EVEN THE LEAD; fellow Best Lead Actor nominee Johnny Galecki is the lead. That’s like saying Dwight or Jim (pre-Goodbye Michael, obviously) is the lead in The Office, or that Rob Lowe is the lead on Parks and Rec. Parsons did not even belong in that category and as such this whole award was a fraud this year. My hope is that in a few years, Steve Carell wins the Emmy for Guest Actor for his role in the series finale. And if he doesn’t, he better lose to a legitimate winner.

  20. 61. Stephanie  

    It’s a crime that Steve brilliantly portrayed Michael Scott for seven years and never walked away with an Emmy.

    Look, I don’t care about “not awarding someone just because it’s his last year.” It happens ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes you just gotta finally honor someone after years of being ignored. And I just thought for once the Academy would get it right and give an Emmy for all the other times they robbed him of one. Goodbye Michael was absolutely perfect.

    Rude, disgusting, unforgivable, really. And I’m so happy at the tweets by BJ, Paul Feig, Mike Schur, Brian, Angela, etc. I absolutely adore everyone involved on the show and I love how angry they are about this. As they should be.

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