The Office: Michael’s Last Dundies, 7.21

July 17, 2012: Ology interview with Kate Flannery

Ology: What’s been one of your favorite Meredith moments and a favorite episode in general?

Kate: … I loved the walk of shame when we shot that scene with Will Ferrell and Steve and we were in that crazy house. It was like a gorilla shoot so it wasn’t like they did much set dressing. They just found this house and we just got in a van. And it wasn’t like sometimes we have these big trucks. It wasn’t like that. It was just like okay, we got this house we go to go shoot the scene. When I walked into the house the first time we did a rehearsal on camera I could not believe how filthy the house was. It was like a hoarder’s house. I’m not kidding you! It was like paper stacked up and like a weird colonial print nicotine stained couch. It was bizarre. And then I kept walking in deeper and deeper into the house every take because I was so fascinated by it. There was like pizza boxes completely from floor to ceiling in the nook. It was bizarre, but my favorite part about it was that it was so surreal to be in a scene with Will Ferrell and Steve Carell at the top of their game.


  1. Looking at who’s writing and directing these, they will be fantastic. But i just can’t even.. ugh.. just thinking about it makes me emotional. There will be tears. I can’t believe we’re nearly there :(

    Better create a “sad box” to have by my side for this one.

  2. Sad to see Steve go, but his exit I really think relit some fires in the creative team and turned the show back about 3 years..which is a good thing!!!

  3. I’m going to be more excited for this than for the finale of LOST! I just hope this is not the beginning of the end of this show.

  4. I hope he departs in a good way. I don’t want it to be stupid just like a usual Michael moment would be, I want it to be a sentimental moment that makes all Office fans just want to feel good/sad that he’s leaving.
    I’m so upset by this tragedy, but I have no doubt that the Office will continue strong, and we will see him again.

  5. I should start collecting tissues now… just to make sure I have enough for this episode. :(

    I’m glad Mindy Kaling’s penning it – only a writer who’s been with the show since the beginning can give Michael a proper send-off – but, still, there’ll be a taint to each episode from now on that I don’t see disappearing.

  6. And now the end is near…

    I am glad that Mindy is writing part of this episode. Mindy has always been true to the spirit of what makes the Office great, providing humor and sentiment. I hope that is the case with this episode.

    I am sad to see Michael Scott leave the Office, but wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors.

  7. oh, god! ;( i’m tearing up already! this is not going to be a happy episode, it’s going to be S-A-D! Steve. . .it’s just horrible to know that he’s going to go soon! this show is my life, and Steve is the core of it. My brother (who is annoyed by my obsession) is sad too, he confessed to me “I’m going to be by your side crying when Michael leaves the show”. hopefully, by Steve’s decision, there will be more of his movies, and I can’t wait for his new show that he’s writing!
    *tearing up already*

  8. I don’t know how they’re going to write a good enough episode to send Steve off just right…

  9. I have been watching this show for six years of my life. I have never missed an episode and it has become a major part of my childhood. Once i heard that the great Michael Scott was departing, i basically was speechless. The Office without the WORLD’S GREATEST BOSS!!! I have taken a vow of silence on the day that he leaves and i know that it will be emotional. Thank you Steve Carell for everything youve done for me. And to all my fellow Office followers……Does it smell like updog?

  10. I’m starting to already get kinda depressed. I know they’ll keep it going. But there will NEVER be another Michael Scott. No replacement will do. But his life is more important than my obsession. Life will go on… :(

  11. This is like a dream… a bad bad terrible dream. A nightmare. I can’t believe this is happening. After 7 seasons with this guy. Honestly, how on earth are they gonna find someone to ‘replace’ him. It just makes me sick. I LOVE HIM!!

  12. Katie, “This is not a television show, this is my LIFE!!!” To quote Michael from “Murder”.

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