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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 | 48 comments


Here are clips of The Office Season 9 premiere, New Guys, airing September 20.

Preview #2:

Preview #1:

Promo #4: Jim and Dwight

Promo #3: Jim and Pam

Promo #2

Promo #1

Sorry for the quality of promo clips 1 and 3; I recorded them with my iPhone on vacation. :)

Tipster: ddker. Just like old times. xoxo


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  1. 48. TobyFan  

    It’s tonight! It’s tonight! (I’m doing a happy dance at my desk!)

  2. 47. Little Michael Scott  

    I got really excited at the shot of Andy holding up the “Welcome Home” banner for a sec in Promo #2, like “Yes! Andy’s dressing the way he used to again!”, but then I realized it was an edited shot from the “Secretary’s Day” episode…I really liked the way Andy used to

  3. 46. Jessie  

    After watching those previews, I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that Dwight might not be the father of Angela’s baby after all. Why was he so keen to have Clark be his son if he already has one?

  4. 45. Holly  

    I don’t know why, but Dwight being cool with the Dwight Jr. thing and Angela’s reaction cracked me up.

  5. 44. V Kahler  

    I will be devastated if Pam and Jim break up!!!

  6. 43. Joel  

    I just read a review of the premiere over at Newsday. They said something about Pam being annoyed and asking the documentary crew something along the lines “don’t you have enough already”. Sounds like Pam is mad at the crew and not Jim. Some people have speculated that Jim is behind the documentary, that could cause some drama.

  7. 42. Andy  


    Andy and Erin are only 6 years apart. That’s not much.

  8. 41. Jessie  

    #38, I’m not sure which one #14 is referring to, but Jenna said via Twitter last year that she hoped Jim and Pam would get more of a storyline this season, and she also said recently in an interview that she would like to see a little more of the everyday strain of being married, working together and raising two kids between Jim and Pam, and how they deal with that.

  9. 40. Michael Klump  

    I think the new Killers song “Runaways” would be perfect for a Jim/Pam montage this season.

  10. 39. Nathan  

    In The Office we trust.

  11. 38. Bad Idea Jeans  

    @14, what did Jenna want? Tension for JAM?

  12. 37. Janet  

    I think the new guys look great. but, ugh, I hope we get a LOT LESS Andy this year. His character got ruined for me last year, and the whole thing about getting back with Erin, who is so much younger than him, is just yucky. I really hope they focus a lot more on all the other characters and not Andy.

  13. 36. Daniel G  

    Okay, so Tanster and everyone I have an idea.
    Promo#2 -Nothing is said, Jim doesn’t do anything wrong. I think they end it with the interviewer asking the question and pam goes off after. You see how behind the cameras they aren’t what they used to be together.
    In season 8 you hear about his fear of losing her because of fights and slowly moving away from each other on a bed.

  14. 35. Karen  

    [ from tanster: saw that, thanks! :) ]

  15. 34. Michael Klump  

    Why did Andy rehire Nellie if he was so mad at her????????

  16. 33. absolutelyido  

    I’m excited to see what they have in store for us this year, but it will be tough to watch, knowing it’s the end. :(

  17. 32. Jessie  

    Really want to know what Jim is so happy about in that 3rd promo!

  18. 31. Amy  

    Oh okay. I just thought if it was her voice would have gone away a little but it must have been off maybe. Thanks tanster! :)

    [ from tanster: I think the audio may not have been stitched together perfectly. good ear! ]

  19. 30. PB&J  

    @Tim 29
    I agree with you completely 100%. Jim and Pam will be FINE.

  20. 29. Tim  

    I’m not worried about jim and pam in promo 2. I want them to be a real couple, and real couples have problems, they fight. The tension between them that was so present during early seasons has disappeared the last couple of years, and I want something that will keep me interested.

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