The Office: New Guys clips

Here are clips of The Office Season 9 premiere, New Guys, airing September 20.

Preview #2:
[ video no longer available]

Preview #1:
[ video no longer available]

Promo #4: Jim and Dwight
[ video no longer available]

Promo #3: Jim and Pam

Promo #2
[ video no longer available]

Promo #1

Sorry for the quality of promo clips 1 and 3; I recorded them with my iPhone on vacation. :)

Tipster: ddker. Just like old times. xoxo


  1. Makes me sad that this is the last season! I’ve been away myself for a while but I’ll also miss all the old Tallyheads on here from back in the day.

    [ from tanster: oh my gosh, i love all you guys coming back for the final season. :) ]

  2. I am so happy to see Jim and Pam highlighed for the last season. I am however a bit nervous as to why Pam pulled her mic off and Jim looked upset. Bring it on Greg!

  3. I’d have ventured the Jim/Pam stuff this season would have been something along those lines. Work and two kids starting to take its toll.

  4. Oh, wow, the end of Promo 2, that does not look good! Jim looked really sad. I’m so nervous. I mean, I know it’ll all be fine in the end, but it kinda looks a bit like they might be going to put us through an emotional wringer first!

  5. I was a late fan of the show, I started watching circa season 3, but I am not ready to let these guys go. :( I love this show way too much.

    As to the evil promo monkeys? they are leading us with bad ideas. can’t wait to see what the season has in store.

  6. Looks like Jenna got her wish! Can’t wait for Jim and Pam to finally be allowed to be people with hopes and dreams outside of babies again.

  7. I really don’t think Jim and Pam are going to split up. Greg Daniels will have a mutiny on his hands amongst us hardcore jammers. If anything, I think this season will see one or both of them reevaluating what they want out of their professional lives. These jobs were never meant to be permanent.

  8. I would love to see lots of Jim and Pam this season- I think one of the big mistakes of last season was sending Jim to Florida (hence splitting them up) right after Jenna/Pam came back from mat leave.
    Problems are inevitable, I guess..but I really hope we get lots of sweet moments too. They do work really well as a team.

  9. Can anyone perhaps clarify what Pam said at the end of the #2 Promo when she took her mic off?

    [ from tanster: pam says “With work and two kids, nothing interesting is going to happen to us for a long time.” ]

  10. The end of Promo #2 worries me, and makes me so excited for next week I can’t wait for it to get here! Thanks for going out of your way to post those for us, Tanster. I’m going to miss this show, but I’m looking forward to a JAM packed season (pun lol)

    [ from tanster: you’re very welcome. i’m an obsessed fan til the end. ;) ]

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