The Office: New Guys, 9.01

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The Office: New Guys

Writer: Greg Daniels, Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): The office begins its final season. Jim and Dwight are thrown off balance by the arrival of two young employees (Clark Duke and Jake Lacy) that the others dub “the new Jim” and “Dwight, Jr.” Andy comes back from Outward Bound leadership training with a desire for vengeance on Nellie (Catherine Tate). Will Oscar adopt Angela’s cat? Kevin saves a turtle.

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In a poll conducted September 20-24, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.89/10

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The Office New Guys quotes

Erin: Andy’s coming back today!

Dwight: I invented a new power drink made out of beet run-off.

Kevin: What a summer. An emotional rollercoaster.

Jim: Watch this guy make a billion dollars off my idea.

Pam: He said if it takes off, he’s going to buy us a new car.
Jim: An Altima or better.

Kelly: I am going to Miami, beeyotches, to hang with Lebron James and Gloria Estefan.

Ryan: They call it the Silicon Prairie.

Camera man: We’re more following you guys to see how you turn out.

Pam: Nothing interesting’s going to happen to us for a long, long time.

Toby: Just three single guys… getting into trouble.

Stanley: They’re like the new Jim and Dwight.

Meredith: Hey, New Jim, come sit on my face.

Jim: No. Pete is not the new Jim. The only thing we have in common is that neither of us wants to sit on Meredith’s face. And if that makes him the new Jim, then every human being in the world is the new Jim.

Andy: I had this really funny dream during Outward Bound that you died.
Nellie: Brilliant!

Andy: You will be called Plop.

Dwight: In a way, it’s like I have a son. And who knows, maybe someday they’ll hire someone who looks like a younger version of him. And then I’ll have a grandson.

Kevin: But you can’t eat cats. You can’t eat cats, Kevin.

Angela: If you pray enough, you can change yourself into a cat person.
Oscar: Those guys always turn back, Angela.

Toby: I took a course at the Weintraub Memory Academy.

Andy: Now I know why Michael hated you so much.

Clark: Body by Cheez-It.

Dwight: I got a couple of tickets to the Slayer concert ten months from now. You interested?

Dwight: You have a beautiful round head.

Dwight: What kind of farming you into? More of a fruit man or a root man?

Clark: Is this code for like gay stuff?

Dwight: A pudgy 22-year-old is trying to take my job!

Dwight: Yeah. There is a shark hiding inside that adorable little cherub.

Jim: Did you know there was a belt above black?

Angela: Listen, you’re in this, but you need to wow me, okay?

Andy: I don’t like to throw around the “b” word, but I’m going to be a huge bitch to you.

Andy: If you Toby out, then you’ll feel like a real Nellie.

Jim: Team sports?
Pete: NASCAR. The Amazing Race.

Jim: I have nothing in common with Plop.

Darryl: This seems like the kind of thing white people with dreadlocks do.

Clark: I’ve always been good at anything that required balance. My doctor says I have gigantic inner ears.

Dwight: Let me show you how a real man walks across a flaccid cord.

Andy: Who ordered the hot apple fail?

Andy: It’s official: old Dwight is lame and new Dwight is cool.

Dwight: This is a stupid activity. I would be embarrassed to be good at it.

Pete: I want to start my own business. I want to be a millionaire. Lots of things. Travel, make the world a better place, earn an MBA at night.

Jim: Oh, come on, Pete. God, that’s just sad. If he doesn’t watch himself, he’s going to be here for years. Doing nothing. Wow, maybe Pete is the new Jim.

Dwight: I can’t use Phyllis. Are you kidding me? The moment she steps off this bar, I’ll be launched into space. God, you’re so insensitive!

Angela: It’s the only time I’ve seen him cry other than our wedding night.

Oscar: You know what? I will take Comstock.

Angela: Please don’t teach the cat French.

Jim: I’m in. Yeah, yup, I’m all in.

Creed: In the parking lot today, there was a circus. The copier did tricks on the high wire. A lady tried to give away a baby that looked like a cat. There was a Dwight impersonator and a Jim impersonator. A strong man crushed a turtle. I laughed and I cried. Not bad for a day in the life of a dog food company.

Andy: There are two things that I am passionate about — recycling and revenge.

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  1. “Kevin saves a turtle” LOL
    I was just watching some Kevin bloopers online when I read this and I couldn’t stop laughing. And Greg is writing this so I think he can pull this off without making it look stupid.

  2. I was wondering how the Jim-Dwight rivalry would go on after Dwight leaves (assuming the spinoff is picked up). I was worried Nellie would assume a Dwight-like role, but luckily Greg seems to have better ideas…

    Also, will we find out the paternity of Angela’s baby? Does the paternity test result have something to do with Oscar adopting her cat? (Remember, Jack Coleman said that Oscar will call the Senator.)

    Also, why is this episode airing on a Tuesday rather than the usual Thursday? I thought NBC confirmed earlier this summer that the Office would remain Thursdays @ 9?

  3. @remember to call
    It’s not on a Tuesday… for some reason it just says Tuesday, September 20, 2011. It’s not 2011, either. It should be Thursday, September 20, 2012.

    And super excited! I hope they really give this last season all they’ve got!

  4. @ #7 The date above is listed as Sep. 20, 2011. Probably just an oversight. As far as I’m aware, it still airs on Thursdays @ 9pm.

    [from tanster: wordpress doesn’t show posts from dates in the future. so i pre-date them until the day of airing. :) ]

  5. So happy Daniels is back. Really hoping the premiere is solid! From the synopsis alone, this feels like it’ll be a classic Office episode.

  6. With Greg back in full-capactiy, this is gonna be awesome, I can tell. I hope they dial down the stupid, though. Just make this fun and believable!

  7. Nooo! Does this mean than Nellie will be in Season 9? I absolutely love The Office, but Nellie does not fit with the Office’s original style and downgrades the comedy. I hope that Nellie is dealt with in episode 1 and will not be see again. Imagine saying goodbye to our favourite characters in a big sentimental finale with Nellie in it!

  8. So I’m guessing the new guys replace Kelly and Ryan? They ought to make Dwight leave at some point, and then Jim should become a sports writer. Stanley should retire. I want to know who the Scranton Strangler was, who’s filming the characters and why, more background on Creed, status of Michael and Holly…

  9. Since Kelly and Ryan are leaving, Michael is gone, Dwight is leaving mid-season, and there are at least two new employees (who are in essence Jim and Dwight when they first arrived at Dunder Mifflin), I think the only fitting ending is to find out who the doc crew is and why they are filming, answer a few questions (e.g., who’s the real father of Angela’s baby?), and end it with a parting shot of the now comprised cast doing their jobs, like we all do. No grand return of Michael, no Michael and Holly wedding, no Michael, period. No Jim becomes a sports writer, no nothing like that. The only twist is that Dwight leaves to run his farm/B&B. But that’s not really a surprise as it was set up in a way from the time Jim and Pam stayed at Schrute Farms to last season. So it makes sense. Other than that, I hope the series ends with a stark note of realism. Like it began. No fairy tales. Let’s leave ’em how we found ’em, working. In real life coworkers, bosses, friends, etc., come and go. So too, with The Office. It moves on, like we do. Changed, yet doing the same old same old.

  10. I agree with Keith on how the show should end, with everyone still at the same boring job. IMO the very last scene of the series should have Jim being extremely depressed since his new career ambition fell through then have a shot of Pam falling asleep on his shoulder again. Jim then gives the camera a big grin and end it.

  11. The only thing about this episode that I’m looking forward to is that we will be one more episode closer to the end then I can pretend the last couple seasons never happened…

  12. I have to admit that I feel a little depressed about hearing that this will be the final season. But I suppose we had to hear the news at some point. At first I really wanted this season to include a Michael/Holly wedding, but after reading @Keith’s idea in #20 I’m not really sure. Perhaps the best way is for us just to hear that Holly and Michael are doing fine, and let our imagination carry the rest of the story. I do like the idea of the series ending with everybody working in the office at their desks, just as it began. It somehow seems fitting, and lets us imagine that life goes on for them – so they continue to live in our imagination.

  13. I agree with Keith on some points, but it just seems out-of-character for Michael to not keep in touch with if not eventually return to his ex-employees, especially with his friend David Wallace back in charge. Didn’t he once say that he’d go back into business with David Wallace to sell anything but “Suck It”? Well, last time I checked, David moved on from “Suck It”.

    However, I honestly don’t want a Michael/Holly wedding. I choose to believe that they were married the summer after S7 and Michael invited the full cast minus Toby. Obviously, many of them (Stanley, Angela, etc) did not attend, but I’m sure Dwight and Andy came to kiss up one last time, Kevin came to laugh at Michael’s jokes one last time, Jim, Pam, Darryl, Erin, and maybe Phyllis and/or Ryan attended as friends, and Creed came because… he’s Creed.

  14. Is there no promo for the premiere yet? My friend said that she thought she saw one on TV last week, but I haven’t seen any and I know if there is one it is usually promptly on here. I feel like we should have something by now though! The premiere is in 1 week!

  15. @20.keith I 100% completely agree with you in the way the show should end….it just leaves it open for so many possibilities. I mean if Stanley retires maybe an episode can be with him kicking back at a b&b…anyone know of one?!?! I’m new to the site but this site rocks, it’s nice to be able to talk the breeze about a show that I have come to love with other people who feel the same way about it. I kinda wish I knew of it alot sooner…oh well better late than never!

    [from tanster: never too late to become a fan of The Office. welcome!]

  16. I know that there isn’t a Michael cameo planned for the last season, but I think it could work.

    The last scene of the last episode have the doc crew filming a crew interview (or just goofing around) an empty Dunder Mifflin (moved, closed down), then you hear in the background someone asking where everyone is and it’s… Michael, Holly and child (if it’s a boy we all know his name will be Steve Martin Scott). Michael wanted to surprise everyone with a visit (in a grand TV show type of way) but as usual things didn’t go how he wanted.

  17. Gosh, I feel both excitement and dread for this season, just like I did years ago when Buffy was coming to a close. If I might get sentimental for a sec, I started watching The Office while going through a really bad break-up, and it gave me laughs when nothing else could. So, so sad to see it go, but it had to happen sometime.
    But anyway! I agree with Ryan Howard up there in #19. I’ve always been curious about Creed.
    For some reason, I think we’re going to find out Kevin isn’t as dumb as we thought…

  18. I began watching the office when I was first courting my wife. Our first couple dates would always end with some wine and watching season 1/2 DVDs. I’m going to miss this show so much. Hope this season is the best yet!

  19. I’m sick as hell and this episode is doing a wonderful job assuaging my illness. Thank you, The Office.

    Also lol’ing at Andy’s treatment of Nellie. And bam, a major question answered within the first 3 minutes of the ep!

  20. This was the best episode hands down in the past two seasons! There are so many references to past seasons, there’s just so much going on, the way everything is being filmed, it’s got that classic Office feel. Highlights for me: Andy getting his revenge on Nellie, Dwight, and Creed, that line at the end about working at a dog food company, so good!

  21. WOW!!! What a surprise! Never expected to hear the cameraman speak!! And it was David Rogers! That was really cool!

    Dwight isn’t the father!! What!!!! Did not see that coming at all. So sad!!

    Dwight was very funny in this episode! That bike thing was pretty funny.

    And Jim’s call! That was great too!

  22. Wow…that was a great season premier. They answered a few questions while raising many more. I am beyond psyched for this final season. Kevin and the turtle had me laughing to tears. And Jim…enough said.

  23. Great episode I think Andy is going to be much tolerable and Nellie has been toned down alot. Also when Jim and Pam finished their talking head interview and the camera kept rolling and they acknowledged the cameraman that was freakin awesome. This season started off the right way, thank you so much Greg Daniels.

  24. Fantastic opener. You can see they are really trying again. I like how Nellie is the new Toby…

  25. I’m still confused at jim and pam’s talking head. What did pam mean, and why did jim look so concerned?

  26. Wow…that was a great season premier. They answered a few questions while raising many more. I am beyond psyched for this final season. Kevin and the turtle had me laughing to tears. And Jim…enough said. But if they start screwing with Jim and Pam and mess up their relationship, I will NEVER watch NBC AGAIN. I am also interested to see how the new guys pan-out. All-in-all…I am very impressed…very impressed.

  27. Honestly, I think the season is going to end with New Jim and Dwight Jr. in the positions of Old Jim and Dwight Sr. They’ll develop an arc in which the two become rivals, and then, boom, last episode, there they are sitting in the seats repeating history, and life goes on.

    We know for a fact Dwight’s leaving mid-season, and it’s become pretty obvious Jim’s going to be out of there for something better, too.

  28. Great episode.

    And as far as JAM, that phone call Jim made will probably be how they exit from Dunder Mifflin. Finally Philly Jim???

  29. I agree with all the positive comments. I laughed out loud more in this episode than any last season. There was so much to like! So much humor, so much heart. “Maybe he is the new Jim…” had me feeling so sorry for Jim, but there’s hope.

  30. I’m gonna make a call here…feel free to comment. But I think that seeing how Oscar and the senator have a thing going, Angela is going to find out and she and Dwight will end up with one another. I think it could go one of two ways: that the baby IS, in fact, his…that the test results were flawed in some way and the reason we know it’s his is because Angela admits that her and the senator never had relations with one another OR that it doesn’t matter that the baby isn’t his…he wants to be with her, never the less, and raises Phillip as his own. *sighs* I think they set up an amazing storyline tonight.

  31. I haven’t watched the show in years. I came back because Daniels is helming it again for the last season. Good start!

  32. Loved it! The documentarian speaking was great, love the new guys! I think dwight falling over so many times got a bit old, but the bike part at the end was hilarious. Creed’s last line was soo funny…this is gonna be a great season!!!

  33. I’m still surprised how well-written this ep was. After a bad Season 8, I was waiting to find something wrong tonight, but I couldn’t! Can’t wait for more on Jim’s story and about the documentary crew. #Excitedfor Season9

  34. AMAZING premiere! I’ve been watching since the very first episode, and I was blown away tonight. It reminded me of Booze Cruise–genuine, real emotions mixed with that cring-worthy, gut-busting humor. I was pretty blown away by how well done this episode was.

  35. Kevin did NOT SAVE a turtle. I hated that part. However, as a dyed-in-the-wool-office fan, I will just ignore that horrible, unfunny part.

    Loved the interaction with the filming crew. Really set up the whole tone of this season — Jim getting it together and not being an Office drone. We’ll see.

    Miss Ryan and Kelly…glad Ryan’s moving to Ohio had nothing to do with Kelly, haha.

  36. Loved it, good writing and set up the season well, answered some questions.

    I love Kelly and Ryan’s exits. Simple and funny. Perfect for Kelly, thinking she’s going to Miami, FL and gloating about it only to be going to Miami, OH. I’m assuming both Mindy & BJ will be back for the finale.

  37. Great episode, really solid writing and I liked how it took place mainly in just the actual office. Sometimes it may have been a bit too reliant on slapstick, but I still thought it was better than a majority of the season eight episodes.

    I really think season nine is going to be loads better than season eight; they’ve returned writers from the show’s glory days and are turning the ship back in the right direction. Let’s hope that “Roy’s Wedding” is a worthy successor to the best episode of this show in a long time!

  38. I cannot believe so few people talk about the part that shows Jim & Pam after an interview. I was shocked; not surprised, but shocked.
    I hope expectations this episode set are not too high for future episodes and the finale.

  39. I think I was a little too paranoid with this being the last season. Because my mind kept flipping back pages to previous seasons during this episode:

    Kevin running over the turtle, reminded me of Michael running down Meredith in season 4, Kelly throwing the coats on people faces, reminded me of when Michael did that to Pam because of Devil Wears Prada (also in season 4) Dwight up on the roof–about to do something stupid with all the office workers looking up at him, brought me back to when Michael was “trying” to demonstrate depression by attempting to jump off the roof (season 3) “Dwight you ignorant slut.”

    … I dunno… I could be wrong. But that was my mind during the whole episode. Even the SLIGHTEST similarity, my heart took a beating.

  40. Too many good tid bits tonight. I can’t even keep track of all the quotes that I loved. “You can’t eat cats, Kevin.”

    I was shocked when Jam acknowledged the camera crew. Were the documentarians basically saying this whole thing has just been about THEM, not Michael, and not the office as a whole? Very intrigued to see why they made that choice.

    We also learned that Toby is one of those super-rememberers, and YOU GUYS, Angela’s baby is NOT the Senator’s. Remember how he was born early and was huge, implying that he was conceived earlier? Oh god, what if the baby belongs to MOSE?!

  41. I was very impressed with the premiere! Kevin with the turtle literally almost made me fall off my couch! And Oscar talking to The Senator on the phone (well, implied) BRILLIANT!!!!!!

  42. Well, I really enjoyed that! It sets up so much for the season ahead. Jim and Dwight Jr is a very clever idea. I like the new confident season 3-esque Andy, but I hope he doesn’t get too cruel. Michael never ultimately had much power over Toby as he worked for corporate, but Andy is now Nellie’s actual boss.

  43. I love LOVE that they showed Jim and Pam after their interview it just put so much on the table. Making everything so much more real. It was so great. And this episode was so funny. I can already feel that this season is going to be the best. I am so excited. :)

  44. Excellent episode!!!!! The perfect beginning of a show that is coming to its end. I loved the moments of Andy making Nellie pay. The cold open was great, specially with Kevin and the turtle he ran over, and how Kelly and Ryan left the office, that’s sad. And I liked all the scenes of Dwight & Jim versus the “New Guys”, ending with Dwight’s dangerous tightrope-bicycle part. I’m pretty sure Oscar was speaking to the senator after accepting taking care of Angela’s cat. Too bad her son wasn’t Dwight’s. Keep it up, office dudes!!!!!

  45. That Greg Daniels…he is a keeper.

    Great Season 9 open.

    Yes, Ginger…..Philly Jim!!!!!!!

  46. Dwight is NOT the father??? Good god what a cop out! I seriously couldn’t enjoy the rest of the episode. What was the point of all that story-arc???!!! HUGE let down!!! They all but confirmed that it was his son last year. Such a slap in the face. Surely others must agree?

  47. Bravo, GD! This was an Office episode for the ages! The perfect send-off for the Farewell Season. I laughed at Dwight; I loved Jim’s new story line and the challenges it brings to his marriage; and I even loved New Andy and his decisive and revengeful energy! Awesomely awesome!

  48. Throw up jokes, Creed is now totally senile, Kevin glues stuff on a dead turtle??? I truly miss when the humor of this show was smart and subtle…

  49. My favorite scene was Jim trying to make the phone call, simply because of HOW MUCH I wanted him to make that call. I haven’t felt that invested in a storyline for 2 seasons now, well done Mr. Daniels, this is gonna be a great season.

  50. Overall very funny! Loved the closing with Creed. Love how Dwight turned on Dwight Jr. when he asked for sales leads. Didn’t like Kevin killing the turtle. I might not even hate Nellie as much this season. Really thought the baby should have been Dwight’s though. I’m excited about the rest of the season!

  51. Greg Daniels awesome job thanks for giving the show that old feel. Already getting that feel of them laying down the groundwork for Dwight and JAM’s exits. I think that if Jim winds up going to Philly that Pam would be supportive seeing how he was so supportive of her when she left for NY to pursue her Art degree. All and all a great start to a final season.

  52. Does anyone think that maybe Dwight grabbed the wrong diaper? I’ve wondered that since the finale last season…

  53. Really confused about one thing that maybe you guys can help me out with…

    In ‘Family Portrait Studio’ Andy and Nellie seem to squash their “Beef”. Andy even hires her…So, why now the sudden hostility?

    Is it that the retreat thing Andy attended opened his eyes concerning Nellie or am I just dumb? lol

  54. This Greg Daniels fellow has some pizzazz. Hope The Office keeps him around for a while. :-)

  55. Best line of the night: That seems like the kind of thing white people in dreadlocks do – classic!

    Lots of interesting story lines set up. Actually really interested to see what happens with Oscar…

  56. Fantastic season opener — except, I wasn’t a fan of the turtle story line. BUT how fun was it to hear David Wallace on the speaker phone again! And to see little “Suck It” Teddy maturing on Outward Bound! :-)

  57. Enjoyed the episode and Andy seeming more natural in his role as branch manager. It’s amazing how they can fit so much into just a little over 20 minutes. In fact, I had to keep it going last night by watching a little from last season on my season 8 DVD’s.

  58. What a wonderful mix of pathos and humor…sets up the rest of the season nicely. Hope the rest of The Office’s swansong season is as good as the premiere. I miss the days when I would rush to re-watch an episode immediately after finishing it. Thank you, Greg Daniels, for bringing those days back.

    [ from tanster: bales! nice to see you! :) ]

  59. Nice to see you too, tanster! How’ve you been? Hope you liked the premiere :)

    [ from tanster: doing well, but will be a bit melancholy through this season. it’s nice to see some of the OT oldtimers return, though! ]

  60. I loved this episode! Gotta say my favorite part (even though there were many great parts) was definitely the part of Jim and Pam’s interview when they took off their mics. I really can’t wait to see if they’ll tell us why they’re filming a documentary. In Season 1, they really emphasized that they were filming a documentary because they introduced themseleves and talked to the camera a lot more, but that kind of went away. But I love that they brought it back.

  61. That Creed line made me spit tea on my dog last night. Sorry, girl.
    Overall, really good episode, though I am disappointed in Oscar. I really hope he’s not going through with the affair. Maybe it isn’t what it seems.
    @Mose: I don’t think it was a cop-out. I wasn’t surprised at all, actually. It’s quite classic “Office” for Dwight to WAY over-react about things. I think that scene last season was to show us that Dwight and Angela are still at it, and the Senator is up to things of his own.

  62. “I have nothing in common with Poop.”

    Gold XD

    Loved ALL of it. Thank you Greg Daniels!

  63. [email protected]: I do understand your disappointment, though. I was anxious to see Dwight with a son, and he was sooo sad he wasn’t the father. But it’s like Chris said in #82, this is most likely not the end of it. We have a whole season ahead of us. ;)

  64. Best ep since Goodbye Michael. Just loved it, except maybe the turtle part. Andy’s more interesting, I’d love to throw trash at Nellie too, Creed’s monologue was amazing, Oscar’s going to have an interesting season, Toby was funny, Darryl too. Good to hear Wallace–love him.

    JAM–gonna be a great season between them, I can tell. They need to get outta there.

    Former guests–gonna see Roy and Packer, would like to see Bob, Jan, Karen, HOLLY, MICHAEL for closure (plus one more each Kelly & Ryan).

    Dwangela–I don’t think it’s case closed. I just wish Dwight would stay the season then do The Farm next year.

  65. @78. Chuble – I hadn’t thought about Dwight possibly grabbing the wrong diaper! Does anyone remember in last year’s finale if Dwight had already left with the diaper before Pam brought in Cece and Philip?

  66. Meh. That’s about as good as I can expect from a once-great show that has grown incredible stale the last four years.

  67. Wow;)

    I’ve always been a huge Jim and Pam fan. I’m excited to see where they go. I loved sweet Pam and how Dwight knew he could “rely on her help.” Loved all the glances to the camera.

    I’d like to think Dwight grabbed the wrong diaper, but I don’t think he did. The spin-off would need to include Angela and it doesn’t…

    Andy was a lot like over-confident Season 3 Andy; think about who he was his 1st day in Scranton with Michael, etc.

    I think the new guys fit in as new characters way more smoothly than even Erin ever did, let alone Gabe, Nellie, DeAngelo, or Robert California.

    Greg Daniels Rocks! And how about those new Producers! (Yay Jenna, John, Ed, and Rainn!)

  68. #97, Yeah, Jenna said on Twitter that the producer credits mean that they took part in planning their character’s story arcs for the season, so I’m even more excited now that I know these four actors have had an input into the storylines of their beloved characters!

  69. Like so many people here, I loved this episode. I thought it provided great explanations for some outstanding questions from Season 8. A real highlight was getting to hear the voice of the cameraman and seeing Jim and Pam react to him. Finally, they are beginning to take the show back to its documentary roots. Greg Daniels is to The Office what Joss Whedon was to Buffy, a creative genius. The new guys seem cool, Andy appears to be more in charge and Nelly is a lot less repugnant, I agree with Paul G, that they toned her down. I hope Paul Lieberstein stays onboard for a while longer. Toby was back to being strong and balanced again.

    I wasn’t a fan of the turtle story with Kevin. It felt a bit tasteless. I’m glad Oscar also has an arc. It feels like there’s a great buzz for the characters again. Plenty going on. I still think Dwight is the father of Angela’s baby, I agree with Chuble that he grabbed the wrong diaper last season. Can’t wait for more season 9.

  70. Was The Office’s style of comedy ever NOT subtle or sitcom-like? Season one, part of season two? After that it went crazy. Sometimes I’m boggled by naysayers. Think some people need to rewatch 6×14 “The Banker” over and over again. This is a silly show! It’s not ‘Two and a Half Men’ or ‘Glee’ silly, but it’s never been ‘House!’

  71. The only part of this episode that interested me was the Jim/Pam story. I am sick of how much Dwight, among other characters, has been ruined over the years and I hate their unfunny wacky storylines. I’m hoping Greg Daniels can help restore the show that what it used to be, but they’re in so deep. Even that whole Jim moment of realization was terrible – a) it was so obvious and yet they felt the need to explain it to us, and b) they did the same moment so much better in The Client with Jim’s “and I could work here for years…and years…and years” moment so many years back. Weak start, guys.

  72. Nellie deserves what’s coming to her, but from a legal standpoint, couldn’t she file a claim with the state labor board that Andy is deliberately creating a hostile work environment?

  73. A blank screen for 30 minutes would have been better than last season. That being said, this was the first time in a long time I wanted to watch it again. Kevin is a little over the top these days, but otherwise pretty good. Should be a good season.

  74. Oh wow. I loved this. I expected it to be somewhat better than it was, but I still loved it. “New Jim” and “Dwight Jr.” are good additions, Jim and Pam have a storyline I love, and Ryan and Kelly’s write-off was short, funny, and to the point; and, like Michael’s write-off, leaves a possible return open. The best part of this ep, though, is how the plotlines intertwined like a classic Office episode; we haven’t seen as much of this recently, and I really hope it continues this season.

    It’s also especially nice to know why the camera crew is still there (and we heard a camera man’s voice!), rather than having packed up at the wedding, the sale of Dunder-Mifflin, or Michael’s departure. This also confirms why they would follow Jim to Connecticut but not Michael to Colorado or Ryan to Ohio.

    I still don’t understand if Andy and Erin are still together or not… especially with the summaries for the next couple episodes being what they are.

    Overall, it’s a solid 8/10. Or, a typical day at a dog food – I mean, paper company.

  75. @95 JARED For the past couple minutes, I’ve been trying to come up with a solid explanation as to why she’s still here…. but I just can’t think of one.

  76. I actually laughed this episode! More than once! I like Clark, he’s a good addition. Dwight on the tight rope was hilarious. “Now I know why Michael hated you so much” (Andy to Toby) … hilarious! But the best line in the whole thing? CREED! Man I swear that guy always has tears coming out of my eyes from laughing so hard! His quote in this episode was one of his best yet! Long live Creed!

  77. @Pink Dragon I utterly disagree. This show was subtle and non-sitcom like well into S5. The Banker was a clip show that may be one of the least liked episodes in the show’s history. I’m hoping they remember their roots this year.

  78. This was a very promising start. I think it was more truthful to the characters and funnier than most of last series bar the Tallahassee story arc.

    I think Dwight’s paternity has taken a U-turn to give The Farm more options for this reason he cannot get together with Angela. A shame as they really do deserve each other!

    The Jim and Pam moments are great as they’ve worked a storyline from the start where we’re hoping they leave and the fact that the show is ending means we’re all in on the plan and can enjoy hoping they’ll leave Scranton.

    The cameraman’s lines also leaves a catch up with old characters open. Perhaps the last show will be the documentary itself.

    I don’t think Michael will return to Scranton but maybe a short clip from Colorado: they ring the door and Michael answers covered in ketchup (he’s been fighting with Holly), while he talks Holly emerges with a child and Michael wants says he can’t talk about his old workmates as he’s spending time with his family thus showing he has achieved his dream and truly moved on. Short, satisfying and pertinent and would mean Steve C. wouldn’t need to ‘return to his old school’ as he recently explained in an interview.

  79. Loved the episode!! Thanks GD!! Great to see some Jim & Pam evolution & drama..Almost in tears just watching thus knowing the end is near = ( MR CARELL, if you read this beautiful forum/TallyHead HQs please grace us hardcore fans with one more appearance

  80. Great first episode. The best in quite some time. It felt fresh again. Some folks have mentioned the humor being crude, but The Office always had an element of that with Michael. And who can forget the gift left in Michael’s office. Plop cracked me up.

  81. A really great episode! Miss Kelly and Ryan, though.

    @80 Bill S. – “At the end of last year, Andy softened and allowed Nellie to stay as Director of Special Projects. But he comes back from Outward Bound with the confidence and desire to torment Nellie for what she did to him last year and make her quit.” Greg Daniels explained this in an interview.

    @102 Jimmy – I found it in another post: “Although Zach Woods’ contract option was not picked up for the final season, sources confirm that we have not seen the last of Gabe.”

  82. I really enjoyed this Robert California gone, Nellie reduced episode. The only thing that upset me was Oscar turning into a total jerk. He has always been a little hard to like, but having an affair with Angela’s husband? Come on, Oscar! I want to like you. I really do! Examine your soul and walk away!

  83. Hahaha that was great! Creed is barely on the episode, but always manages to get the greatest lines ever. This was truly funny, and even if Kevin has REALLY been affected by all the asbestos (they made him too dumb to be believable), the characters are back to the way we like ’em. Good job!

  84. Okay, now that would be funny if Mose was the father. And I’m divided on whether Michael Scott should make even a brief return. In the real world it would probably never happen but in the world of fiction this show was originally centered around his character. And maybe when this episode comes to DVD they can leave out the disturbing turtle part?

  85. @stapler (115)

    The paternity test took place before he invented the beet drink. It was at the end of last year and he talked about inventing the juice over the summer. So it couldn’t retroactively impact his DNA.

  86. I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t mind Nellie. I guess I started feeling sympathetic towards her last season when we found out what her life was like, and she was so stoked about making a friend at work. I don’t think she’s bad. Just annoying.

    Still laughing about the Creed bit. Bless him. He sees the world through LSD colored glasses.

  87. @Joe (#43)

    Possible meanings – she really wants to stay in Scranton and it will be considerable angst/disagreement in them as Jim pursues the new job. Or she was trying to convince herself that she feels that way when she doesn’t. So while she might be mildly upset that he went for the new job without talking to her it won’t amount to much. She can look at it as her Two Weeks moment where she followed Michael out of the office without talking to Jim, but then minutes later when he went out with her and talked everything was smoothed over.

    As to why he’s concerned – it was a very pessimistic statement. Even offhanded it should concern him that his wife thinks nothing interesting is going to happen to them.

  88. I feel like I’m the only one who truly didn’t like this episode. It was a little hard to watch, to be quite honest.
    A lot of what Andy was doing in this episode seemed like something Michael would do, and it was upsetting. The dialogue wasn’t all great, and Kevin’s character has become just a stereotyping idiot that’s just a SHELL of his former self.
    But I do like that Nellie is still there. But Andy’s confrontation with her and him saying he hates HR was just like “No…please don’t do that”.

  89. @Roy’s Mugshot
    Respectfully agree to disagree. The show, for me, has ALWAYS been silly. Dwight purposely setting a fire to teach people a lesson in safety? Michael randomly abandoning his post to survive in the woods, or hitting Meredith with his car? Crime Aid? Frame Toby? Hot Girl? The Carpet? Beach Games? All crazy hi-jinx! I could do a whole essay about why the tone of the show hasn’t changed — I think some folks are just super sore about Michael still — but there’s a word count.

    I really feel sometimes that fans are looking at the early seasons through rose-colored glasses. If some of the old plots happened now, I think fans would be complaining about them: “Andy accidentally hits Meredith with his car/tries to do a Casino Night in the warehouse/is accidentally racist towards the new black employee.” They miraculously sound stupid as soon as you put Andy (or any non-Michael character) in the spot.

  90. This episode makes me pretty excited for the rest of the season.
    I’m really glad they’re making Andy more assertive and boss-like. That was one of the reasons I felt that last season wasn’t so great sometimes.
    His confidence really gives the office the backbone it needed last season.

  91. I really just have one question hoping someone can answer:

    Within the show’s universe, how much time has elapsed since the first episode? by my count…. 8 years possibly? Cici is 3 years old correct?

  92. @ the New Tuna (#117)

    Thanks. I figured that’s what it was…I was just a little confused as to why it wasn’t really addressed.

  93. #128- The same amount of time has elapsed as real time in our lives. Each new year starts after “summer” is over (2 exceptions: s. 5’s premiere covers the summer and s. 2 doesn’t really specify, though it can be assumed it’s the same based on the other seasons’ formats).

  94. @126 Pink Dragon: I totally agree. The Office has always been a great mix of ridiculous and subtle; in recent years, it sometimes strays from the subtle, but it’s still a great show.

    Meanwhile, I’ve wondered the same thing myself about if old plots happened now.

    For example, if “The Injury” or “Product Recall” (both generally accepted as among the very best) hadn’t aired when they did, and those plots were instead used last year…

    In my opinion, the show hasn’t been subtle and totally not-sitcom-like since Season 1, which nearly got the Office canceled before it had a chance to shine.

  95. Great ep and was able to see it during my long weekend in Colorado. They really fit a lot of material into a half-hour season premier and found myself trying to catch my breath just to keep up.

    I haven’t had a chance to read over all these comments yet and maybe someone has already mentioned this, but to me, it felt more like a season finale than an opener. It seemed so early for Jim to be accepting the new job opportunity with his friend in Philly that it makes me wonder how they will build the anticipation on this storyline. Are John K and Jenna F expected to run their contract for the full season ? If Jim and fam move to Philly within the next couple months, I don’t see the camera crew following them there just as they did not when Michael moved to Boulder CO to be with Holly.

    So happy for Jim, though, that he’s going to go for it ! In “Two Weeks” (Season 5, Ep 21), when Michael is sitting on the floor trying to hide from Charles, he asks something very meaningful and challenging to the rest of the staff that has always stayed with me:
    “Are you being the best that you can be ?”
    Great quote, and oddly from Michael !

    Still hope Dwight and Angela will get together, even though the medical test reported he isn’t the father.

    Bravo and applause to the new producers as well ! Nicely done.

  96. I think a lot of the negative flak that “The Office” has gotten in recent years has just been because Michael left. Yes, we get that Andy is similar to Michael, but that’s really because he is the boss now. Get over that fact. Please.

  97. @Pam, Yes, as far as I’m aware, John and Jenna’s contracts are for the full season. However, now that it has been implied that Jim and Pam are what the documentary crew is really interested in, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t follow them to Philly – after all they followed Jim to Connecticut and Pam to New York.

  98. I thought this was a pretty good episode to kick off the final season. The best part was the end with Creed! That’s the only time I laughed out loud. He is hilarious and I hope we get a lot more Creed this last season. I’m really interested to see what’s going to happen with Jim and Pam. I’m excited to see growth in their relationship! I can’t believe Dwight isn’t the father of Angela’s baby. I hope the test was wrong because I would like to see them get back together again. I didn’t think the part with Kevin and the turtle was funny at all. How stupid is he to not know the turtle was dead after he ran him over? Am I the only one who thinks these new guys aren’t needed? I want the final season to focus on the regular cast only. Why is Andy being so mean to Nellie? I stopped watching last season and have no idea what happened at the end. I don’t find mean Andy to be very believable since he is such a nice guy. The recycling bins part was funny though.

  99. I thought about this long and hard (that’s what she said) but after that Kevin turtle scene, I will not be watching anymore Office episodes. They really pushed the limit last season when he adopted that dog and it made it look like the dog was dead all along…. That was a distasteful joke, and I bet if he had crushed a dog or another more mainstream pet, more people would be up in arms about it.

  100. Excited to see this one again. I remember really liking it when it first aired almost…wow, seven months ago.

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