1. The cast is looking fantastic! Va-va-voom Pam! The difference between S1 & now? Wow! Jim/John looking veerrry good.

    Where’s our favorite uptight accountant’s solo shot? Promo pics not complete without that scowl. :)

  2. Wow! This is awesome. These photos were long overdue. I have to say that John K, Jenna, and Ed’s are my favorites.
    John looks extra hot!

    And Darryl has his photo now! yay!!

  3. Those are really cool! It feels like such a long time since they did a new set of promotional shots. (Note: No Jan).

  4. Jim/John is VERY hot, as usual.

    I love how Pam’s ring is so prominently displayed in her pic:)

  5. Wooo!! I hope this means they’re going to put out new posters and stuff!

    Awesome pictures! I want a hires of the full cast photo!

  6. These look super photoshopped to me. A little disappointing… these are people who can make great expressions.

  7. Leslie David Baker looks happier in his photo than I have EVER seen Stanley Hudson look before.

  8. was wondering why the Boss didn’t have one… but everyone else looks great- Kelly is adorable and wow.. JAM is hot. Creed, Kevin and Ed also were pretty good.

  9. So the only solo shots missing are Michael, Angela, and Ryan. Hopefully they are still coming.

  10. Great new pics! Isn’t Pam’s purple blouse the same lovely top she was wearing in that typing competition video? I’m looking forward to some new desktops to add to my already enormous collection.

  11. Buymeacoke – I was thinking the same thing – Stanley looks so happy – they must have taken his photo on pretzel day!

  12. Pam doesn’t even look like she belongs in an office any more. She complained about wearing that red shirt that one time, now look at her!?!?!

  13. Awesome shots!! Though…is it just me or does Pam/Jenna look like she’s a ballerina in this first shot? I mean, she’s so pretty, but that kind of looks like 5th position. Also, I love Jim/John.

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