John Krasinski on ‘The Tonight Show’

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John Krasinski appeared last night on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ — and he brought a clip of the upcoming episode ‘New Boss’!


  1. Great interview. I could seriously listen to him tell stories all day long; he’s just so animated and funny! I’m not looking forward to Jim and Idris Elba’s character not getting along :(

  2. His cuteness was too much for me to handle! It was kinda weird how in the selected clip, he looked practically the same that he did in the interview (only with a tux)… I was like “wait… is this real?” haha

  3. Oh and also, after I saw him and he said something about Jim and Pam having babies, I had a dream that Pam had 14 babies. lol!

  4. John’s still using that “Jim and Pam have babies” thing and it’s still hilarious.

  5. Did anyone else notice that John said that Jim and Pam were going to have a baby?

  6. He was great. I love his “fake” Jim & Pam storyline. Let’s see if it was really fake, a baby before a wedding would be an unexpected story.

  7. John was like an adorable grand daddy long legs with his leg up like that! I have not laughed that hard in a while! :D !

  8. JKras was AWESOME last night! Honestly, I don’t know how he manages to look so good and be so humble at the same time lol… Loved how his voice got high when he was talking about his older brother and Leno called him out on it haha… And the clip for New Boss looks phenomenal! Can’t wait for next, next Thursday!! :)

  9. His Jason Bateman impression was as close to perfect as they will ever get.
    I’ve always tried but failed miserably.

  10. Go John! He comes across as being so genuine and so humble and thankful for where he is at. My wife and I both love him.

  11. I love him on talk shows. He’s hilarious (and so darn cute)! I want to go hang out with him and Jason!!

  12. Okay, so when John does an interview and does NOT tease that JAM are having babies we will know that babies are on the way for real :)

    He is the most gifted storyteller. I wonder if he is always that animated when he talks. Seriously, I could watch him tell stories for hours – and whenever he does a Boston accent I die just a little bit more.

  13. This made my weekend. Such a wonderful, normal guy and so cute. I could so take him home to meet my parents.

    The tux…YOWZA! :)

  14. What a sweetie! However, I think he was only kidding about the babies thing. He’d never let out a spoiler like that for real. This show is lockdown mode.

  15. John is hysterical! He’s also down to earth and I’m really looking forward to the new episode and Brief Interviews With Hideous Men!

  16. Great interview but I did not get the opening thing with the cologne. Was that a joke from earlier in the show?

  17. I think my life-long goal is to just witness john krasinski and jason bateman having a conversation.

  18. He was awesome on Jay! Isn’t it funny, all the cast members always do great on the Tonight show?

    Love Jim in the tux

  19. Another great interview! John is wonderful to watch and listen to, and clearly was born to be an entertainer. Watching this clip gave me a much needed smile! Wow, he’s such a good storyteller, I love it. I too could listen to him all the time. I’m still smiling while typing this! Do you realize what you do to some of us women?!

    This is highly unlikely to be read by him, but I must say it for the rare chance… John, I still wear ankle socks too.

  20. This interview was pure brillance. I was cracking up the whole time through it. And I have to say, I love listening to him tell stories.

    And the clip they showed. Perfection.


  21. Never ceases to amaze me how good he is at articulating himself! Haha, he’s awesome at storytelling. Loved it!

  22. Great clip — love John! But does anybody else here have trouble with these clips? They freeze every 10 or 15 seconds and it’s so annoying. I’ve tried closing all my other applications to see if it was just a resource-drain thing, but that doesn’t help. I love these clips but it takes me twice as long to watch them as it should. Tanster, has anybody else had this problem that you know of?

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