The Office Season 3 DVD Buying Guide

Release Date: Tuesday, September 4th

Here’s a summary of stores that sell The Office Season 3 DVD and the deals and/or goodies they offer:

the office best buy ad

Best Buy Welcome Aboard Kit —
(initially on sale for $42.99)

Includes: Dundie Award (about 7 inches tall), Dwight Schrute Mini-Bobblehead (about 3 inches tall), and Welcome Aboard letter. Minimum 18 per store. No rainchecks.

Buy Online:

Link: Photos of Best Buy’s Package

The Office Target Deluxe Edition

Target Deluxe Edition —

Includes: brown “Nifty Gifty” cover, shooting draft of ‘Gay Witch Hunt,’ and a 23-min cast Q&A at the Museum of Television and Radio (fifth disc). Quantities limited; no rainchecks.

Link: Photos of Target’s Deluxe Edition

The Office Circuit City

Circuit City Bundle —
(ask to match the $29.99 online price; some Tallyheads have gotten it!)

Includes: mousepad with picture of The Office cast

Link: Photo of Circuit City bundle

The Office Costco

Costco Bundle —

Includes: The Office Seasons 1, 2, 3 and a small soft-side lunchbag/cooler with Dunder Mifflin logo

Link: Photo of Costco bundle

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Best Buy Welcome Aboard Kit

The Office Best Buy Package

The Office Best Buy Package

More Best Buy Package links: Photos

Target Deluxe Edition

The Office Target

More photos of the Target Deluxe Edition: 1 | 2 | 3

Circuit City bundle

The Office

Costco bundle

The Office

Other stores that sell The Office Season 3 DVD, standard edition

  • Circuit City — $29.99
    Includes: free shipping
    Buy Online:
  • — $31.99
    Includes: free shipping
    Buy Online:
  • Walmart, $31.87
    Buy Online:
  • Sam’s Club, $31.44

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been on the fence about which edition to buy… I think I’m gonna go with the Target special edition. I’d love to know how long the Paley Fest footage is, too; I remember reading somewhere that the Target special edition of the Heroes DVDs had 45 minutes worth of their Paley Fest footage, so I’m guessing the same for The Office?

  2. I just want to know if the Target brown cover is the only cover you get, because I’d like the extra footage, but I still want the cover with all the actors. The brown cover is pretty boring. Hoping it might just fit over the regular cover. Anyone know?

  3. I just ordered the DVD from Amazon. For some reason, it says the ship date is September 10. I’m hoping that’s a typo. If it doesn’t ship tomorrow or Wednesday, I’ll just cancel the order and go buy it somewhere else.

  4. I’m gonna have to go with the Target edition. I was there for Paley Fest and to have that night captured on DVD would mean more to me than the Dundie and mini bobblehead. I believe the Q&A session went about an hour (lame moderator and all), but Jennie might know for sure. Thanks for the info!!!

  5. no way i’m paying an extra $18 just for a few bonus toys…it’s the bargain-basement Amazon deal for me!

  6. Jacki, I had preordered the Amazon version over a month ago, and it still told me as of two days ago that it wouldn’t ship to me until the 13th or later. So I canceled and wrote them a letter explaining why. what’s the use of preordering if I don’t get it on time?

  7. For those who will be purchasing the DVD in Canada, the cheapest prices I have found so far are at $39.96 (with free shipping) and Futureshop who are offering it at $39.99 (in store and on their site). If anyone has seen a special edition or a better price, could they please post? Thanks!

  8. Well, I pre-ordered my S3 from Amazon weeks ago, and it’ll do just fine. I already have a Dwight bobblehead, anyway, so it wouldn’t be worth the difference for a Dundy. But thanks for posting the info!

  9. I loves me some desk toys, so I bought the Best Buy gift set. (That, and I bought the “Severance Package” last year and want a collection of all the sets.)

    Josh (#9) I’m not sure about the store limit, but you can order it online if you’re not sure you’ll make it to Best But on the day of its release. That’s what I’ve done both years.

  10. Thanks for posting this info! I forgot about Paley being on the Target version…that’s where I’ll be tomorrow morning :)

  11. why do they release different sets to different stores. i would prefer the target version, but the fact that i cant order it online makes it difficult to acquire. i dont understand why they wouldnt relase all sets to the widest possible audience. this and the whole itunes deal makes me nervous about NBC…

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