The Office Season 3 DVD Buying Guide

Thursday, September 6th, 2007 | 306 comments


Release Date: Tuesday, September 4th

Here’s a summary of stores that sell The Office Season 3 DVD and the deals and/or goodies they offer:

the office best buy ad

Best Buy Welcome Aboard Kit —
(initially on sale for $42.99)

Includes: Dundie Award (about 7 inches tall), Dwight Schrute Mini-Bobblehead (about 3 inches tall), and Welcome Aboard letter. Minimum 18 per store. No rainchecks.

Buy Online:

Link: Photos of Best Buy’s Package

The Office Target Deluxe Edition

Target Deluxe Edition —

Includes: brown “Nifty Gifty” cover, shooting draft of ‘Gay Witch Hunt,’ and a 23-min cast Q&A at the Museum of Television and Radio (fifth disc). Quantities limited; no rainchecks.

Link: Photos of Target’s Deluxe Edition

The Office Circuit City

Circuit City Bundle —
(ask to match the $29.99 online price; some Tallyheads have gotten it!)

Includes: mousepad with picture of The Office cast

Link: Photo of Circuit City bundle

The Office Costco

Costco Bundle —

Includes: The Office Seasons 1, 2, 3 and a small soft-side lunchbag/cooler with Dunder Mifflin logo

Link: Photo of Costco bundle

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Best Buy Welcome Aboard Kit

The Office Best Buy Package

The Office Best Buy Package

More Best Buy Package links: Photos

Target Deluxe Edition

The Office Target

More photos of the Target Deluxe Edition: 1 | 2 | 3

Circuit City bundle

The Office

Costco bundle

The Office

Other stores that sell The Office Season 3 DVD, standard edition

  • Circuit City — $29.99
    Includes: free shipping
    Buy Online:
  • — $31.99
    Includes: free shipping
    Buy Online:
  • Walmart, $31.87
    Buy Online:
  • Sam’s Club, $31.44

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  1. 306. mel  

    Apparently jbhifi in sydney aust. say that on august 20th season 3 part one (what ever that means) will be available…I CANT WAIT!

  2. 305. Ashley  

    I cannot find the Costco Bundle anywhere on the site… any help? =]

  3. 304. JIN  

    Thank you for this site. I wish there was a season 1-3 holiday gift set. that would be the perfect gift. anyone know of anything regarding this?

  4. 303. jenn  

    Does anyone know whether best buy will be selling their set again? I was way late for that news.

  5. 302. anon.  

    Hey guys i found it cheapest at walmart. They had the first two seasons for 40.00 and then the third season is just 32.87

  6. 301. Kim  

    Borders is having a 40% off sale on boxed sets on Monday & Tuesday with This Coupon. Which would make their no frills edition only $24.

  7. 300. Tom  

    What scenes are in the deleted scenes from Product Recall episode?

  8. 299. ferntpictures  

    The Office Season 3 was this weeks top selling DVD! YAY! In your face movies!

  9. 298. _bales  

    Re #299: That’s a great review of the inclusion/exclusion of the various versions of the episodes on the DVD! Thanks so much for sharing! I agree too that it would be great to incorporate the deleted scenes into the episodes. I would love to see the weekly extended versions before they have to edited further for broadcast. I love that there’s a wealth of deleted scenes that’s made available, but it’s different when they are integrated into the flow of the relevant episode. Maybe this will be included for “The Office: The Complete Series” DVD set?

  10. 297. Far Away  

    Thanks prisonmike for the summary. I wish they would have put the producer’s cut of the return on the dvd, I really like Michael shoveling snow out of his car and harvey. But at least these are in the deleted scenes. I may have to track down the original branch closing, though, b/c “…magic beans” is one of my favorite lines of the whole season. Nay, the whole series.

  11. 296. prisonmike  

    Oh, and also “Branch Closing” IS the producer’s cut, leaving out “Magic Beans” and “This is pam…” So, I’ll be keeping that one as well…

  12. 295. prisonmike  

    To answer my own question in #256…

    Apparently there are minor cuts in a few of the episodes according to posts here. Why they did that we may never know or understand. Personally I wish they would make the DVD full of hour-long (or at least supersized) episodes instead of deleted scenes. Then in place of the deleted scenes, put in the alternate scenes–the actors’ different takes on the same scene. That would be fantastic!

    Here’s what I can tell from the DVD so far (and I haven’t yet finished). All of the supersized episodes (28-30 minutes instead of 21-22) seem to be on the disc. What is different is:

    >the originally aired version of “Traveling Salesmen” that omitted the Pam storyline, but had some other dang funny stuff. Don’t know where you can get this one unless you are handy with ye ol’ bit torrent.
    >the producer’s cut of “The Return” that never aired on TV, but was on, iTunes, and Amazon Unbox. It contains 7 extra minutes edited into the episode.

    Get ‘em while they are still out there!

  13. 294. Ashleigh  

    Help!! My disc 4 will not play in my DVD player. It works in my PC and I tested it on someone else’s DVD player. Does anyone know why this might be or what I can do about it.

  14. 293. pc  

    did anyone else order from best buy online, and have their order backordered? i’m not sure what to do, i wanted to get it for my friend’s bday. she still needs to catch up with s3 before s4 starts! and now i’m not sure if it’s going to arrive in time :(

  15. 292. CARDIGAN  

    I finally picked up my season 3 and watched as much as I could this weekend. Have to say that I wish the blooper reel was longer (they are of the main reasons that I pick up the DVD’s) and in the commentaries they keep talking about the long cuts which aren’t included in the deleted scenes. What a tease!

  16. 291. Jimmy  

    Hey anyone else notice a scene is cutoff earlier than it should be on the DVD? In “The Return”, right after Angela explains everything to Michael in his office Andy is near Pam’s desk searching for his phone. The scene there cuts about 2 seconds earlier than it should. I know it does because you don’t hear the end of Andy’s ringtone and you do in the broadcast version.

  17. 290. AugustInTheOffice  


    True. I got the Best Buy version, but I still went out and got the Target version just for that Bonus Paley Fest disc which I had attended back in March (Hey Tanster, I was sitting 4 rows behind you and GMMR on the middle aisle :)

    But to tell you the truth I was VERY DISAPPOINTED to know find that the disc was only 25 mins. I mean (minus watching the TV reel) where did the other hour of the event go? The fan questionnaires, and fan give-away contests were left out. They cut too much stuff on the interviews as well. It was way too short :(

  18. 289. fleece it out  

    [from tanster: please proofread and re-post. thanks!]

  19. 288. Long Tim  

    YAY! I just picked up the Best Buy version of season 3. It was the only one left and I was surprised that they had ALL sold out. Since I also bought the Target version on Tuesday I’ve already seen all the episodes. Guess it’s time to rewatch them again!

  20. 287. business in this realm  

    Has anyone YouTube’d the Paley Fest DVD? I picked up the Circuit City deal for $29.99 w/free mouse pad. Pretty cool!

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