1. I don’t know why, but I really really really love when John breaks.

    “I think you have those mixed up.” HILARIOUS.

    And Michael’s apology videos are the greatest.

  2. Fun bloopers, especially the Mindy one.

    About the deleted scenes, does anyone know how many hours of deleted scenes there were total on the season 2 DVD set? For comparison.

  3. I would crack everytime steve carell (in michael character) talked to me…lol good stuff

  4. I love how Steve can just see John on the verge of breaking and then just trying his hardest to muck him up.

    I could go for some more apology videos! They’re great!

  5. They were hilarious! I loved the deleted scene of Michael apologizing to his mother lol! As if Pam threw the calender out…..
    Thanks Tanster!

  6. AMAZING! John breaking was fantastic! I love the Kelly scene, “I think you’re mixing those up.” hehehe

    I can’t WAIT! The bloopers and “The Job” commentaries are what I am most excited about!

  7. It’s about time we saw something from the release.
    I work at Blockbuster, and we are getting our shipment of The Office and 30 rock next Wednesday, August 29th.

    I’ll be able to take an early look at the disc and let you know my thoughts!

  8. I remember reading somewhere (courtesy of OT, of course) that JK said the carpool scene was the hardest one for him to get through this season. Since then I’ve wanted to see the bloopers of that scene, so I’m thrilled they released them!

  9. I’m asking for this DVD for my birthday. It’s decided. I need the commentaries and bloopers. iTunes just isn’t enough.

  10. I can’t wait! I also love seeing John break, that is soo hilarious! September 4th can’t come any sooner!!!

    In the bloopers there is the sweetest scene b/t Pam and Jim, they showed us at Paley and said it would be included in the DVD I can’t wait to see it again, it made my heart skip a beat!

  11. Yup, saw these this morning. I love the carpool blooper. I love bloopers in general. One of the biggest reasons I love the DVD and the deleted scenes and commentaries. :)

  12. Steve is ruthless. He can see John break from a mile away and he just goes in for the kill. He can’t help himself. So funny!

  13. why did i just watch the carpool blooper about 10 times in a row?

    yikes. sept 4th and 27th cannot come soon enough. these were great!! and to echo what everyone else said: i love how steve pushes john over the edge each and every time.

  14. I love bloopers! I can’t seem to get enough of them. They make my world go ’round. Well, sort of. Hehehe.

    Yes, Tah-freakin-dah, I watched the carpool blooper about 15 times, too. Hehehehe. Good stuff.

  15. Could I love John any more? I love it when he breaks!

    Another blooper I am awaiting is the one where Dwight talks about his uncle being a real “fudge-packer”. When I saw that one at Paley I busted out laughing! Of course, I laughed at all of them but still can’t wait to see this one again.

  16. “In the bloopers there is the sweetest scene b/t Pam and Jim, they showed us at Paley and said it would be included in the DVD”

    What was it like? :) Do tell!

  17. Ok, I just watched the carpool blooper 23 times.

    What’s the deal? Why do bloopers (or a laughing JK) pull us in so?

    Gonna go watch it again………….. and again….. etc…

  18. E, I was at Paley with Mexicanity (we went together) and I know exactly which blooper she is talking about. It is a blooper from Benihana Christmas where Pam is giving Jim his Christmas present. Instead of giving him the CIA report, Pam tells Jim “I love you”. Jim then looks at her surprised then looks at the camera and faints. It was pretty funny and you could tell John didn’t see that coming. But it was so sweet too.

  19. The Jim/Pam blooper from Paley was from the Christmas episode, like at the end where they are playing the trick on Dwight, and instead of saying her line, Jenna/Pam said, “I’m in love with you.” And John fell over (he was standing up) and he just leaned and fell over. It was hilarious.

  20. that carpool bloopers were awesome! i loved how john threw the paper around in frustration and how steve just kept egging him on. lol. the mindy and john blooper was great too. she looked so confident in her lines. hehe can’t wait til sept 4th.

  21. I wish the dvd had a full disk of bloopers. It would be all I would watch for weeks.

    John breaking is hilarious, yes , but Rainn laughing in the background killed me. As did Jim’s “yey!” when Kelly runs into the kitchen. I could watch that carpool clip over and over again.

    Hey does anyone know where I can watch anything on the Paley event??

  22. I never understand why TV shows don’t put loads of bloopers on their DVDs. It’s everyone’s favorite thing to see!

  23. I haven’t been able to watch yet b/c my computer at work won’t let me (stupid totalitarian computer) but I love reading the reactions to them! I had to put in my two cents about John breaking and how awesome that is. My favourite blooper from S2 is when Rainn is reading his poem to Angela..”You are evil like a hobbit…” and John just bursts out laughing. I think I’ve seen it 50 times. It never fails to make me laugh.

  24. i am so determined not to watch these. i WILL wait for the dvd.

    i am so determined not to watch these again.

  25. The best thing about the carpool blooper is Steve Carell mocking Krasinski’s mumbling of the word “separately.”

  26. Bloopers! Oh how I love bloopers. I could watch them for hours on end. I actually wish it was 3 hours of bloopers … and 3 hours of deleted scenes! I love John Krasinksi cracking up. It totally gave me the giggles.

  27. is it confirmed that the only the target dvds will contain Paley Fest footage? where did this information come from?

  28. I love how sometimes when jkras laughs, he snorts. it makes me feel a little bit better when I do it…

  29. Did anyone catch the Toby and Pam thing when she said “i just forwarded the whole Pam and Toby story…”

    Think she just let something slip?

  30. I kind of get the feeling that Pam and Toby may have something this coming season too. What she said at the end of season 4 and then the blooper part really is suspicious.

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