1. I missed the Michael/gym moment, but I saw John Krasinski help explain the idea with the promos we’ll be seeing during the Olympics. He was dressed as Jim.

  2. I saw the John Krasinski clip … but i haven’t seen the promo yet – but i’m watching hard!

  3. S5E01 is “Weight Loss,” isn’t it?

    Has anyone else seen this promo that can take another look?

    If that wasn’t Michael, then I really Schruted this up.

  4. I watched it in slow-motion and saw a brief shot of Michael from “Back From Vacation” with the beads in his hair quickly followed by Randy from My Name is Earl in a gym with a Camden cheerleading outfit on. Aside from John talking about NBC’s fall line up, there is no new Office footage. :(

  5. Boy, I really feel like an idiot now. I’m sorry, everyone. I think I was so excited to see it, that I kind of made myself see it.

    I feel like an idiot, I’m sorry, guys.

  6. Don’t worry, Matt! It went by so quickly, it was tough to tell.

    It’s like seeing a mirage in the desert known as…”The Office summer hiatus”.

  7. When does John Krasinski’s clip show up during the Olympics on NBC? Is it shown in the first hour of the Olympics?

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