The Office promo: Slapface

This promo of The Office aired during the opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

You can find this promo on The Office Season 5 DVD, disc five.

Tipsters: all East Coast Tallyheads who sent this in! You rock!


  1. I searched for this for at least thirty minutes online and could not find it! I should have know tanster would come through for us. hilarious. 24 days till season 4 dvd!

  2. LMAO! I probably woke up my mom with my hysterical laughter!
    Absolutely Classic! :D

  3. Thank you

    I love Jim and Dwight the duo! I feel bad for Andy…I wonder what else
    they are going to do to him?????

    Now I have to tell all my friends that didn’t believe me!!!!

  4. Stupid Office staff and their stupid teasers. They think they’re so clever and smart. “Ooh, look at us, we have brand new Office footage and you can’t see it! Don’t believe us? Here’s a taste of it. Yeah, you like that don’t you? You want more? You can’t have more! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

    :) Thanks for posting this, tanster.

  5. I love when Dwight says “Your secret’s safe with me” he looks knowingly at the camera saying “Yeah, as if…”

    I miss the Office! I need more! Why isn’t it September yet??

  6. Comment 6: How can you feel bad for Andy?! Remember? He ruined Jam *and* Dwight!

  7. Love it! I’ve had a horrible day today but after watching this I can go to sleep with a huge smile on my face. I can’t wait till the premiere airs!

  8. When I saw this during the opening ceremonies, there was only one word to describe what I felt: Glee.
    And then after the glee came the crushing realization that the 30 seconds of bliss was over and now I have to wait 47 more days until I get my ‘drug supply’ back. I’m with Andy The Fifteen Year Old. Curse you clever Office teasers!

  9. So does this promo mean both Jim and Dwight are going to prank Andy in season 5?

  10. okay, is it weird i’ve watched this clip multiple times in a row?? :)
    i love when jim and dwight high five. i always like when they team up together. many more days till september??

  11. This is brilliant, thank you! Even though it does make the wait a tiny little bit more difficult ;) Oh well.

  12. i’m glad i got to see the 3 stooges again but this seemed a little aggressive for Jim-bo. sure, he “attacked” Dwight from the front before, but only because Dwight was asking for it! this seemed to come out of nowhere….

  13. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I’ve been searching for it all morning. I’m not gonna lie, this commercial was the best part of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies for me. Like, seriously.

    What a bittersweet reminder of what is missing in my life.

  14. DAWESOME!!! I love so much about the way that clip chooses to be. Just made me REALLY excited for S5….

  15. Oh man I’ve watched this multiple times and I still laugh just as hard each time!

  16. Good Bless the Tallyheaders! I know when I hear mention of anything Office — just come here and it’ll already be here! I LOVE that!

  17. When I was watching the Opening Ceremonies, this came on suddenly and I was like “JIM!” haha. :)

  18. Dawesome!!! I LOVE it.
    I was so extremely excited when I saw this last night. And I’ve been feeling sick all morning and rewatching this made me feel better.

  19. This was such an excellent surprise! Personally, I don’t think this summer has been that hard to get through…with a set date to come back plus the fourth season DVD coming out, this hiatus is MUCH easier to handle than the strike!

  20. Aw! When I saw this last night my heart stopped for thirty seconds and it brought tears to my eyes! I’ve been wearing out my Office dvds this summer, and I need some new Jim pranks!!!! This show is like a drug it’s so addicting!!!

  21. I think my favorite part of the Office may be when Dwight and Jim team up, especially if it’s against Andy. That high five between them totally made my day.

  22. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day… Hands Down!!!

    Thank you!

  23. This was SO funny! I love Andy, he is such a buffoon. I cannot WAIT for season 5.

  24. That was so funny! I love this show! Thank you so much, TallyHeads and Tanster! That made my day!

  25. My mom pointed this out to me last night (half-way through, I didn’t see much). I was like “Was that… NEW FOOTAGE!?” OMG! Hilarious.

  26. John’s beard is GONE! It’s gone! Ooooh I cry myself to sleep, beard!

    False. I do not miss it.

  27. “Your secret is safe with me.” Then, Dwight looks knowingly at the camera.

    Oh how I’ve missed you, Office…

    Thanks again Tanster for your awesome-ness.


  28. Yay!!!!!! I was so excited to see this last night, and even more excited that we were recording it! What a great teaser to S5 :-)

  29. when i saw this during the opening ceremonies, i was beyond excited!! it DEFINITELY made my day!! =D

  30. “No no no… make it take it.”

    God that gets me every time. hahaha Also….. i feel kinda nerd to the 900th level cause I want to see behind the scenes on this. Did John slap Rainn really hard like last time? Did Creed crack up in the background ever?

  31. This video was awesome. It was great to see Jim prank on Dwight and Andy again. Although I can’t make out what Jim said before he slapped Dwight a second time. Was it make or take it?

  32. O man, I dont have much to say… except for that was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I cannot wait for season 5!!!!!!

  33. That was one of the funniest things! I laughed sooooo hard when that came on last night!

  34. I just celebrated finishing the GRE by watching “Performance Review” and “Email Surveillance” on my prized DVDs. What a nice surprise to be able to enjoy this clip too. Thanks for making this Saturday even more awesome. The suspense for season 5 is just too much to handle!!

  35. hahah i remember seeing this last night and making everyone in the room be quiet so I could watch. it made me so excited :)

  36. You know, I think they should try a Jim/Dwight prank on Andy in Season 5. It would be awesome if they teamed up. Great comedy right there.

  37. I loved that! It was indeed an excellent surprise, as #30 said. I’m so glad it’s here, so i can watch it over and over. Thanks.

  38. if this is any sign of things to come… oh man. i’m going to be a babbling fool come september.

  39. So does this mean that Andy annoys Jim and Dwight more than they annoy each other?

  40. This is only the best thing ever in existence. Oh, the office, how I miss thee..

  41. I only got to watch the last hour of the Olympics ceremony, but when I saw this clip I felt like I was definitely at the right place at the right time. sigh. it’s been a long summer…..hurry September 25!

  42. Anybody know what Jim says when he blocks Dwight? It sounds like “make you take it” but that doesn’t really make sense to me…

  43. #77, I do believe Jim says “Make it, take it,” like in basketball, where if you make the basket, you get to go again.

    September 25th seems so far away…

  44. It says (Make it Take it) lol, I laughed soooooooo much when i saw this, it just made me more excited and pumped for season 5… I cant wait, i just finished my wall dedicated to the Office. YAY!

  45. Kim, Jim says “make it, take it.” It’s a basketball reference…usually when people are playing one-on-one, they’ll play by that rule, as in if you make a basket, you get the ball back for another possession or shot…in this case, Jim gets another slap lol

  46. #63 – yes that’s exactly what it means :)

    I think this scene completely describes the Jim/Dwight relationship, all in 30 seconds! It’s like a little hit (no pun intended) of the Office to tide us over till September. Thanks so much for posting!

  47. He said Make it. Take it. In basketball when you just playing half court you make it you get the ball back at half court.

  48. Kim, I believe he says “Make it, take it.” Meaning since he got the last point he is still on the offensive.

  49. They need another “office Olympics”. I’d like to see Kevin try to impress Holly with his M&M eating prowess!

    Cannot wait until S5.

  50. Kim- he’s saying “make it, take it”, like in basketball (if you make the goal, you get to start out with the ball).

  51. “Make it Take it” is a term used in street basketball. Usually if playing a Half-court game, whomever scores retains possession of the basketball…or in this case, the slap.

  52. I think I’ve watched this like 5 times in a row and I still laugh out loud to it. Andy is…. so great. Thank Chili’s the branches merged and he and Dwight got to meet.

  53. I can watch this 10 times a day and still roll laughing! I miss The Office. I’m glad my mom got me season 3 on DVD so when Season 4 comes out I can own that and be caught up.

  54. Gosh, I love this.
    There were two season five promos on with the Olympics tonight, as far as I know. Pretty much just clips from season 4 of Jim and Pam and Michael and Jan, but still exciting =3

  55. omg..i shouldn’t have played that…i almost busted out laughing in front of my boss… =/


  56. hmm, so jim and i have something in common — we both have made up new olympic sports.

    here’s the column i wrote for my newspaper’s summer olympics, which published on friday:


    (i was a senior editor at the paper until last thursday, but as of today i’m an editor at another publishing company.)

  57. if “table tennis” can be an Olympic sport, then slap face can be in the Olympics.

  58. I thought he was saying “Oh no, you can take it” before slapping Dwight again. “Make it take it” makes much more sense. Thanks to everyone that posted that :)

    One of my favorite parts is the smile on Jim’s face after Dwight slaps Ed Helms. For a second you have to wonder if Jim and Dwight set that up so they could both slap Helms repeatedly… heheh

  59. Ah, to have a job where you get paid to slap your fellow workers…I’m jealous.

  60. Jim did not make that up I play it with my little brother all the time. lol Man I miss “The Office”.

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