Vote for Office cast in the EWwys!

As mentioned in the last Weekend Tally, if you think ‘The Office’ cast was snubbed by Emmy, then make them Entertainment Weekly’s EWwy winners!

  • Vote for Jenna Fischer as Best Actress in a Comedy
  • Vote for Angela Kinsey as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy
  • Vote for Paul Lieberstein as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

UPDATE: Voting has ended …


  1. Woohoo! If voting just ended, I really can’t wait for Jenna & Angela to find out they won awards the fans voted on… I think they would really appreciate that :o) I don’t remember who was in the lead in Paul’s category :oP

  2. Glad I was able to get my votes in on time. Hurray for Jenna and Angela!

    I believe Tracy Morgan was in the lead for Paul’s category.

  3. I hope Angela Kinsey wins, I voted for her, simply because she is one of the unsung heroines of television. She is like Bebe Neuwirth from Cheers. Not the lead, but certainly the one you notice.

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