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Last updated: May 20, 2009

This post contains spoilers and news about The Office Season 5.

May 20: Inside Sources

I’ve confirmed that there will be DVD commentary for ‘Company Picnic’! You’ll find out some interesting (and touching) things about the final hospital scene.

May 15: tanster’s spoilers from the set of the finale

Here’s my final list of spoilers re: ‘Company Picnic’ (now annotated):

  • One relationship does NOT progress during the picnic.
    I was referring to Kevin and Lynn, since Lynn didn’t attend the picnic.
  • Erin will be at the picnic!
  • Breasts may be mentioned.
    I believe that Jim did utter the word ‘breasts’ in one of his ‘grab these for balance’ TH takes. It must have been cut for time.
  • CGI (computer generated imagery) will be present during the episode.
    Pam’s volleyball was all CGI.
  • A Conan staffer makes an appearance.
    That would be Brian Stack, or as I like to call him, ‘Angry Buffalo Guy.’ He’s a writer for Conan O’Brien’s show.
  • You may hear a bleeped-out obscenity.
    In one take, Angry Buffalo Guy yells something like, “What the f***?!” when David Wallace announces that Buffalo is closing. Looks like that version wasn’t used.
  • A group of people gets an unexpected surprise.
    Um, that would be Buffalo. *sniff*
  • Dwight gets some bro support.
    I’m referring to his friend, Rolph, played by James Urbaniak.
  • You might hear the exclamation “Booyah!”
    That would be the adorable Erin, played by Ellie Kemper.
  • An Office staffer makes their Office acting debut.
    The Office editor, Dave Rogers, played angry Ray-Ban guy.
  • Someone may be inappropriately dressed.
    Of course I’m talking about Meredith!
  • The picnic entertainment leads to some awkwardness.
    Wasn’t Slum Dunder Mifflinaire the worst skit you’ve ever seen?
  • You will see someone you haven’t seen since Season 2.
    Watch the first deleted scene to see Meredith’s son, Jake, played by Spencer Daniels. We haven’t seen him since Season 2’s episode ‘Take Your Daughter To Work Day.’ He’s all grown up!
  • A character demonstrates hidden athletic skill.
    That would be Pam and her wicked volleyball serve.

May 13: Ask Ausiello

Question: Anything new about The Office finale? –Cindy

Ausiello: The twist ending I’ve been telling you about? Not a single one of you has come close to guessing what it is.

May 13: Watch With Kristin

According to [Amy Ryan], “Right now Holly has a hot boyfriend. [The finale] is a company picnic, and he works at the Nashua branch, so yeah, he is there. Michael responds to this in his usual, as-you-would-expect way.” By which she means he responds with his usual hilarious and wacko inappropriateness.

After the “Company Picnic” encounter, however, it’s all over, as much as Amy would love the prospect of another return visit with her friends at The Office.

May 8: TV Guide May 11-18 issue

The 100th episode takes place at an office picnic where Dunderites from as far as Utica, New York, and Nashua, New Hampshire, have gathered for hot dogs, volleyball and some Michael magic. Holly (Amy Ryan), Michael’s ex, arrives her new BF from the Nashua branch. “Michael’s looking for the right moment to kiss her,” says writer Paul Lieberstein, who also plays HR rep Toby. Pam, meanwhile, hurts her ankle after some fierce v-ball action and gets rushed to the ER, while Dwight finds himself in a budding romance.

Tipster: jkfan9989

May 8: Message from Brian Baumgartner

On my way to do DVD commentary for THe OFFICe Season 5 DVD.

May 7: Watch With Kristin

Interview with Ed Helms:

Café Disco: So what exactly does Café Disco mean? We’ll let Ed explain: “Essentially Michael has another terrible idea on how to let off some steam in the office and the concept of a café disco emerges, which is a dancing situation that involves coffee. I’m not a good dancer, but I try really, really hard, and I’m not talking about Andy Bernard, I’m talking about Ed Helms.”

Company Picnic: Think season three’s “Beach Games,” but with the whole company, not just the Scranton Branch. “It’s the Dunder Mifflin picnic, so you have a lot of disparate elements converging. What the writers did is really fun and creative. It doesn’t boil down to passive aggressive little picnic games with a vengeance. There’s a lot more going on than that.” Hmmm, like maybe the return of Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) and a Charles-Michael battle royale? We’ll have to wait and see, but Idris Elba did tell us to expect a cliffhanger finale.

May 7: Lester Lewis (writer for The Office)

A song I wrote is going to be featured on The Office tonight. It’s a dance tune, girl singer, called Boy Hangover. Look for the scene where Kelly and the new receptionist start dancing with each other.

May 6: TV GUIDE May 4-10 issue

Michael Scott and Holly Flax are getting back together for the finale, though that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get together together (we hear there’s a kiss involved). “It’s an opportunity for them to bring a little closure to their situation,” Steve Carell says, Dr. Phil-like. Michael and Holly haven’t seen each other since she was transferred to Nashua earlier this season. The finale centers on an Office picnic, and as usual, Carell says, “Michael tries to say the right thing but ends up saying more than he should.” Meanwhile, Michael sees an opening back at Dunder Mifflin after tough-talking regional veep Charles Miner returns to New York. Will Michael get back his old office next season, alongside Dwight, Jim, Ryan, and the gang? “It’s possible,” Carell says. “But you never know who is going to be assigned where by corporate.”

May 3: James Urbaniak’s LiveJournal

This week I shot a part on the season finale (and hundredth episode) of “The Office.”

Tipster: Dwigt

Apr. 29: Ask Ausiello

Question: Please, please, please have some good scoop for The Office. I feel like it has been forever since we have learned something new. — Matt

Ausiello: Here’s what you already know: Everyone (including Amy Ryan’s Holly) gathers together for Dunder Mifflin’s annual company picnic. Here’s what you don’t know: The episode ends with a doozy of a twist, the repercussions of which will be felt well into next season.

Tipster: Mary

Apr. 27: OfficeTally

The Office Company PicnicA photo I took when I visited the set of ‘Company Picnic.’ This is an actual scene!

Apr. 27: TV Guide

On the show’s 100th episode, Dunder Mifflin sponsors an “eventful” company picnic, at which guest stars (and Wire vets) Amy Ryan and Idris Elba will no doubt charm and torture Michael Scott, respectively. What’s that? You were hoping to see Jim and Pam’s nuptials by the end of the season? Well, pick up the shattered pieces of your life and move on, because it ain’t going to happen. We’re hearing that the honour of our presence will instead be requested for a fall wedding

Tipster: Lindsay

Apr. 16: Watch With Kristin

With Idris [Elba] sticking around through the season finale, is there a chance the two will ever see eye to eye? “Charles is not movable. He doesn’t soften up, so I think that Charles-Jim dynamic gets stronger. Jim is eventually going to get so pissed off he might come out of his socks a little bit.”

… is there really a Scott-Miner face-off before the season’s end? “There are a couple of moments where it gets a little like, uh-oh! It’s really funny, and the fans of Michael Scott are going to be fully redeemed. It’s a great arc in the storyline and leaves the season finale with a nice cliffhanger.” Cliffhanger? No! We just hope that Michael reclaims the throne.

“I’m not sure they’re going to use [the scene], but Charles Miner breaks down who he is, and it was revealing, like, ‘Hey this is who I am.’ I enjoyed that because I played him completely different. It is a clue that this guy has a couple of sides to him.”

“Mr. Charles doesn’t leave the picture. He has the position that Jan had, and she came back quite frequently, so there’s the possibility that Charles can. My storyline has come to an end, but there is a good indication that the writers see my character coming back.”


Synopsis for ‘Company Picnic’ (May 14):

SEASON FINALE — THE SCRANTON OFFICE REPRESENTS AT THE COMPANY PICNIC—OSCAR NOMINEE AMY RYAN (“Gone Baby Gone”) AND IDRIS ELBA (“The Wire”) GUEST STAR— It’s the annual Dunder Mifflin company picnic and Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) and Holly (guest star Amy Ryan) are reunited, and Michael has some big plans for her. Meanwhile, the office competes in the picnic’s volleyball tournament. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein and B.J. Novak also star.



“The Office” will celebrate its 100th installment on Thursday, May 14 (9-9:30 p.m. ET) in its season finale involving an eventful company picnic guest starring Amy Ryan and Idris Elba.

Apr. 20: Watch With Kristin

Ashley in Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Is Michael ever going back to Dunder Mifflin on The Office?

Even if Michael (Steve Carell) does come back to Dunder Mifflin on The Office, his relationship with Dwight continues to be strained. After all those years of Michael putting him down, Dwight’s going to be in attack mode. Says Rainn Wilson, “If you poke a cobra in the neck, he will strike at your arm with his teeth. You can quote me on that.” In happier relationship news, “There’s love and politics in the air at Dunder Mifflin,” adds Rainn. And while Dwight and Angela are not currently getting it on, Rainn says, “Maybe in the near future.”

Apr. 16: KorbiTV

… it looks like both Ryan and Pam will be back at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton by this year’s season finale. I don’t want to say too much, but the 100th ep/season ender is all about a company-wide D-M picnic and I spotted both Beasley and blondie (yep, he’s still doing the blonde thing… Mindy Kaling’s brilliant idea, btw) in Scranton-colored t-shirts (each branch was sporting a different hue). FYI, there was no sign of Michael in the scene that I saw filmed.

We haven’t seen the last of Kevin’s girlfriend this year. Brian Baumgartner told me so. He also said the finale facilitates the return of several familiar faces … some we know well, some we may have spotted in background scenes here or there over the seasons.

[Idris Elba] was in the picnic scene I saw filmed. But he was sporting a black New York branch tee, so I guess Charles Miner’s days in Scranton are numbered.

… though it looks as though Pam will be back at Dunder-Mifflin next month, the new receptionist/apple of Andy & Dwight’s eye seems to be sticking around as well.

B.J. Novak told me Ryan will definitely be puttin it down for Kelly, we just don’t know if she’ll be pickin’ it up …

Angela Kinsey told me Dwight is totally Angela’s true love and the two of them will be talking again by season’s end.

Apr. 16: NBC Universal Media Village

Synopsis for ‘Cafe Disco’ (May 7):

MICHAEL BRINGS COFFEE AND DANCING TO THE OFFICE—Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) enters the cafe-disco business. Meanwhile, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) decide to take a secret trip. Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein and B.J. Novak also star.

Tipster: Jimmy

Apr. 15: NBC Universal Media Village

The May 7th episode is entitled ‘Cafe Disco.’ No synopsis yet.

Tipster: snarkerella

(While I was in the studio on Monday, I saw a rough cut of one scene from this episode. The scene features Andy and Kelly, and it is GOLDEN.)

Apr. 13: Watch With Kristin

Steven in Houston: The Office is so great right now! What’s coming up?
“Take me home, country road….” (“In German!”) So great. Believe it or not, The Office is already filming its 100th episode (due to air May 14), and E! News will be on the set tomorrow to get to goods on both Dunder Mifflin and the Michael Scott Paper Company Inc. Check out the official MSPC website right now, and then check back soon for more scoop!

Brendan in Portland, Ore.: Is it true that Melora Hardin got a pilot? What does this mean for her being on The Office?
Yes, Melora was cast in the new FX pilot called Lights Out, which begins filming this week. Melora says of the pilot, “It’s a real gritty, sexy drama about an ex-prize fighter who’s married to a pediatric osteopath, that’s me. We have children together, and it’s a very gritty, sexy relationship that’s broken, yet working.” As far as this getting in the way of The Office, “Hopefully this pilot will go to series, and I’ll be really busy with that,” adds Melora.

Juliet in Arkansas City, Kan.: Please, can you give us some Office scoop?
It’s been pretty tense at Dunder Mifflin lately, what with Idris Elba driving people to quit, but luckily the gang will get to relax a little soon. Creed Bratton teased to us that there’s a casual Friday coming up where Jim (John Krasinski) and Creed play chess. BTW, is that Pam sitting at a sales desk in that pic on the right? Whee!

Apr. 10: The Hollywood Reporter

Melora Hardin of “The Office” is moving to cable, landing the female lead opposite Holt McCallany on FX’s drama pilot “Lights Out.”

Hardin won’t appear on [The Office]’s remaining episodes this season, on which she is still formally a regular. She is expected to guest star in one or more episodes next season.

Tipster: Erin


Synopsis for ‘Casual Friday’ (April 30):

MICHAEL IS TORN BETWEEN HIS TWO SALES GROUPS — Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) has to mediate a dispute within his new sales team. Meanwhile, trouble brews in the office when several employees take the term “casual” Fridays too loosely. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, B.J. Novak and Paul Lieberstein also star.

Tipster: sorano916

Apr. 9: tanster’s sources

The OfficeA few little tidbits about tonight’s double-header.

First, behold the picture to the left. Cute, no?

Second, I’ve been told to watch ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’ from the very first moment — “it’s brilliant,” my source says. Can’t wait!

Apr. 7: Mindy Kaling’s Twitter Feed

ahhh!! next week, Beadie Russell and Stringer Bell in one place!! and rob huebel!!

Apr. 6: NBC Universal Media Village

Synopsis for ‘Heavy Competition’ (April 16):

MICHAEL AND DWIGHT IN A HIGH-STAKES BATTLE—IDRIS ELBA (“The Wire”) GUEST STARS—Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) loyalty to Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carrell) is tested when he finds a new hero in Charles (guest star Idris Elba). Meanwhile, Andy (Ed Helms) tries to provide for all of Jim’s (John Krasinski) emotional needs. Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein also star.

Synopsis for ‘Broke’ (April 23):

MICHAEL DEALS WITH EARLY MORNING DELIVERIES AND FINANCIAL STRAINS— IDRIS ELBA (“The Wire”) GUEST STARS— Michael’s (Golden Globe winner Steve Carrell) new company struggles to make early morning deliveries while the office tries to get their expense reports in on time after Angela (Angela Kinsey) enforces Dunder Mifflin’s policy. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein also star.

Title for April 30 episode: Casual Friday (no synopsis yet)

Apr. 3, 2009: New York Magazine

[Michael] Schur, who is directing the season finale of [Parks and Recreation] — its initial run is six episodes — told us he’s not going to have time for Mose to make a triumphant return to Schrute Farms.

“They called me the other day, asking if I could come back and play Mose for one of the last episodes this year,” said Schur from his office on the P&R set. “It would have been right when I was [directing] that last episode, so there was no way it could work.

Tipster: TobyFan

Apr. 1, 2009: E! Online

Holly may want to watch her back at The Office—Jan is just around the corner.

The last we saw of former company vice president of regional sales Jan Levinson, she had moved away after giving birth to baby daughter Astrid. But her former love interest Michael (Steve Carell) is now hung up on HR rep Holly (Amy Ryan).

Melora Hardin, who plays Jan, tells me she doesn’t think she’ll pop up again this season, but she’ll definitely return for the next…


  1. I can hardly contain my excitement over the 30 episode order! What a testament to the success of our beloved show! Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Office! May there be many more awesome milestones ahead for you!

  2. YES! 30 Episodes!! Of course they ordered 30 for this season as well… Glad it’s actually going to happen!

    I wonder if they’ll experiment with hour episodes again.

  3. Christ, 30 episodes! That must be to make up for the massive amount of episodes lost due to the strike.

  4. YES!!!! 30 EPISODES!!!!!!! Hopefully some will be hourlongs, and maybe a Michael/Jan baby?

  5. If they do hourlong episodes, I will KILL myself. Like “Romeo and Juliet.” …The Claire Danes one.

    Seriously, a few (i.e. Christmas, the finale, and so forth) is fine, but cramming them all in together this season was just not pleasant.

  6. Whoo hoo – 30 episodes! I was so excited about the idea of a 30-ep Season 4, and so disappointed when it didn’t happen. I’m especially stoked for the one Steve is going to write. Just thinking about that concept makes me laugh!

  7. Please, no more hour-long episodes.

    Or if they are hour-long episodes, make sure they’re actually funny. An hour long season 2 episode would have been paradise, but now… eh…

  8. Please please please do not let there be an actors’ strike! Didn’t we suffer enough during the writers’ strike?

  9. -When I heard he was on jury duty I was certain it would be in the show somehow.
    -I really hope that there isn’t an actors strike, but it’s nice to know that 30 episodes have been ordered.

  10. You’ve got to be kidding me. What do the ACTORS have to complain about? I think we have suffered enough through those four long months of Office-less-ness, and we don’t need our 30 episodes shot down again.

  11. Ah – I take it back! Our season 5 could get split in half! I swear if there’s another strike I’m going to get so mad. The actors really need no more money. I can’t say I’ll support them in this.

  12. Oh man I can’t wait for that Jury Duty episode. I hope Steve goes through with writing that and it gets filmed. Imagine Michael on a jury, lol x 100.

  13. How could they do Jury Duty? Cameras aren’t allowed in courtrooms…Arrested Development was shot in a similar way, and the cameras always had to leave the courtroom when they had episodes in which they went there. Maybe an episode where Michael is inspired by Jury Duty, and tries to have an “Office Courtroom”?

  14. It seems like if a strike were to happen with actors, God help us, it’d probably end much sooner than this one did. Hollywood had some scripts backed up for the strike, but how can they make anything if they have no actors. They’d definitely want a quick end to things.

  15. I’ve been lacking in the participation on Officetally for a few months, since there was nothing really new to talk about. But! I found this page, and I can’t believe it! First, that they’re talking about next season already, and second, that it IS season FIVE!!?!?!?!?

    Totally hard to believe–and just another congrats to you Tanster, especially since people will continue flocking back to the site seeing that we’re ONE MONTH away from the “Dinner Party!!” YAY! No strike, everyone is back to work, and it’s almost Spring! I think I’ll be prepared for the summer break, seeing that I actually survived the strike without my Dunder Mifflin pals!

  16. Regarding Christine #14 – Cameras are only barred from federal courts. As to individual states, it would depend on the state and the judge as to whether they allow cameras or not. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

  17. 30 episodes, nice. I can’t believe that there’s talk of a SAG strike. We’ve already suffered enough.

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