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UPDATE: in case you haven’t seen it, here’s a promo of tonight’s episode!

Tipster: Lauren

When I was down in L.A. for my set visit, I got to watch some unedited footage of this episode. It involved Andy and Kelly, and it was FANTASTIC. I hope they get as much of it in as they can. (That’s what she said.)


  1. That HAS to be a joke.
    Wow. I’ve never been so excited for an episode after seeing that. Thursday come faster please

  2. I figured the secret trip would be that, but… it can’t be that easy, right?

  3. The fact that NBC put Pam in the promo saying they are going to go get married means that it will 100% NOT happen.

  4. WOW! WOW! I knew they were keeping it under wraps but… wait a second. This is probably one of Jim’s pranks T_T

  5. So something must happen to keep it from happening, right? I thought the secret trip may be that, but I never thought they would give it away in the promo. And neither are wearing wedding rings in the pictures from Company Picnic.

  6. Based on the sole fact that Pam said it in the preview, we know that they’re not “getting married today.”

    Boo. Not funny.

  7. Does that mean “You Can Call me Al” is playing next Thursday? I won’t believe it till I see it.

    It’s very likely to have the highest rating of this season.

  8. This is a bit unrelated, but ALAN ALDA!!! I don’t normally watch 30 Rock…but I will have to next week.

    Also, Jim and Pam are NOT getting married next week. I read something somewhere (it might even have been on here) that said to expect a JAM wedding sometime next fall.

  9. If they don’t actually get married this is a really, really not funny prank on the fans.

  10. yeah, i’m not down with this promo. i mean, IF they’re getting married, why spoil it like this…and if they’re not getting married, it’s mean to lead us on. so lame dash o either way, nbc.

  11. Like others, I don’t buy it. But I’ve also always thought that it’s not really plausible to see a Jim/Pam wedding unless it was being filmed without their knowledge. Jim and Pam are both pretty private people and are usually guarded when it comes to what the cameras catch. In this fictional documentary world, did they sign some kind of waiver that said they could be filmed at any time during their personal lives? Unless they are getting a good amount of money from the documentary crew to help pay for the wedding, I don’t see why they would let it be filmed…(Yes, I think about this show way too much.)

  12. LIES. NBC would never get away with that if it was for real. Anyways, I’m kind of glad to see Pam back in her regular clothes rather than business suits.

  13. I bet that they get married at the justice of the peace, just to get the logistics out of the way and to take the pressure off. But they’ll celebrate with everyone else later. It might even be a total secret! That’s what my husband and I did. We got legally married about two months before our wedding. It made the wedding so much more relaxed and fun for us. My brother just did the same thing. It’s becoming more and more common. Not really an elopement, just signing the contract.

  14. Now I’m really starting to feel like this promo is just intolerable cruelty.

  15. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, now that I’ve had my necessary squee, it’s not going to happen. There are two possibilities:

    1) They’re joking.
    2) Something gets in the way of the elopement.

    Oh, and did passed-out-Stanley make anyone else crack up?

  16. Yeah I’m pretty sure a Jim response to this would be: “I’m pretty sure none of that is real.”

    To which Creed would respond with, “You’re not real.”

  17. WHAAAAAAAAAAA?!! Oh my gosh!!!!

    I have serious doubts that they’re actually going to get married next week, but… Oh man!

  18. WHAT THE FRAK?!?!
    Come on..this just can’t be their real wedding episode. Nothing like making my blood pressure just bottom out. Wow. I guess we’ll have to see.

    Any thoughts you want to share with us about this Tanster??

    [from tanster: as michael scott would say, i honestly know nothing. :) ]

  19. This is just mean of NBC. No way they’re going to keep everything secret and then blurt it out like this. Obviously I’m going to secretly hope it’s not a bluff, but it’s probably just another Goodbye Toby pull. Sigh.

  20. Promos can be incredibly misleading. We don’t know what comes before or after the, “we’re getting married today.”

  21. The best part of that promo for me was Jenna’s voice in slow-mo. I may have watched that part like 10 times while laughing hysterically.

  22. *Narrows eyes suspiciously at NBC promo department*
    Goodbye Toby taught me never to expect anything when it comes to Jim and Pam. I can’t think they’re getting married next week. Seems way way too easy.

  23. Getting married on a workday? I think we’re missing a big piece of the story with this promo!

  24. I’ve got 10 words for you: “Is this the night Pam chooses to fight for love?”

    You know what they say.. Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice, strike three.

  25. It’s freaking me out that there is an ad for “elope in Virginia” in the upper right corner.

    I think NBC is probably hoping we’re gonna buy this.

    But then I wonder if NBC knows we’re going to be wary of them and they’re going to trick us by telling the truth. I think all those years of The X-Files may have messed me up.

  26. Guys. This is “The Office” we’re talking about! They’re going to do something none of us even imagined. Prepare to be either satisfied to tears or shocked beyond belief!

  27. 33-
    Exactly. Was it Phyllis’ wedding episode in which Pam was going to fight for love? I think I threw something at the TV after that episode because I was so disappointed.

    I did think that Jim and Pam might have a secret, non-documented wedding just so they didn’t have to invite Michael. Or anyone else from the office.

    I was doing really well with not watching promos this year and I had to watch this one!

  28. Meg –

    I also lol at passed out Stanley. Actually, I lol at pretty much anything Stanley does.

  29. They’re not getting married Thursday. Remember when they showed a clip of Kelly in Season 4 saying that she was pregnant? Just one way to get everyone super stoked for the episode. I’m excited! =)

  30. This is a hard one (that’s what she said). Pam did say we are getting married today and I believe in the synopsis it says that Pam and Jim go on a trip or something. Pam was the one to spill the beans about them dating so why not tell the camera crew that they are getting married? However I don’t think NBC would tell us straight up that they are getting married like that. It is just a ratings ploy. So what I am trying to say? Basically I have no idea if they are really tying the knot in the next episode.

  31. I’m of two minds on this… Because they’re using it as a promo that it’s definitely one of those times that things aren’t what they seem at first – then again, they’ve been saying to expect a Fall wedding, so it could very well be a big switch up and boom – they get married now.
    Maybe she’s pregnant and they’re going to do a quick civil ceremony, then a big froo-froo affair this fall? Wasn’t there some talk regarding someone being pg in the office? Oh well, Thursday can’t come soon enough!

  32. Do you remember how excited you were when Jim said,

    “I’m going to propose tonight. Holy crap!”?

    Do you remember how upset you were when it didn’t happen?

    Do you remember how the proposal happened when we didn’t really expect it because Jim just couldn’t wait, at a Truck Stop…in the rain?

    I’ve learned to expect the unexpected and I love that the writers don’t disappoint.

  33. I’m guessing that this clip was taken out of context. Maybe after Pam says they’re getting married today, they laugh and and say, “No, just kidding! We’re going to go…(do something else).” No matter what happens, I’m looking forward to Thursday :)

  34. what the flagnog! my better instinct is telling me that they’re not getting married. something’s probably gonna come in the way of it.

  35. no, no, no… they’re not getting married. if you don’t believe me, then go take a look at the OT spoilers page. for season six i think.

  36. Love hearing it, just don’t trust it.

    They might actually have the intentions to get married that day, but working there something crazy will probably come up and change the plans.

  37. It seems like they’re making way too big a deal out of this for it to actually be true. I bet they are planning to get married, but something has to get in the way.

  38. I spent all last summer worrying about them not getting engaged like I had hoped they would after Jim showed us the ring. I fully expect to spend this next summer worrying about them not getting married.

    What can I say? I am way too invested in these two. I know they’re just TV characters, but I can’t help myself. I want them to be happy.

  39. At risk of being totally wrong – I do think they’re going to get married.

    But… I don’t think we’re going to see it. They won’t allow the camera crew along, and they’ll just elope. Maybe Pam’s mom comes for a last minute visit, and they decide that’s all they need to just go and do it.

  40. If they don’t get married in this episode the backlash from JAMers is going to be huge. If they don’t get married in this episode it will be the lowest rated episode on here ala Phyllis’ Wedding.

  41. OK, first HEAD EXPLODES! Second, flashes back to “I’m going to propose tonight,”followed by no proposal. So, ever since I read the episode description I thought Jim and Pam were going to elope in this episode, but now that they’re making such a thing of it in the promo, I’m not so sure. Either way, looks like there could be some Jammy goodness in this episode. Can’t wait!

  42. 52:

    Yep, the episode will probably be hilarious, but there will be some people going nuts if they don’t get married.

  43. BAH! I think I have this one figured out, Jim and Pam are going to get their marriage license… Not technically married… That’s why I think we get a bit of a “hold on a minute” look from Jim. Technicality. I’m betting my career as an Office fan on this one :)

  44. #49-she’s not doing anything to his back. She’s standing a couple feet behind him. It’s just the angle of the camera that makes it look like she’s touching him.

  45. really doubt that they’re actually getting married. also doubt that it’s only jim’s idea not to get married. when it takes someone more than 5 YEARS to actually say something slightly negative about someone, then I think he wants to marry her.

  46. Well, this is the clip that has finally made me post.
    Don’t believe it, don’t believe it, don’t believe it. Want to believe it.

  47. The promos from Gilmore Girls taught me never to believe a promo….

    so WHY do I want to believe this one?

  48. Man I was hoping that description would be something along those lines but now that they made such a big deal out of it in the promo, there’s no way.
    Praying that the .1% chance that we are all over thinking this and they are really just trying to get us excited…..actually more like a .01% chance.

  49. Bravo #34, awesome X-Files reference. In the spirit of that show, I have two thoughts:

    1. Pam seems really excited in the promo, so this may in fact be real. Why not? There really hasn’t been a Jam-centered episode in a while.
    2. Pam and Jim are lying about this to distract us from something else which is true- maybe a Baby Jam and a trip to the doctor? Maybe they have to lie because the camera crew suspects something or caught them talking.

  50. Once again, I’m in disbelief and awe in what The Office writers can do. Seriously, people, this clip is absolutely baffling and I think it’s in large part due to the writers being so crafty! This is exactly the kind of thing that they wanted to stir up, and I say kudos to them. We’re at a point where even if they point blank gave it away in the promo, none of us will know for sure until the actual episode! Either way, I believe we’re in for one heck of an episode! Great job once again, writers! :-)

  51. For some strange reason, I have a feeling the phrase that comes before is along the lines of…
    “On [insert date here] we can say…”
    A stretch, but hey!

  52. With 63 replies and counting, no matter what I think of it, this promo did what it was supposed to do.

    [from tanster: totally! :) ]

  53. Okay, Jim and Pam BETTER not be getting married like this! I felt sort of jipped by not getting to see any early dates or real falling in love, and then the proposal quickly happened, so I thought we’d at least get a little of the wedding planning and a Phyllis-style episode!! I will be so, so disappointed if it’s just a quick little thing they show on Thursday. Please don’t do it, writers!!

  54. @ 67 –

    That’s what I’ve been thinking too. Yes, Jim and Pam are very private people, but all four of the weddings I’ve been to in the past year were filmed by either professionals or family members. A lot of couples like to watch their wedding videos on their first anniversary.

    Even if it’s not “the” camera crew, the supposed production company of the Office will probably be able to get footage. Remember, there have been a couple of Dwight/Angela conversations that we saw via security tapes.

  55. They will find a way to film the wedding if and when it happens. Just because of the simple fact that many of the fans expect to see it.

  56. Oh come on, everyone! Really? All this JAM hype, when clearly the highlight of the promo is the incredible face Dwight is making in his talking head?? Just kidding.

    But I do think it’s important to consider the “uhh..” noise along with the face Jim makes right before Pam bursts out with her proclamation. Who knows what NBC might have edited out of this clip.

  57. This promo is going to make this the longest week ever! I think I’ve got it figured out, though. They are joking in the TH about marriage being the purpose of their trip. This will lull us into a false sense of, “Ok they’re really not going to do it.” Then while on their trip they’re going to feel all romantic and spontaneous and actually get married after all, so it’ll still be a surprise for all us viewers. It’ll be like a book end to the proposal. Jim said he wasn’t going to propose yet, then SURPRISE he couldn’t wait.

  58. I called a JAM elopement since Jim first proposed. BUT, I don’t completely believe that it will happen. While “they” do keep saying that there will be a fall wedding, my thoughts are they might get married this week but they could still have a big reception or a “real” wedding in the fall. And Jim isn’t saying “uhhh”…. he says “soooo…” He is talking and Pam interrupts him.

  59. I hope when JAM DOES marry that they keep it a secret from Michael, otherwise he’ll do to them what he did to Phyllis’s wedding.

  60. I have learned to expect the unexpected from the office, so I don’t think they will be getting married in this episode. However, they may know we won’t think they really will get married so they do get married.(does that even make any sense?) I was really hoping we would get to see a long anticipated big JAM wedding ceremony.

  61. #74, i’m with you. i wanted a big ceremony. we’ve waited long enough; we deserve it.

    however, if they DO get married in this episode: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET THEM GET MARRIED ON THE ROOF!!!

  62. I just want to jump in with the minority who don’t want to see a JAM wedding on the show. I’d like to think they’d want their wedding private and intimate and NOT a part of this wacky documentary. I’d rather the show stay true to the characters and the documentary format than put the wedding in the show because the fans “deserve” it.

  63. You know they already did the big wedding thing on the show and the description says that they are taking a secret trip. I am with 76… I hope that they will stay true to the characters and have a small off camera ceremony…

    Then show pictures and such.

  64. if they do get married, yeah, it’ll probably be an small, intimate wedding. just family and friends. but i hope the documentary crew is there, ’cause i wanna see it!

  65. and i don’t think she’s kidding…. the way she said it, it seems like it just “popped out”

  66. Did anybody else notice at the beginning of the promo, it looks like they’re all glaring at Pam? Dunno if it’s important or not, but it looked pretty funny.

  67. To my eyes and ears it looks like Jim was about to say something and Pam jumped in with the “we’re getting married today” to stop Jim from saying what he was about to say. I think this because of the way she tugged at his arm as if to shut him up and distract everyone.
    On the other hand, it also reminded me of the episode when they were caught on camera kissing in Pam’s car and Jim tried to play it casual until Pam blurted out that they were dating….there is more to this TH than meets the eye! Can’t wait until Thursday.

  68. I think she’s joking. I really, really, really think she’s joking. If I say it enough times, maybe that will make it true ;) Seriously, though, she’s joking. Right? RIGHT??!! *runs around screaming & flailing arms*

    If I had to make a prediction, I’d say they are discussing their “secret trip” in the TH and Pam blurts out the getting married bit as a joke. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  69. I’m with everyone that does not want a JAM wedding on the show. Their coworkers don’t even like Jim and Pam all that much so they don’t deserve to be part of their special day. I’d be much happier if they left this alone.

  70. I’m with those who really want to see a Jam wedding, but I’m not sure how right it would be for the documentary crew to be there to film it. Perhaps a friend or family member will videotape it for Jim and Pam and then they will share some of that footage with the documentary crew after the fact.

  71. 86:

    Would he buy a 3rd toaster, or give them the previously purchased 2nd toaster?

  72. Is Michael waving a toaster above his head in the promo? Or is it something else I can’t make out? If it is, could this be a sign from Stanley that the wedding is near?? LOL.

    I think NBC is blowing smoke up our behinds. I love the X-Files references below (only because it is the only show that I have obsessed over more than TO) and if I learned one thing from those guys it’s: Trust no one. Those NBC execs are looking to gear up big number for the season’s end, and they are getting exactly what they want: a big huge JAM hype-fest. Who knows if it’s the truth or not (but I’m speculating not).

    But I’m not complaining:) It gives me something to do this week. I would much rather replay slo-mo Pam in my head than think about all of the things on my to-do list!

  73. I believe Stanley already gave that toaster to Phyllis for her wedding.
    I hope there is going to be a wedding, and I want to see it. I think Michael will be there since he is now on good terms with Pam. I hope this episode is going to be full of JAM!

  74. Isn’t it kind of a 100th episode cliche to have a wedding? SO, wouldn’t it be ironically funny if on of the most unorthodox shows on tv has a 99th episode wedding?
    I kind of think that would be pretty cool!
    (I just want them to get married now!)

  75. In reply to everyone who doesn’t want an on screen wedding to “stay true to the characters”, wouldn’t it be true to the character of the crew itself to let themselves in on the wedding? It goes without saying that the camera crew has been a bit intrusive in what and how it films things. It would make perfect sense if we got a glimpse of the wedding through spy shots with the camera’s presence unbeknownst to Jim and Pam.

  76. OK, so we don’t know what sort of wackiness Michael’s ‘cafe disco’ actually involves- by the looks of it, there’s dancing (with Phyllis), a toaster held high, and Stanley sleeping through it all – or why it’s happening. Could it be that he’s somehow involved Pam and Jim’s impending nuptials as part of this – a sort of wedding rehearsal/celebration that goes down some crazy path? Jim and Pam have also been working hard on getting DM back together again in one way or another; maybe this is part of the glue?

    I don’t think it’s the real wedding.

  77. More supposition for the fire.
    Opening second, everyone is looking over Pam, toward Michael or Jim. Originally thought Jim as he was making some anouncement provoking the TH. I’m now doubting it, per his announcement of being engaged and how well that went over.

    An elopement solves 2 problems. Michael and Kelley. Would you want either at a large wedding?

  78. Agreed Gregster. I think we’ll see PB&J elope as to avoid dealing with Kelly and Michael specifically. You never know, though. Season 5 has had many surprises.

  79. If they are eloping or having a small, intimate wedding, then why did Pam comment that their wedding was going to be expensive?

  80. I completely think that an elopement on JAM’s behalf is entirely inline with their relationship. Pam already planned a wedding, and even though it didn’t happen- she got it out of her system. Jim and Pam are easy going and no fuss about things. Them getting away for a secret wedding is a perfect solution. Then in the fall they could have a “mock wedding and reception” for us all to laugh about!

  81. Ah HA! The promo is in response to the Gray’s Anatomy, 100th episode tomorrow, with their wedding.

    Also.. they might have been planning / wanting a standard expensive wedding. With recent events, they may have concluded to just get married, small just family affair.

  82. My guess is that she says “We’re getting married today!!!” out of excitement and then Jim says something like “Well, no, we’re going to get our license signed today” or something to that effect.

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