‘The Office’ Set Visit 2008!

Oh. My. God.

The powers that be over at The Office and NBC have generously allowed me to come visit ‘The Office’ set tomorrow. While they shoot the season finale!

As with my set visit last year, I will hopefully get to spend the entire day there, and I will try to accomplish the following: observe the process of shooting an episode, say hello to writers, cast, and crew, pat Angela’s baby bump, and meet Lighting Guy. :)

Oh, and EAT. (Last year I was in such a state of shock about being there and meeting everybody, that I couldn’t eat anything and had a stomachache by the end of the day.) Hopefully, I’ll be calmer this time around … who am I kidding, I AM SO EXCITED!

(Did I just squee?)

Update: it is unlikely that there will be any updates to OfficeTally tomorrow. I will try to post reports and pics as soon as I can, after I return home. Thanks for your patience and well wishes! :)


  1. Hooray!! I’m so excited for you. Please make sure that you get lots of pictures (duh) and give John a million and one hugs from all of us Tally head ladies.

  2. Wow, that is so awesome. I have to admit though, I’m a little (or: a lot) jealous. ;)

    Get us lots of inside scoop, please! :D

  3. Congrats Tanster! Thanks to NBC and The Office for recognizing your awesomeness :)

    I look forward to a full report!

  4. Have the BEST time Jennie!! Can’t wait to see the pictures, and pass on love from all of us!!

  5. oh man! i am sooooo jealous! i can’t wait to see the new pics and inside scoop! have a blast!!!

  6. Have a great time at the “Office” set, tanster! Looking forward very much to your set report already :)

  7. What great news! Those Office cats are so cool; it’s awesome that they’ve recognized all your hard work on this site! So exciting! Please send them all our good wishes for a great season finale!

  8. No one deserves this honor more than you. Have fun for all of us… as I will be vicariously living through you. LOL> Have the best time ever!!!

  9. YAY! that is such exciting news! Congratulations, you definitely deserve it! Have a fantastic time!

  10. So jealous. Although I love that even you’re shocked you keep getting these awesome opportunities. You’re keeping it real, just like our beloved cast does. :-)

  11. OMG! I’m so jealous!!! Congrats Tanster, for all that you do you deserve this. I can’t wait for you behind the scenes info. Yay.

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