‘The Office’ set visit 2009

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UPDATE: this post contained teaser information and photos prior to ‘Company Picnic’ airing on May 14th, 2009. It is no longer open to comments or updating. For my full set visit report, go here. Thanks!

May 14: Latest photos

Here are two final photos before the episode airs tonight. Only two hours left for East Coasters!

I have SO MANY MORE photos and notes to share, plus one awesome video. All coming after tonight!

Steve CarellSteve Carell

The OfficeHad to give one final shout-out to my Buffalo peeps.


(I’m the one kneeling right below my friends Erin and Dan, who are holding their precious babies.)

April 26: Latest video

This was a break in the shooting, and The Office cast was having fun playing a little catch. I am chatting with Creed. The atmosphere all week was fun and relaxed. :)

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  1. Thanks, Tanster! Can’t wait for more tidbits. You’re the best! “Company Picnic,” hmm? All kinds of possibilities. :)

  2. Jen Celotta annnnnnd Paul Lieberstein TOGETHER?!?! So awesome! I can’t wait!

    Have fun storming the castle! I mean Dunder Mifflin!

  3. Tanster you’re so lucky! Enjoy your week and I can’t wait for the picnic episode!

  4. Too bad it’s only a half hour show. The company picnics are the funniest episodes. Any good cliff hangers???

  5. So “Company Picnic” is the season 5 finale AND the 100th episode…. and it’s still only 30 minutes long? WEAK!

  6. No super sized episode? Nothing? Oh well. If the episode is amazing I won’t care about the length. Casino Night remains my favorite season finale and it was the shortest (unless you count Hot Girl).

  7. That sounds like one heck of a finale! Thanks for the scoop, Tanster! YES – Paul and Jen writing will be fantastic. I love Ken’s directing skills and can’t wait to see what lies in store for our favorite Office workers :) Best of luck waking up early, Tanster. Just keep yourself hydrated. The weather will most likely be hot, and being around John Krasinski would make any girl a bit lightheaded.

  8. man it all sounded super awesome besides the half hour part that makes me kinda sad… but dude it’s THE OFFICE so it will definitely be a gnarly episode!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for the update, Tanster! Can’t wait to hear more details. It is a shame that the finale isn’t a full hour, but a company picnic does sound like a great premise! Hope you’re having an awesome time on set!

  10. Company picnic with all the branches. Lots of people. Plenty of opportunities to jump right into a scene or five (wink-wink). So which branch will you be from? Am I getting warm?

  11. I’m sad that the season finale is only a half hour long, but I’m happy to hear that Paul Lieberstien and Jen Celotta wrote the episode! They’ve written some of the strongest episodes.

  12. If I had to guess why you’re there for an entire week, I’d say you’re gonna be in the episode! LUCKY!

  13. this is weak. why did it change to a 22 minute episode? how are they gonna fit a finale into 22 minutes?
    and even if it wasn’t the finale, just because it’s the 100th episode alone should call for an hour-long!

  14. Half an hour? Boo.

    Oh well, looking forward to all the photos and observations you’ll bring back for us, Tanster. I always enjoy your behind-the-scenes entries.

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