The Office Set Visit 2009: Day 1

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  • Date: Monday, April 13, 2009
  • Scenes filmed: cold open, final scene
  • Locations: The Office studio, hospital
  • Call times: crew 7am, shooting 7:15am


  • That’s right; the very first scene and the very last scene of ‘Company Picnic’ were shot on the FIRST day of filming!
  • I got to meet Angela’s baby, Isabel! She was on set briefly. Angela jokes that Isabel loves the attention she gets on set. She has big beautiful eyes and an adorable smile. Just like last year, Angela showed me yet another Angela Martin blouse with a ridiculous number of buttons to button. Seriously, she handed me the blouse and said, “Try to unbutton the top button. it’s impossible.” And I couldn’t!
  • I gave Ed Helms a printout of something that Tallyhead Kenna asked me to give him. B.J. Novak was in earshot and said, “You know, people are always coming up to me and wanting me to give things to Ed.” I mentioned that quite a few fans were taken with Ed and Rainn’s ‘Country Roads’ duet, especially the harmonizing. I said I didn’t know Rainn could sing, and Ed joked, “He can’t,” looking over to Rainn to see if he overheard.
  • At this point, I didn’t know who I would be playing as an extra, so Creed Bratton decided I needed a backstory: I would appear as his long lost daughter from China, Ching Yee. While Mandarin actually is my first language, I think Creed probably speaks it better than me now.
  • What was the most difficult part of John’s “chicken pot pie” talking head? It wasn’t the lines, but the winding of the clock! I have a clock just like that, and the little nubby thing on the back of it doesn’t give you a lot of control when you’re trying to rewind it. John kept overshooting or undershooting the correct time. The final take, of course, shows his monologue perfectly synchronized with winding the clock forward to 4:50pm. :)
  • How my gig as an extra came to be: ever since posting Amy’s report on being an extra for the Season 4 episode, ‘Branch Wars,’ I’ve wanted to be an extra on The Office! And since I knew the Season 5 finale would also be the 100th episode and something extra special, I decided it would be that episode for which I would make my crazy request. So in early March, I contacted the show producers and asked if I could not only visit the set for that episode, but actually be in it. (Crazy, right?) Two weeks later, I received the green light — and I was told that I would be an extra at a company picnic! So for the next four or so weeks after that, I was going crazy with the anticipation of it all. I’ve never been an extra on anything, so I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to exceed my wildest expectations. :)

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