The Office’s 9pm competitors next season

This is upfronts week in New York, when every major TV network announces its 2009-2010 schedule.

Today’s presenter: FOX

FOX just announced that its JJ Abrams’ science fiction thriller ‘Fringe’ will move from Tuesday nights to Thursday nights this fall.

At 9pm. Against The Office.

Here’s the confirmed list of Thursday 9pm shows for the coming season:

  • FOX: Fringe
  • ABC: Grey’s Anatomy
  • NBC: The Office
  • CBS: CSI
  • CW: Supernatural

I love Fringe, but I guess I won’t be watching it live anymore …


  1. NOOO!!!

    some people don’t have DVRs…poop. sometimes I wish i didn’t love television so much.

    thanks for the info, tanster. even though it’s very, very sad.

    [from tanster: i know. :( there’s always hulu.]

  2. Pssh, doesn’t matter to me, The Office is by far my favorite show without close competition and the only other shows I watch are on Mondays.

  3. What! OH no! The two shows I record and keep all season long are Fringe and The Office. I am unable to tape both now. They are going to make me choose, how dare they!

  4. As much as I love NBC for having The Office, the show will never get good ratings if it’s slotted with CSI and Grey’s … and now Fringe?

  5. Thank goodness for having the ability to watch one show and record 2 at the same time.

    [from tanster: shoot. i do not currently possess that kind of technology. don’t tell me i have to upgrade my tivo? grrrr.]

  6. Grrrr! The Office and Fringe are my two favorite shows! I guess I will have to DVR Fringe next season…

  7. I finally go next schoolyear to the States for my study, and now I already got my first problem. CSI or The Office? Well that’s easy. But do I still want to see a replay of the CSI episode, don’t think so. I am a ‘Live-man’, no replays for me.

  8. I’m central time and wanted to know if The Office will still be 8 ‘o clock my time?

  9. Maybe by some miracle NBC will move it to a different date. I’m not a fan of Thursdays, they are too late in the week. Feels like I have to wait so much longer than a week between episodes. I doubt they will move it, but I’m praying, because competition from Fringe, CSI, AND Grey’s…not too good.

  10. I thought that Office has always done well for NBC on Thursdays, why would people want it moved?

  11. Even though we all know The Office is the best and always will be, it should now become an hour long show so it’s a fair ratings fight. Cage match!

  12. Ok, I watch two shows religiously. The Office and Fringe. Isn’t bad enough The Office was up against Grey’s and CSI…now they have to add Fringe to the mix? Well, Office wins for me, I DO NOT miss it, so I’ll be DVRing Fringe.

  13. Okay, seriously, NO offense is meant to the Fringe-fans here…but is that really something to worry about in terms of ratings? I always hear about Grey’s ratings when we talk Office competition, so are there numbers I don’t know about? Same with CSI, I didn’t know that was a player in the numbers game either.

    In any case, they could put The Office on Sundays at 6p.m. for all I care, I’d still tune in live AND TiVo it AND watch it on Hulu a million times like I always do. :)

  14. Ummm, I dvr Grey’s and The Office right now on Thursdays religiously as it is, and Fringe gets dvr’ed on Tuesdays. I don’t have the ability (nor the option with my cable plan’s upgrades) to dvr three things at once! Shoot.

  15. Wasn’t this The Office’s best year ratings wise? I really wouldn’t worry about it.

  16. Hm… this may be a problem.

    Thursday is a busy TV night for my DVR ::hug::

    I don’t WANT another show on Thursdays, especially one that I love like Fringe!

    I have Smallville and Ugly Betty recording at 7pm, then the Office and CSI at 8pm. I can’t put another show on that lineup.

    Oh the perils of my life :-(

  17. I’ve been dealing with having Supernatural and The Office at the same time for ages…it sucks, Tanster. I’m sorry about Fringe. :(

  18. I’m worried about ‘The Office’ and its ratings. Especially since the 5th season finale drew the lowest numbers in 2 years. Or so I read.

  19. I don’t watch any of the other shows so no problem… My thursday nights are dedicated to NBC…

  20. As long as The Office & 24 are on at different times, I’m happy. Now when it’s Lakers season (esp playoffs) at the same time, then I have a big problem.

  21. I’m a devotee of the Office and I really like Fringe too. Of course I’ll be watching the Office live and then Fringe on Hulu. :)

  22. sonuva…! I watch The Office, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy AND CSI. Why must everything be on Thursday night? For crying out loud…

  23. I’m with JJBresciani. House is on a different night, so I’m all set. Although I didn’t see Earl on that list…

    [from tanster: MNIE has been removed from NBC’s lineup.]

  24. That’s alright, as long as Gossip Girl stays on Mondays. Um…did I say Gossip Girl? I meant the History Channel…

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