The Office: The Incentive, 8.02

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The Office: The Incentive

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Charles McDougal

Summary (NBC): Robert challenges the Scranton branch to double sales — after a rousing motivational speech, Robert California challenges the office to double their sales. After the new manager promises the unthinkable, everyone in the office suddenly gets motivated to sell. Meanwhile, Pam finds an unlikely pregnancy friend.

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In a poll conducted September 29-October 3, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.69/10

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The Office The Incentive quotes

Quotes manually transcribed by tanster. :)

Oscar: He’s making a statement. It’s an ironic comment on our expectations of him. A funhouse image of our model of Kevin.

Kevin: Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

Andy: Sometimes words you no need use, but need need for talk talk.

Kevin: Many small time make big time.

Jim: Kevin, are you saying see the world or Sea World?

Kevin: Oceans, fish, jump, China.

Kevin: When me president, they see… they see.

Dwight: Unleash the power of the pyramid!

Ryan: I’m sorry, “L”?
Jim: How many “L” to a “K”?

Andy: What do you think, C-Span?

Andy: I’m sorry to hijack your meeting, D-Dub-Dog.

Dwight: Here’s how I’m going to help out from now on. I’m going to not care, and I’m going to sit around quietly waiting for Andy’s inevitable demise.

Dwight: Your friend Neil Patrick Harris really made me laugh the other night.

Darryl: We took a shower, we were naked, we skap dap dap doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.

Andy: Hi, Dad.

Erin: Would you be requiring a cold beverage while you’re here?

Robert: Andy, can you inspire? Do you have that skill set?

Andy: I’ve been craving a freezing cup of old coffee.

Robert: I’m afraid you’ve lost my interest.

Kevin: There are no wrong answers!

Robert: Andrew, I chose you for a reason. Lead these people.

Andy: Fart.

Kevin: There’s usually an Erin here.

Kevin: Darryl! A girl!

Darryl: Rub a dub dub, apricot scrub.

Dwight: Beets are not immune. We made some inroads in salad, but heirloom tomatoes are pushing back.

Dwight: You wanted the job, the job is yours, just do the job.

Ryan: Is that a vibrator?

Andy: I’ve outlined the exact parameters in an email, so check your spam folders.

Kelly: Why is it all kids stuff and a vibrator? It’s so gross.

Andy: John Irving, collected works, 22 points.

Andy: I hope you’ll forgive me, because I am very, very sari. 16 points.

Andy: I’ll run naked through the parking lot with a doughnut on my ding dong.

Andy: For 5,000 points, I will let you tattoo whatever you want on the stern of the ol’ S.S. Bernard!

Jim: You did say we could pool our points, right? In that case, let’s get to work.

Stanley: You’ve got to unleash the power of the pyramid!

Jim: We all want to see you tattoo your ass.

Andy: I guess you could say I’m in one of those classic ass tattoo incentive situations.

Andy: Took ’em one day.

Tattoo guy: So coming out of his butt is a…
Pam: Baby.

Andy: My ass is only so big. I can’t do this every day.

Andy: Let’s ink my stink!

Andy: My heart belongs to music, but my ass belongs to these people.

Andy: Invest in softer cotton, sir.

Dwight: Obviously, you can go the ass tattoo route. And obviously, I’m going to like it.

Andy: It’s a Nard Dog!

Jim: Pull up your pants.

Robert: There’s something about an underdog that really inspires the unexceptional.

Pam: Maybe we should just have our own pregnancies and not pretend like we’re in this together.

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  1. I cannot wait to find out who else is pregnant. I am hoping for Kelly. I will be so disappointed if it is Angela – her contract with Dwight was over last fall (so it couldn’t be his) and I would hate to have her tied to the gay senator over a baby.

  2. I was thinking just the same thing, Janet. I hope it’s Kelly too (or Phyllis – that would actually be totally awesome – and don’t you dare say she’s too old!!). I’m still holding out hope for Dwangela at some point.

  3. Hope Gabe didn’t get Erin pregnant. And I hope that Erin and Andy start to hangout more. Can’t wait to find out who the new manager is!!

  4. If you want a hint on her “friend” then go check out Rainn Wilson’s twitter. I think he posted something about that a while back.

  5. I don’t think it’s that another cast member is pregnant. I forgot where it says this but I remember reading that Pam turns to Dwight because her hormones go crazy. Maybe in the spoilers?

  6. Angela’s the one who’s pregnant. Angela Kinsey herself stated that she and Pam will have a ‘frenemies’ storyline. As the season opens up, she’ll already be married to Robert Lipton too, so it makes sense.

  7. Crossing my fingers that Angela is having Dwight’s baby. They have always been my favorite TO couple, I hope they reunite one day.

  8. I resisted reading this synopsis, because I was afraid it would reveal who the new manager is, but no worries!

    Add my hat to the “Angela’s Pregnant” ring. I’d be surprised if she’s already married to the (State) Senator, but then, The Office has always shot for awkward, so…

  9. It seems unlikely that Dwight could’ve gotten Angela pregnant. Angela voided the baby contract and started dating the senator (state senator) during the episode. That was all the way back in November.

  10. Guys, no where in the synopsis did it say someone else is pregnant and it has already been confirmed that someone has been hired to play a likeable friend for Pam.

  11. I bet it’s Andy especially since the manager promises the unthinkable, Jim and Darryl would never do that and Dwight won’t be the manager.

  12. I really hope it’s not, but I think Erin will be pregnant with Gabe’s (gulp) baby. I thought he was out of the show. Why was he still in the promo?

    And I thought Pam would be manager (because of Gabe’s “heart attack” line in the promo), but now I’m not so sure. Now I’m jumping on the Stanley bandwagon.

  13. Some recent promos at least appear to eliminate Angela and Phyllis from the “2nd pregnancy possibilities” list. I think it is Holly.

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