The Office Fan Ratings, Season 8

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.

Here are the ratings for Season 8.

  1. 8.15 Tallahassee (Avg Rating: 8.47/10)
  2. 8.10 Christmas Wishes (Avg Rating: 8.30/10)
  3. 8.16 After Hours (Avg Rating: 8.18/10)
  4. 8.13 Jury Duty (Avg Rating: 8.12/10)
  5. 8.04 Garden Party (Avg Rating: 7.83/10)
  6. 8.17 Test The Store (Avg Rating: 7.824/10)
  7. 8.14 Special Project (Avg Rating: 7.82/10)
  8. 8.23 Turf War (Avg Rating: 7.75/10)
  9. 8.07 Pam’s Replacement (Avg Rating: 7.72/10)
  10. 8.18 Last Day In Florida (Avg Rating: 7.71/10)
  11. 8.02 The Incentive (Avg Rating: 7.69/10)
  12. 8.09 Mrs. California (Avg Rating: 7.60/10)
  13. 8.01 The List (Avg Rating: 7.48/10)
  14. 8.11 Trivia (Avg Rating: 7.28/10)
  15. 8.12 Pool Party (Avg Rating: 7.23/10)
  16. 8.06 Doomsday (Avg Rating: 7.16/10)
  17. 8.05 Spooked (Avg Rating: 7.05/10)
  18. 8.24 Free Family Portrait Studio (Avg Rating: 6.79/10)
  19. 8.03 Lotto (Avg Rating: 6.43/10)
  20. 8.20 Welcome Party (Avg Rating: 6.38/10)
  21. 8.22 Fundraiser (Avg Rating: 6.05/10)
  22. 8.21 Angry Andy (Avg Rating: 5.84/10)
  23. 8.19 Get The Girl (Avg Rating: 5.65/10)
  24. 8.08 Gettysburg (Avg Rating: 5.55/10)

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  1. I absolutely agree! I think this season has been so great so far and I’m glad so many people think so, too!

  2. Wow, “Garden Party” was voted the highest so far? That episode was just plain horrible. It felt like a filler episode where they just wanted to show that they could get Josh Groban to guest star. It made no sense and showed me that this show will not last long (that’s what she said).

  3. Makes sense. Garden Party was by far the best episode so far of this season. Any episode with Mose is a winner to me!

  4. I like the new episodes, I think some fans are expecting Andy to be a “Michael Scott” and as much as we loved him he’s not a main character right now. I also think the producers are trying way too hard to make him like Scott. If they just let Andy be Andy I think the show will do fine. Take the Andy character back to where he used to be. Quirky and awkward lol.

  5. I do not agree with this list at all. I do think that Garden Party was the best episode, but I believe Lotto is #2, and The List is the worst of the bunch. I will even go as far to say “The List is the worst episode of the office I have ever seen…The Banker was better”.
    That being said, i actually have enjoyed this season, but I very much look forward to them stepping it up, which I think they will. I have hope,

  6. Are you guys serious? Garden Party was so outrageous it completely took me out of the show. Who in their right mind would actually write a book, pay to have it published, then sell it on ebay (with a kid on the way!) just to mess with someone?

  7. I absolutely love the office. i have seen every episode multiple times, but this season really has let me down. I knew going into it that there would be a big change without Michael, but i believe that the writing is not as good as it used to be. I also think that andy needs to go back to being the funny awkward guy. he is not a leading character and the writers don’t see that. the show should have an episode with michael and holly’s wedding. that would really skyrocket the numbers.

  8. I loved The List and would put it first – it is actually one of the first season openers that lived up to my expectations. So far I’m really enjoying this season overall and think that people are being a bit harsh in their ratings – that’s what happens after eight seasons though and I think you would find that with any show on this long. It’s not just the show that changes – it’s the audience too.

  9. Garden Party isn’t the best this year. I’d say it’s the worst. And The List isn’t remotely close to the worst episode ever. So far I’ve liked Incentive best I think. Then The List, Lotto and Garden Party. Andy keeps getting worse so I hope we’re through the Andy-centric portion of the season. He’s had good and bad and the bad keeps getting stronger and totally overran the good in the last episode.

  10. @ TobyFan

    Higly agree with you, I think people need to be less harsh and just be more supportive of the show. Yes I know Steve is gone and everything, but the show is still trying to hit its stride without him. Out of all the seasons of the Office, Season 7 is down on my list as the worst, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. People just need to enjoy it for what it is. I will guarantee you guys that it will get better in the weeks to come, I know it for a fact.

  11. @Cd78 – Just a few of my own thoughts.

    1- Jim has always been elaborate with his pranks, because A) Dwight’s not stupid, and B) Dwight is quite paranoid, which causes him to be on his guard at all times. Also, it’s obvious that Jim takes pride in the scope of some of his pranks.

    2- Jim works in the paper industry, so he most likely has contacts with local book publishers who might owe him a favor.

    Just sayin’, it may not have been the monumental task that you’re making it out to be.

  12. Season 8 has been tanking fast….

    The List – 7.64 million views
    The Incentive – 6.7 million views
    Lotto – 5.82 million views
    Garden Party – 6.08 million views

    With this trend, season 8 will be the last season

  13. @ #5: I totally agree! I miss the silly, quirky Andy. He used to be one of my favorites on the show, but his character has changed a lot. I hope they bring more of the old Andy back to the show.

    I do think that this season has been pretty strong for losing such an important cast member. I am pleased with what they are doing as a whole.

  14. @HmmWhat

    The ratings are only down ~10% compared to the first four weeks of last season. Also, The Office is still the highest rated scripted show on NBC so unless things get far worse, I don’t see this being the last season.

  15. A bit surprised Garden Party was highest rated. I thought it was the worst as well. A bit more depressing than it was funny imo. I can see them making Holly and Michael’s wedding the season 9 premiere or season 8 finale (if it’ll be the series finale). Really, who gets married in a matter of weeks?

  16. Why are the writers barely giving Dwight Schrute more material in season 8. I guess my issue is they are no longer digging into the depths of characters and just keeping it surface.

  17. 7.72 for Pam’s Replacement?! Whoa, I honestly believe that episode deserved a better rating. Considering how low the other ones are, I guess a 7.72 is good?

  18. Are you kidding me 5.55/10?? Gettysburg was hilarious! Jeez, you all expect S2/S3 greatness from a Michael-less Office. If you’re watching not to be entertained but to just nitpick and criticize then you should stop watching. It may not be S2/S3 and maybe not even as good as S7, but it’s still one of the best shows on TV. Sure Gettysburg wasn’t as good as most of the other episodes this season but it was still great.

  19. Wow fans, you guys really brought the hammer down on Gettysburg… I mean talk about harsh, a 5.55? Making this one of the lowest rated episodes in fan history. C’mon guys, the episode was not that bad, and may I add that some people here need to lighten up on the criticism. Most of us are seriously nitpicking these new episodes to death. Seriously, calm down! At this pace, I highly doubt any episodes this season will reach a respectable rating of an 8.5 or 9 average rating. I hope the rest of this season proves me wrong.

  20. With all due respect, one doesn’t need to nitpick to find faults with the current episodes. The fact is, the writers have strayed from the original premise: a documentary about people working in a paper company, which is hilarious because it’s possibly the most boring subject for a documentary imaginable. The humor came from how mundane the characters’ lives were, the relationships and office politics, and of course the inappropriate boss who doesn’t realize that selling paper is mundane.

    More or less, the camera crew is now just used as a gimmick to record situations and behavior that is way over the top and not at all like a believable paper company (the believability being part of the original humor). Really, the producers should end the show after this season and then put together a reunion season in a few years to show what happened to the characters/how the documentary’s release affected their mundane lives. Either that or they need to repackage the show as a sitcom and stop pretending that this is the same series that aired in 2005.

  21. Wow. I would count “Garden Party” as the second worst episode of “The Office” ever, after “Christening”. I guess I don’t understand my fellow “Office” fans.

  22. Ridiculous!! There is no way any episode this year will be worse than Lotto. Gettysburg was very good – especially Robert thinking Kevin was the smart guy! That was clever.

  23. Gettysburg was definitely not the worst episode this season. I can’t believe it has a lower rating than Lotto.

  24. To avoid low scores they should stop repeating the same “Andy needs a pep talk” plot every other episode.

  25. It’s a very accurate list. Garden Party at the top, and Gettysburg down the bottom where it belongs. But a 5.55 for Gettysburg? More like a 2.1. One of the worst episodes of all time.

    I’m a little surprised to see ‘Pam’s Replacement’ at number 2, but I did find all the crotch grabbing funny.

  26. Doomsday is the only Season 8 episode I watched twice, which is saying a lot since I’ve seen most Office episodes at least ten times. Looks like not many agree with me on Doomsday! I was in the tiny minority that wasn’t concerned when Steve left, because I was always so much more impressed with the ensemble than his performance alone. But Season 8 is turning into a struggle. Andy has become Michael-lite, and though James Spader has been playing “the creep” since his Brat Pack days, I’m not comfortable with that character in The Office. I can’t shake the feeling that John and Jenna are phoning it in (though she’s understandably pregnant!). And they need to stop with the song-and-dance numbers, which seemed to start Season 7. This isn’t Glee. For the record, I found Gettysburg to be so bad I couldn’t finish watching, so I agree there. Waiting for things to get better. There’s so much talent in the ensemble that I believe it can.

  27. I want an 8 rated episode! Ah! I thought Mrs. California was going to cut it for people but I guess not. 7.60 is not that bad though.

  28. I thought “Mrs. California” was going to be an 8 rated show, but it wasn’t; glad to see “Christmas Wishes” made the cut!

  29. Christmas Wishes definitely deserved to be where it is. I know this has been said time and time again, but Mindy Kaling needs to write more, as do the other writers who have been around at least 4 years (BJ Novak, Paul Lieberstein, and Justin Spitzer); remember when every episode was written by either one of these now-veterans or another great writer who has since left? That was the Office’s golden age!

  30. i really liked all the episodes this season. Season 7 had some pretty bad episodes, but this year has been much better. If i had to pick a least favorite, it would probably be Pam’s replacement.

  31. The worst episodes of The Office are still better than the best episodes of most shows, and that’s saying something.

  32. Well as far as fan ratings go, this hasn’t been a pleasing season to fans. Although, I don’t understand the general hate of Season 7. Sure it does have its share of bad episodes, but why it be considered the “worst season of the Office”? All seasons of the Office hold dear to me and I look at all of them the same in terms of greatness. Maybe it’s because Steve deserved a better season?

  33. I don’t understand why the ratings have been consistently lower than even last season. I would definitely put S8 (so far) above S1 and most of S6. Yes, Seasons 2-5 will always be the “classic years”, and The Office jumped the shark in S6 IMO (Jim/Pam wedding, followed 2 months later by the sale of D-M, then a clip show, Jim and Pam’s baby, and soon after a string of unfunny episodes (the Michael/Donna arc was just not funny, again IMO)). But the humor definitely recovered in S7, and S8 has nearly, and sometimes has, lived up to S7 despite the loss of Michael.

  34. I don’t agree with the ratings of these episodes.
    I think the list was the worst office episode ever. And this season Christmas wishes, pool party, trivia, doomsday, and garden party were prob the best so far

  35. Judging by the ratings on a few of the really good episodes this season I’m starting to wonder if those who are super Steve supporters are not giving episodes very low ratings just because it isn’t Steve. The comments for “Pool Party” have been, for the whole, very favorable. So why a 7.23? It just seems incongruous considering the bulk of the comments.

  36. Yay! I’m so excited to see Jury Duty rate so high! I think this proves the fans love story lines written around the core characters….and that we really missed Jim and Pam :-)

  37. Really happy to see Tallahassee on top of the ratings so far, and I totally agree. It was hilarious. The cold open alone was enough to make the whole episode, but I think it really stayed strong all the way through. Consistent and funny.

  38. This is interesting. 15 episodes in we have Tallahassee and Christmas Wishes (my favorite so far) highest. But unlike previous seasons, not a single episode reaching 8.5. Other than those last two there’s not much more than a point difference between the higher and lower episodes so far.
    I actually do feel there have been a few high 8s but no 9s so far (and I honestly thought there were a few 5/6s early on!)
    But this makes me wonder: given this season has had the steadiest drop in viewer numbers, will we see a steady rise in scores from now on? In part because the people still watching the show are largely the ones who enjoy the “new Office” while people who don’t like the style this season drop off?

    Also the scores for a number of season 7 and 8 episodes leave me somewhat surprised given the tone of the comments.

  39. Fun fact: the current first and last place episodes for this season are named for cities. And I think they both deserve to be where they are!

  40. Can anyone imagine “The Job” finishing next to last in the fan ratings of S3?

  41. THE OFFICE for me has always been a love story of Jim and Pam. JAM is the only reason I watch THE OFFICE.

  42. @#47 I get that people aren’t into Andy/Erin, but Catherine Tate had an equal role in pushing this episode to the bottom of the list.

  43. Note to anyone in charge of The Office: Take heed. We don’t like Catherine Tate. We’re tired of Andy/Erin. Exceptions apply of course. But mid 5 score? Speaks pretty loudly and clearly to me.

  44. This sounds about right to me. I’m not thrilled with the Nellie character and absolutely don’t care one bit about Andy and Erin.

    I hope TPTB will go back to some nice subtle stories involving being in the office. I’m also on board with having lots of JAM. They are and always were what drew me in to this show.

  45. @#49, No, I understand that Nellie was the big turn off here, but the fact that the “resolution” of Andy and Erin had no effect in pulling up the ratings is fairly conclusive evidence they need to stop pushing this story. Very few folks care.

  46. @#52 If The Office really thought that an Erin/Andy reunion would boost the ratings, they would’ve saved it for the May Sweeps. Not the middle of March.

  47. I CARE FOR THE ANDY/ERIN STORYLINE BUT……there were so many awesome opportunities that they could’ve hooked up (Andy’s Play) and they didn’t and when they did, there were no fireworks, no birds, drummers, or Macy Gray songs, just erin running to him and they agreeing to go back to Scranton. That ain’t romantic to me. It’s like dangling a treat to a pet, and the pet gives up and walks away after so much teasing. That’s how I felt.

  48. I love Andy & Erin. As for Nellie, since every one seems to hate her, I’ll jump off that boat as well. Catherine Tate was really not all the funny from the beginning, and by “beginning” I mean the Season 7 finale. She had her moments but she really isn’t all that likable. I knew Get the Girl would probably get a low, which by the way, has anyone seen the Office’s board on IMDB? Talk about a bunch of haters over there. It makes me cringe just thinking about them.

  49. It seems that Erin/Andy haters are just more vocal. I like JAM too but I love to see more Erin/Andy. Too late for me to vote now. This is my fourth favorite episode this season after Spooked, Pool Party, and Christmas Wishes.

    Not everybody hates Erin/Andy. They are the reason I am watching The Office.

    More Andrin please!

  50. @#53, I was speaking of the ratings here. This episode is mired down at the very bottom of this season’s ratings with Gettysburg, well below the next lowest ranked episode. That’s pretty strong evidence that there isn’t some big hidden group of Andy/Erin fans out there begging for more of their tired story.

  51. @57
    This was a vote against Nellie rather than Erin/Andy. Christmas wishes was highly rated.

  52. I have to agree with Roy’s Mugshot. There is a pretty big gap between the 2 lowest rated shows this season with the next one. Just my opinion of course, but it feels pretty solid that both the Nellie and the Andy/Erin love isn’t too strong.

  53. My low vote was based on how much I did not enjoy the entire Nellie taking over Andy’s job and Tate’s performance; the Andy/Erin plot line was OK, but not enough of a pull to make me vote higher than I did. Even Robert, whom I have liked the latter part of the season, was such a wimp around Nellie that I wasn’t too crazed about him either this episode. After I voted I saw a deleted scene showing that Robert is interested romantically (why I haven’t a clue!) with Nellie so this was why he lost all sense of good judgement regarding the operation of the company…clunky character development.

  54. The numbers are showing that Andy and Erin are NOT a hit with the fans. I hope now that they are together we can move on to something that we want.

  55. I am easily one of the most loyal Erin/Andy fans yet I voted only a 7.0 for Welcome Party because I did not like the Scranton plot at all.

    I would have given the road-trip part a solid 10.0.

  56. I like Andy and Erin together, I’ll admit that, I just think that Nellie was only kinda funny in Florida, and as we saw in “Search Committee” she is even worse as manager. And can someone please explain how the current status of the Office works re: who is being paid for what job? Is Sabre paying 2 managers? I thought that Sabre didn’t like the 2-manager model? Am I missing something here?

  57. Actually this possibly is closer to the sort of episodes people want – that’s a surprisingly low score for an episode that had a generally favorable response here and elsewhere. Most of the post-show comments here said it was good or very good or one of the better ones in a while (I’d agree). Sure, it was no Christmas Wishes or Tallahassee but it was decently funny with some feel-good moments, better than a lot this season. Sometimes I wonder about the scores as compared to the actual feedback.

    I’ll add to @63 and @64 in liking the Andy/Erin stuff (mostly). And they deleted a Nellie scene, that has to be a plus.

  58. I disliked this episode so much (because of the Nellie character) that I turned it off after 10 minutes so I do not know how it ended. I have always loved The Office but this character has ruined it for me.

  59. It’s simply appalling that Angry Andy has rated so low. Even below the dreary ‘Lotto’?! As Pam yelled at Ryan on his horse “BOOOO! BOOOO!”

  60. It puzzles me that people complain that they don’t like recent episodes because they don’t like Nellie. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE NELLIE. That’s the whole point.

    Clearly I have to start voting more. I thought Angry Andy was one of the better episodes of the season.

  61. Nellie is hated because in addition to being obnoxious, the entire story makes no sense. You get the sense they wanted Catherine Tate to be manager, but couldn’t get her to start the season so they are just shoehorning her in now. It’s poorly developed, illogical and dumb and it’s reflected in these ratings. They basically destroyed all the “Andy gets reassured by everyone he’s doing a great job.” stories they spent the first half of the season developing. This show needs to reassess what they are doing if they get another season.

  62. I don’t know how much of the negativity can be attributed to anti-Nellie activism. I like Angry Andy more than most pre-Season 6 episodes. I really feel that the show is still getting better. That is a great feat for a series in its 8th season!

    I gave it an 8.0/10.0 because I finally started to hate Nellie. RC used the be my 3rd favorite after Erin and Dwight but now he is my least favorite character.

  63. Surprised to see Angry Andy score so low as most of the comments were positive when it aired. People seem to be scoring the episodes much more harshly as the series progresses. Angry Andy is so much stronger than episodes such as Lotto and Trivia, imho.

  64. Not that you can fix it this year, but please writers look at the obvious pattern here. Three of the four lowest episodes of the season in succession. What do they have in common? Lots of Andy/Erin, Nellie, spineless Robert. Dump all three stories. I know Robert’s leaving. Have him fire Nellie and we’re two thirds of the way home.

  65. Despite the Nellie scene, I thought the Angry Andy episode was funnier than some episodes this season. I’m surprised it got such a low score.

  66. These ratings are getting silly. 5.84? Really? Let me guess, it would’ve been a 10 if it had been about Jim and Pam and their kids, right?

  67. I’m not that surprised that this episode received such a poor rating. It’s clear to me that no matter how great of an episode it could have been, if Nellie is on it, it tanks. She’s toxic. Please remove her.

  68. Nellie is horrible. Angry Andy was the worst episode ever. I’ve never not liked an episode of The Office, so that’s saying something…

  69. The problem is, the show has become stuck in a focus on boring management struggles, not just once but 2 or 3 times over. D’Angelo/Jo/Gabe/Robert/Nellie/Andy… ¬†obnoxious characters painful to watch. They’re hogging the spotlight and dragging a boring neverending plot, while an entire talented ensemble cast is sitting in the background like extras.

  70. This is not how you want to end a season with renewal on the line.

  71. The show does ok when Jim and Dwight are interacting a lot. Fundraiser had about 3 minutes of that. Otherwise, you get 5 ratings (I would rate 75% of this year’s eps 3 or lower.)

  72. Ditto on the Nellie comments. It’s not that we just don’t like her,she is awful. I am also convinced that Robert California will turn out to be the Scranton Strangler.

  73. I am happy to see Turf Wars get a pretty great score! I actually enjoyed Angry Andy if you remove everything dealing with Nellie. Hopefully she won’t be sticking around next season and some of the other actors can step into the spotlight. With Mindy Kaling potentially leaving for a new series, I feel like we missed some great Kelly/Ryan opportunities this season. They focused on the management stuff and Andy/Erin FAAAAR too much this year. I want the old Office back! I am not opposed to next year being the last, especially if it can go out on a creative high.

  74. Call me crazy, because my list (best to worst ) isn’t exactly the same, but I have my opinion on things:

    1. Tallahassee
    2. Christmas Wishes
    3. Jury Duty
    4. Special Project
    5. Last Day in Florida
    6. The List
    7. Garden Party
    8. Trivia
    9. Welcome Party
    10. Test the Store
    11. Mrs. California
    12. Turf War
    13. After Hours
    14. Doomsday
    15. Lotto
    16. Free Family Portrait Studio
    17. Spooked
    18. Fundraiser
    19. The Incentive
    20. Pool Party
    21. Angry Andy
    22. Gettysburg
    23. Pam’s Replacement
    24. Get the Girl

  75. My order is waay different than this ranking..
    2)Special Project
    3)Turf War
    4)Pam’s Replacement
    5)After Hours
    6)Last Day in Florida
    7)Angry Andy
    8)Christmas Wishes
    9)Garden Party
    10)The Incentive
    12)Jury Duty
    13)Free Family Portrait Studio
    14)Mrs. California
    16)Get the Girl
    17)Test the Store
    18)Welcome Party
    20)The List
    22)Pool Party

  76. Here is my ranking:

    1) Spooked
    2) Angry Andy
    3) Pool Party
    4) Christmas Wishes
    5) Welcome Party
    6) Get the Girl
    7) Lotto
    8) Tallahassee
    9-24) TIE.

  77. With a lot of time on my hands, I just decided to calculate the mean (average score) for all season eight episodes. The average season eight score is…



    Not bad.

  78. #90: 7.25 doesn’t sound too bad until you look at past seasons. The lowest season average before this year was 7.70 in Season 6.

  79. Overall an okay season, 7/10.

    1)Turf War
    2)Christmas Wishes
    3)Pool Party
    4)Test The Store
    5)Garden Party

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