The Office to become one-hour show? posted an article today on NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker. Toward the end of the second page of the article is an intriguing tidbit about The Office:

At NBC’s “upfront” presentation to advertisers on May 14, Zucker says he expects NBC to unveil five new programs — three dramas, one comedy, and one reality show — for its fall schedule. Zucker and Reilly are considering stretching The Office to an hour and canceling the original Law & Order.

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  1. Hopefully they do! Even the One Hour Episodes seem too short. I love this show and I want a full Hour. I demand a full hour. I also am constipated.

  2. I was just thinking about this. I always said that the Office should be 40 minutes. As well as Earl and 30 Rock. That way they could maybe increase their viewers with three well known shows and not have to carry or add another show.

    Earl: 8-8:40
    Office: 8:40-9:20
    30 Rock: 9:20-10:00

    Scrubs I heard could be picked up by ABC that’s why they are not included.

  3. someone should start a petition.

    no seriously.

    if i had any kind of web knowledge i’d be on it.

  4. They’re finally listening to the fans. It’s what we’ve all been asking for. Let’s hope it happens.

  5. Hell, half of the episodes this year have been an hour or supersized, and those ones are some of the best. Casino Night, Benihana Christmas, The Merger, The Negotiation. At least one of these is in every office watches top 10, maybe even 5.

  6. Hey, snowballa, I think your idea sounds like the best compromise. I love Scrubs, but it’s been past it’s prime for a while now. I’d love for The Office to be longer, but even with the deleted scenes included, that’s not a full hour. I’m afraid that it will result in them having to put in filler stuff. Stuff that’s not up to par. Also, the writers have to run out of ideas eventually. A one hour might just result in us getting less seasons. Not to mention, that’s a lot more work for the actors. They already work very hard and long hours!

  7. I love that the higher ups (or highest ups?) are so supportive of the Office. You’d expect them to ditch it for some high rated crappy reality show, but no-they stick by quality. Yay. :)

  8. it’s sad because law and order is so good, or at least back when jerry orbach was on. the actress playing the new female detective isn’t convincing and I believe too young.

    @ mayonegg: I agree that the writers would run out of ideas, that’s why i think 40 minutes is best. that would still make the hour long episodes (albeit only 7 to 10 minutes longer than 40) a special event. win win!

  9. this would make waiting around all summer totally worth it. they had better be pretty fricken sure that this is a real possibility cause teasing us is just mean.

    and i agree with snowballa…if not an hour then at least 40 minutes. this. would. rock.

  10. Sweet Jiminy Miminy that is the greatest thing I’ve heard all day.

  11. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!!!!


    It’s sad that they are considering cancelling Law & Order, it’s such a great show, but hasn’t been the same since Jerry Orbach died.

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