The Office wins three Webby Awards

The Office has won the following three Webby Awards:

  • Best TV website, People’s Voice Winner: The Office website
  • Best comedy short, Webby Award Winner: The Office webisodes
  • Best comedy short, People’s Voice Winner: The Office webisodes

And I received this nice message:

“A huge thanks to all the fans at OfficeTally for their ongoing support of The Office and our website. We could not have done this without you!” — The team at

Congratulations to NBC, and thanks to all OT readers who voted — you guys rock!

Link: Complete list of 2007 Webby Award Winners


  1. Congrats! That is so cool and you totally deserved it. I voted for you on the bloggers choice too. :)

  2. yay! we made a difference once again!! Vive la Office!

  3. “Thank you” not necessary, and thus not accepted. We saw awards that needed to be won and acted.

  4. I was going to be a “tipster”, but you’ve already been “tipped”. Yay to The Office and Office Tally!!!

  5. You might not have won the actual awards, but they couldn’t have won without your support! So you deserve much thanks as well! Your website rocks and gets me through the day with as little Office-withdrawl as possible.

  6. Yeahhhhhh! I posted this on our Webby thread Tanster…

    spread the word people!

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