1. So much happened. I need to process it all tonight and then re-watch it on NBC.com tomorrow.
    Not a bad day.

  2. Oh my goodness…words cannot describe how utterly happy I am. Pure gold. Everyone involved in making this episode is an absolute genius! Thank you so much for such an awesome episode!

  3. “Just hold it in your mouth if you can’t swallow…”

    Such a great season opener. If there is a way to make Holly stay, I will do anything to make it happen. She is Michael’s perfect match in every way. I would hate to see him have a woman who would accept him in every way and let her go because of Jan. Clinically insane Jan. Ugh. Please Office. Make it happen.

    “I just couldn’t wait.”

    My heart soars with the eagle’s nest right now. Thank you Office writers! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. This was simply amazing…. not my favorite episode but it brings a smile to my face just knowing that The Office is back!

  5. Simply amazing for a season opener. Love the development of the background characters. Hated the return of Ryan, though, lol. I felt sooo bad for Andy for the first time ever and it’s only gonna be a matter of time before Pam creates another triangle for herself. The season 2 storyline seems to be repeating itself. Hmmmmm…….

  6. Thanks Gene & Lee for a great episode. Well worth the wait. Everything about it was perfect – except what’s the deal with Meredith’s face in the beginning of the episode? I hope there’s a deleted scene to address that. Awesome job guys.

  7. I loved it! But what was with Meredith’s face in the beginning? It was like sun burn but raised and I kept waiting for it to be mentioned. Also, when Jim was eating lunch with Holly and Michael in the break room I’m pretty sure Michael didn’t have a goatee and then later on he did again. Ryan the temp! And JAM made me cry! Definitely a great start to the new season.

  8. Just solid, solid writing. After all the hype of the big proposal, it ended up being spontaneous in the middle of the afternoon, in the pouring rain – at a gas station no less. Brilliant.

    Also real quick – Dwight kicking the birthday cake while saying “Happy Birthday Stanley” was easily the funniest moment of many.

  9. Did anyone else notice when Jim gets down on one knee to propose, Pam asks “What are you doing”? It was like a call-back to the Casino Night moment when Jim tells her he loves her and she asks “What are you doing”? I thought that was cute, not sure if it was planned, just a neat reference to the first time he tells her he loves her, to asking her to marry him!!

  10. the highlights for me….

    dwight leaving phyllis

    and of course the big one.. Pam and Jim’s engagement.

    I gave a dwight fist pump when i saw it..i’m pumped

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