Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: Premiere Tonight!

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated September 25, 2008:

The time has arrived! Season 5 of “The Office” airs tonight!

Our first episode back is called “Weight Loss”. The Dunder-Mifflin branches compete in a weight loss competition. The branch that loses the most collective weight wins a prize. And, of course, Michael is determined to win.

Many of your questions will be answered tonight – what happens with Dwight/Andy/Angela, Where is Toby, Where is Ryan, and what happens when Pam decides to leave for art school. The episode is an hour long. Plenty of time to cover everything!

The cast and crew is getting together to watch the show. It should be a fun time! We’ve been shooting all day today. Our episode is set in October but it is brutally hot in California. Near 100 degrees! We are all outside in sweaters and coats. Crazy! It always happens like that. We have to shoot the fall stuff in the dead of summer and then we shoot springtime in the dead of winter. We are always just a few months off.

I hope you enjoy the show tonight! I’m sure there will be plenty to buzz about tomorrow!

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