The OfficeTally Banner Contest

Reminder: Deadline is TODAY at 11pm PT!

Here’s a chance to showcase your art front and center on every OfficeTally page!

How to enter

  • Create a banner according to the requirements below.
  • Add a comment to this post with a link to your banner (you must host your own entry).
  • Please include a valid email address.
  • Sorry, U.S. residents only!

Banner requirements

  1. Width=700 pixels, Height=112 pixels
  2. Two-pixel white border all around (so actual usable space is 696w x 108h)
  3. Maximum file size: 20KB
  4. Upper right quadrant (400 x 55) must be a dark-colored background (so that it properly displays “OfficeTally” and the quote randomizer)
  5. Must complement the overall color scheme
  6. Graphic only, no text
  7. Download this file as a template


  • Submit entries by Saturday, June 23rd, 11pm PT.


  • Grand prize: I’ll pick my favorite entry to appear as OfficeTally’s banner image for seven days; the winner will receive a Dwight Schrute Bobblehead and Dwight Poster Magnet!
  • Fan favorite: Of the remaining entries, I will choose twenty to enter into a poll, by which OfficeTally readers will vote for their favorite. The top fan favorite will be featured at OfficeTally for three days, plus will win a Cast Photo Travel Tumbler!
  • Prizes graciously provided by the NBC Universal Office Store.


  1. This sounds fun (squee!), but will any of the entrees be displayed permanently? Or will you go back to your current banner after the contest is over?

  2. What a fun project, tanster! It’s like summer camp for Office fans!!! Unfortunately, I’m technologically inept, so I won’t be submitting anything – but I will definitely vote for others!

  3. I’ve got a question…
    Are we allowed to use copyrighted materials, i.e. cast photos, logos, etc?

    I always assumed this was the reason behind the plain banner.


  4. I wish i could use photoshop. Or use enough energy to open photoshop and learn how to use it. Good luck everyone!

  5. wow officetally will seem so strange with a new banner. what is on the current banner anyway? i can’t figure it out.

  6. On the banner it seems to show the watercooler next to Dwight’s jacket.

  7. So far, only one entry has met the file size requirement (requirement #3) … see the “Eligible Entries” section in the post. Thanks!

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