1. Sometimes there are times when I have no idea how a deleted scene didn’t make it into the show…

    And then there are times like these.

  2. see, that was a great scene and should have been in there….awkward moments are what made this show great from the get go….more awkwardness please

  3. Wow, that was really stupid. Maybe a reference to Back from Vacation with Michael’s pic? If I ever see a Dollarmenuaire in person, I’ll probably kill them.

  4. Wow no wonder they deleted that scene!
    P.S. Matt, I agree with you about meeting a Dollarmenunaire.
    P.P.S. I didnt think it was possible, but my addiction to Office deleted scenes may have ruined my love of FedEx commercials.

  5. Sorry, tanster… :-)
    And yes, I agree with pretty much everyone else, that was a pretty awkward scene. Especially since Toby probably wouldn’t want to see pictures of Oscar and Gil and Oscar probably wouldn’t want to see Sasha’s birthday party. Heh…

  6. I thought I would mention that there are TWO promos, one aired at the 8:50 mark of the Coup and the other aired in the first commercial break of Scrubs. West Coasters be ready!

  7. in all of toby’s deleted scenes he is beyond creepy (think pam with the latte)…glad they left them on the cutting room floor so to speak

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