The Weekend Tally

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Other notable items

  • John and Jenna in style: The November issue of In Style magazine features Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski in their “What’s Hot Now” section. Click the images to zoom in. (Thanks to proofs at the LJ Office community.)
    Jenna Fischer | John Krasinski
  • Jenna to appear in Wisely music video: remember when Jenna put the Willie Wisely song “Through Any Window” on her MySpace home page? Well Wisely has now asked her to appear in the music video! (Thanks, Jill)
    Jenna in Us Weekly | Willie Wisely’s website
  • TiVo Nation loves The Office: “Nielsen has begun measuring playback on digital video recorders, and the first results are handing a big lift to some of TV’s top shows … NBC’s The Office had the biggest percentage of delayed viewers: The show’s ratings spiked nearly 7% when viewing later Thursday night is counted, and more than 11% from viewing up to a week later.”
    Full article, USA Today
  • Scranton’s Thursday night hush: “When Brixx Grille and Tavern in Scranton held its first ‘The Office’ night for locals, eatery co-owner Mike Kerzetski was having doubts … He wasn’t sure people would tune out each other when the show was tuned on the bar’s four televisions. ‘When it came on, it was dead silence,’ Mr. Kerzetski said. ‘It was amazing. You don’t see that in a bar.'”
    Full article, Scranton Times-Tribune
  • Which Office character did Kate Flannery (“Meredith”) originally audition for? Read more in this Chicago Tribune article.
  • Lastly, a synopsis of the Nov. 9 episode has been added to the spoilers post.