‘Initiation’ tidbits

There’s lots of good stuff in the Tidbits section of this week’s episode, Initiation — two deleted scenes, episode reviews from TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, John’s prop blog, James’ fabulous recap, a link to the iTunes Store, and links to two videos:

  • Lazy Sunday, which explains what Kelly was jabbering about to Michael in the pretzel line, and
  • Lovefool, the video of the song Jim/Andy sing, to Karen’s chagrin.

Go to the Initiation Tidbits section.


  1. That was so funny when Kelly was talking about Lazy Sunday. What is with wanting to kill whoever came up with cupcakes? Haha! Strange girl.

  2. This details are very cool!
    Does anyone knows what song is playing in Dwight’s car while they are going to the beet farm? I think it’s Black Sabbath or Ozzy Osbourne.

  3. we all know that kelly called dwight a freak…but then in the barn, ryan says the same thing….its almost like they’ve had a conversation about how freakish dwight is…

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