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  • John and Jenna in style: The November issue of In Style magazine features Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski in their “What’s Hot Now” section. Click the images to zoom in. (Thanks to proofs at the LJ Office community.)
    Jenna Fischer | John Krasinski
  • Jenna to appear in Wisely music video: remember when Jenna put the Willie Wisely song “Through Any Window” on her MySpace home page? Well Wisely has now asked her to appear in the music video! (Thanks, Jill)
    Jenna in Us Weekly | Willie Wisely’s website
  • TiVo Nation loves The Office: “Nielsen has begun measuring playback on digital video recorders, and the first results are handing a big lift to some of TV’s top shows … NBC’s The Office had the biggest percentage of delayed viewers: The show’s ratings spiked nearly 7% when viewing later Thursday night is counted, and more than 11% from viewing up to a week later.”
    Full article, USA Today
  • Scranton’s Thursday night hush: “When Brixx Grille and Tavern in Scranton held its first ‘The Office’ night for locals, eatery co-owner Mike Kerzetski was having doubts … He wasn’t sure people would tune out each other when the show was tuned on the bar’s four televisions. ‘When it came on, it was dead silence,’ Mr. Kerzetski said. ‘It was amazing. You don’t see that in a bar.'”
    Full article, Scranton Times-Tribune
  • Which Office character did Kate Flannery (“Meredith”) originally audition for? Read more in this Chicago Tribune article.
  • Lastly, a synopsis of the Nov. 9 episode has been added to the spoilers post.


  1. There’s also a new Schrute-Space blog up-everything you ever wanted to know about beets, and probably a few things you didn’t want to know.

  2. John’s In Style picture looks recycled from People’s Sexiest Men Alive issue! Lame! We want new pics of him!

  3. Jenna’s husband James Gunn and Willie Wisely are actually old friends. Going as far back as Willie Wisely doing the score (most of which wasn’t included in the film) for James first movie, Tromeo & Juliet.

  4. Sigh, I kinda wish I hadn’t read that InStyle Jenna interview. I know everyone is at right to voice their opinions on things but I always hate when celebs get into politics. I’d really rather they didn’t because no matter what they say, there’s always going to be a group of people that aren’t gonna be happy and personally, I’m a little dissapointed.

    I’ll be over it by tommorow and I still adore Jenna, but the one comment has seriously irked me.

  5. @Diana

    Well they are people with opinions just like everyone else. Just because they happen to be in a bigger spotlight than the rest of us they shouldn’t have to censor themselves just to keep a part of the population happy. You can’t put people on pedestals. You can like their work and respect them for it, but don’t believe they have to be p.c. or even stay quiet. Being in that spotlight allows them to reach more people with their own opinions and everyone has their own.

  6. Saying that you have a “crush” on Bill Clinton now counts as political commentary?

  7. “Being in that spotlight allows them to reach more people with their own opinions and everyone has their own.”

    Well isn’t that putting themselves on pedestals also. Them thinking that their voice deserves to be heard louder than the Average Joe. I could really care less what an actor thinks politically. Ultimately it is what I believe in and what I agree with.

    Anyways Jenna is an amazing actress.

  8. Is the comment in question the Clinton one? Although this can (and should) undoubtedly be taken to mean agreement with his political platforms, all politics aside he really is very smart. I wouldn’t have voted for him had I been old enough at the time, but that’s another issue.

    I’ve read plenty of other social and political comments or innuendo from Jenna that I disagree with much more than this one.

  9. “Well isn’t that putting themselves on pedestals also. Them thinking that their voice deserves to be heard louder than the Average Joe.”

    No that’s not putting them on a moral pedestal. I’m sorry if that was not clear earlier. Also thats not quite a pedestal. You don’t have to look up to someone and hold them in a higher regard just because they happen to be well-known.
    And no one said celebrities think they deserve to be heard over the “Average Joe.” They just happen to be in a position where many people can hear what they say, doesn’t mean anyone is listening.

  10. Wow..Kate Flannery as Jan..that would have been something..I guess now I just can’t imagine some of the plot lines with her as Jan. Or more importantly, I can’t imagine anyone else playing Meredith!

  11. Responding to all the political comments in response to Jenna’s Clinton comment (ok, that was confusing :P):

    I am not a big fan of Hollywood politics. Unfortunately, if i were to look at every actor/actress’ (even muscians) politics when i watched their movies/tv shows…i wouldn’t be watching very much. My solution? I try to separate them from their politics and look strictly at their acting. I think Jenna is a great actress, same goes for the rest of the cast, and i’m already inclined to generalize as to what their politics are w/o them saying it (i can pretty much guarantee i know what their political stance is), but i don’t even think about it. It never comes to mind when i watch anything. Even though i’m in the minority when it comes to Hollywood politics, i know what my beliefs are and no actor/actress is going to change my mind.

    Problem solved :) …at least for me.

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