The Weekend Tally

A relatively short Tally this week — I gotta go return things at the mall. :)

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  1. oooooh… i NEED to know what that scene w/ jim and the girl was about.

  2. I bet Jim was talking to a girl from the high school, but what about?? I need to know too!

  3. It’s easy to tell what the scene in the high school is all about.

    “You’re dating KAREN instead of PAM? You disgust me.”

  4. Tanster – Any chance you’ve been able to upload Rashida’s Martha appearance yet? Thanks so much everything!

  5. Tanster- thanks for the non-spoiler support group link lol, i thought i was all alone!

  6. My friend Ryan is in Take:) He didn’t have much to do with David but said he was really nice.

  7. If you haven’t seen it yet, look at the third picture with Andy in the pictures section at NBC. Here’s the link

    I didn’t know it was possible to make a face like that.

  8. umm, if they move it to the same time spot as Grey’s, they’re going to either lose viewers or SERIOUSLY mess up people’s nights. Some losers (like me) still don’t have Tivo. DUH! The super-sized episodes are killing me as it is — I have to watch the shows at my mom’s house, where she has two VCRs.

    think of the fans, people. think of the fans.

  9. NO it’s definitely Jim talking to Andy’s girlfriend. That conversation better be in the DVD deleted scenes.

  10. Is there any truth to the 9 PM rumor, or is that just the writer’s opinion? The 1-hour rumor is substantial, coming from NBC people.

  11. I don’t know why people are complaining about The Office moving. Grey’s is gonna suck next season anyway because so many people are leaving. And I have NO IDEA how anyone could choose to watch Grey’s over The Office. Seriously, it’s a prime-time soap opera. That’s all it is. I have watched it before, and I do not understand what the big fuss is over it. The Office could take down Grey’s any day of the week. Think about it, Dwight could beat the crap out of McDreamy and McSteamy combined. He DOES have a purple belt!

  12. No, that’s definitely not Andy’s girlfriend in the new picture. The clothes are different, her hair isn’t long enough…oh, and their faces are different. There’s that, too.

  13. The Office Fanatic –
    I’d love to think that The Office would blow away Grey’s, but it’s simply not so. Some people just don’t get the amazing humor. I’m personally worried about what a move to 9pm would do… But I have faith in NBC. They’ve done right by The Office so far, and hopefully will make the best decision here!

  14. If that’s not Andy’s girlfriend, I reckon she must be her bff and she and Jim ended up stuck together while waiting for Andy and his yogurt chef girl to talk things through.

  15. You people have to factor in CSI with Grey’s b/c that is on at the same time so between the two shows I don’t know.

    I watch CSI and Grey’s (well not so much Grey’s) so it will suck for me since I already have to tape everything.

    OO and next semester I have class on Thursday nights

  16. woahh.. that’s DEFINITELY not Andy’s girlfriend pictured with Jim. someone else entirely.

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