1. Ok Ausiello rocks my socks, but WTF?!!!! How can he NOT nominate Jenna Fischer?!!! She was AMAZING all season, but particularly the last few episodes.

    Come on Ausiello!!!!!

  2. WTF? No Jenna Fischer?! She was the heart and soul of the third season and her performance in The Job was amazing.

  3. I love me some Angela Kinsey, but there is zero justice, logic, or sense in a world where Jenna Fischer does not, at the very minimum, get nominated for an Emmy. Come on!

  4. Why isn’t anyone upset that there isn’t any Rainn Wilson!? Come on people, for realsies, he and Steve are the best comedy duo going. I love John but I highly doubt that he’ll get nominated over Rainn and Ed for this season.

  5. John is a good actor but they didn’t give him good material to work with this year. I’d remove him from that ballot and add Rainn. I’m really glad to see Helms get noticed, his character is pure joy.

  6. My Dream Emmy Ballot: The ENTIRE cast all get special Super-Duper Emmys for being on the best show on television! I doubt that’ll happen, so . . . yeah, what’s up with leaving out Jenna and Rainn? Dwight is one of the most original, hilarious characters to hit TV. Ausiello, you’re crazy.

  7. Well it would be nice to see Jenna on the ballot, I don’t have high hopes for her actually making it on there so I’ll give them one especially with Angela up there as she was amazing this season. Thank god he included The Office and Steve or I’d be super pissed. The biggest travesty is really Rainn not getting up on there as I think he was a lot better than John and Ed (although I love them too). I will wait for the official ballots until I get riled up though.

  8. I think Jam clouds everybody’s judgment. Angela kicks ass. Jenna’s performance hardly comes close.

  9. “That’s Tom Hanks sex appeal…” Haha!! Too funny!
    I think Angela has a great shot at a nomination (again, not only for a wonderful performance, but also because the lackluster comedy offerings this season have offered few performances to hold a candle to hers). I think Jenna will snag a nomination, if not the win in that category, especially if two “Fugly Betty” can cancel each other out to remove any competition.
    Rayne might also win this year; “The Coup” was great for him, as was “The Return,” “Back from Vacation…” the list goes on…

  10. I agree that Rainn Wilson should be nominated and more so than Ed Helms (not because I don’t love Ed but because he wasn’t there for half the season). The problem is that Emmy noms are based on one episode only and don’t take into account the entire body of work done by a person over the course of the entire year. I know this is a practical consideration for the Emmy folks who can’t watch every episode of every show.
    P.S. Although Rainn is being touted for The Coup, my favourite “Dwight” this year was Cocktails – Dwight as home inspector was priceless!! On the other hand, he should have won for “Dwight’s Speech” last year.

  11. Dwight’s finest moment of the 2006-2007 season was clearly Back From Vacation. “Who did this to you?” The jacket. “PMSing real bad”.


  12. Yeah, Rainn should definitely be there instead of Ed. And while I love Angela Kinsey, Jenna definitely deserves an Emmy nod as well, if not more so. She was very amazing in “Beach Games” & “The Job”, and also the rest of the season as well.

  13. I’d say Steve, Jenna, and maybe Melora all deserve noms for this year. Maybe Ed, but I don’t think the show will get more than three noms altogether (including the show getting nominated as best comedy, and excluding the writing, etc.)

  14. “I think Jam clouds everybody’s judgment. Angela kicks ass. Jenna’s performance hardly comes close.”

    You said it. As does Melora Hardin. But everyone is so clouded with all that is Jam to see that Angela and Melora are totally kickin it too. I’d personally love to see Melora steal the nom. That’d be awesome and she’d deserve it.

  15. “I think Jam clouds everybody’s judgment…everyone is so clouded with all that is Jam”

    Saying Jenna deserves a nomination is NOT Jam-clouded judgement. You can look at her performance through the season objectively to see how challenging it was and how phenomenal she was. Saying it’s just Jam fanaticism overwhelming fact is simply moronic.

  16. I love all the Office noms that were included but I do agree that Jenna and Rainn should be on as well, and maybe even Melora (though in reality I do realize that The Office probably won’t dominate the real nominations, even though they should). I do love that Angela and Ed were recognized though. And TobyFan (#12) – Ed was in more than half the season – he was only missing from about 5 episodes or so from the 24-25 total.

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