The Office finishes strong for the season

In terms of total viewership, The Office finished 68th (8.3 million viewers) out of 142 programs for the 2006-07 season. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Here’s how The Office ranked compared to some other comedies:

The Office

Bales, OfficeTally’s resident ratings watcher, says:

  • For the all-critical adults 18-49 demo … this makes The Office the fourth highest ranked NBC scripted show in the demo, behind Heroes, ER, and Law and Order: SVU.

Adding a few points of my own:

  • The Office is NBC’s #1 comedy in terms of the 18-49 demo!
  • Aside from Two And A Half Men, no other non-animated 30-minute comedy beats The Office in this demographic.

Link: Complete 2006-2007 rankings at Hollywood Reporter

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  1. How is Studio 60 above The Office? I really thought that our little show would have been higher.

  2. I’m not sure if these numbers include the additional DVR numbers, but if it doesn’t then the The Office gets the biggest jump of any show on TV (I believe there is a 31% increase in viewership), way ahead of even the second highest percentage (which I think was Lost at 22% gain).

    I’m wondering if having a show that has high “repeat viewing appeal” actually hurts The Office in traditional ratings. For instance, I will DVR it, knowing that I want to watch it several times anyway.

  3. Two and a half men is funny, but I don’t even know anyone who really watches it. I agree, H, I though Office would be higher.

  4. It’s so bizarre to me that Two and a Half Men beat The Office in this demographic. Most people my age can’t stand Two and a Half Men. In fact, the only person I know who does like it is my 65 year old mother-in-law. What’s going on, people? Heheh.

  5. We need to start an Office campaign. How can this show not be in AT LEAST the Top 20? Take out the reality and gameshows in the list and the Office jumps up about 20 spots.

  6. Two and a half men is not funny at all, so I don’t understand why so many people watch it. They must be die hard Charlie Sheen fans or something.

  7. Two and Half Men? What the crap? I didn’t even know that show was still on. I guess someone left the T.V. on at the Nursing Home.

  8. P.S. I fully believe you will see Office viewership jump in Season 4. With all of the other projects being done by Office folks and all of the media coverage, I think more people will be drawn to the show.

  9. in this fragmented tv world you are never going to have Seinfeld like ratings – but a show like Office attracts an audience that advertisers love — urban educated and rich– on top of that the itunes revenue stream is something even Seinfeld didn’t have —

    that said it bodes well for the show that it’s ex producer is about to be named head of NBC entertainment

  10. HONESTLY who are these people watching two and a half men? I am so depressed by that. America, I wish you had better taste.

  11. The only show on that list that is as good as The Office is How I Met Your Mother. SUIT UP!

  12. Usually when a show gets too popular the writing suffers people get lazy. So I am glad it is where it is.

  13. These stats are kinda sad. People have really bad tastes. King of Queens hasn’t been a good show for about three years now. Two and a Half Men is an okay show but nothing special at all, I can’t believe how high it is.

  14. At the same time I can see why the Office is where it’s at. The Office has a niche following and it is always kinda going to be that way, let’s face it. It takes work to “get into,” the Office, it’s not the type of show you can just pick up. Plus the type of humor on the office flies over a lot of people’s heads.

  15. Sorry to post a third straight time but the real loser is 30 Rock. That show is criminally underrated. I’m trying to spread the word. That show is really funny.

  16. Ratings are all bull****.

    The numbers they get all not accurate in the least.

    All I know is The Office is the best comedy on TV.

    Like 11 said, How I Met Your Mother is the only show on that list thats the same caliber as The Office. 30 Rock is good too. The top 5 shows are just plain bad.

  17. I agree with the 30 Rock fans. Tell everyone you know to watch The Office and 30 Rock next season. Help your friends learn what high-quality TV is all about.

  18. The New Adventures of Old Christine?!?! Are you kidding me?? They need to do something with the ratings system. It is so outdated that you cannot really put too much stock in it.

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