Update on Jenna

Here’s an update from Jenna’s husband, James Gunn, regarding her injury this week:

Jenna is in some pain, but she’s doing okay. There is no permanent damage, thank God, but she fractured her back in 4 places. She will be okay in time to shoot the new season of The Office, and she just got done shooting Walk Hard. So, as far as good times for breaking your back, now is it.

We’re very very appreciative of all the fan support. The notes are very nice.

A few people have inquired about sending care packages, etc. Please don’t! We are overwhelmed with flowers, snacks, gifts, and just plain stuff! We definitely don’t need anything else.

If people really want to do something, just make a small donation to Rover Rescue in Jenna’s name. Some people have already done this and it’s really appreciated!

Link: James’ complete letter at JGAS

Tipster: Linda


  1. That’s really nice that James posted a letter to let people know how Jenna is doing. I’m glad she’ll be OK!

  2. Jenna – Feel better soon! You were so amazing in the finale! Hope you’re back on your feet soon!!!

  3. wait a second, pam isn’t real? she’s played by an actress?? and thus pam broke her back?? oh my. i am donating money to rover rescue in honor of pam and jim.

  4. Thanks for the update. I’m so relieved that Jenna is recuperating.

    I just sent off a card today, but I’ll be making a donation to Rover Rescue in Jenna’s Name tonight. I want her to know that we’re thinking of her and wishing her a speedy recovery.

    After all, she’ll need to accept that Emmy personally.


  5. Wow…Jenna was already one of my favorites actresses but the fact that she’s asking for donations to be made to “a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue & placement of homeless dogs from los angeles animal shelters” makes her tops.

  6. The shelter is such a quality thing for Jenna to do. I hope they don’t mind my donation was so small! But hey, every little bit counts.

  7. i dont even want to start with what ifs.. but breaking your back is heavy stuff.

    Thank goodness she’ll make a full recovery.

  8. I just gave a whopping $25 to Rover Rescue. If that’s what Jenna wants, I’m there.

    She and James are a class act.

    Get well soon, Jenna.

  9. Made my donation, it wasn’t much, but it will do far better going toward the animals, than to something I would have bought anyway.

    Get Well Soon Jenna!

  10. “Here’s an update on Jenna’s injury from her husband, James Gunn”

    ~whoo! For a minute there I thought poor Jenna’s injury was inflected by her husband, which would have been bad news…but its good to hear that she’s doing well.

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