The Weekend Tally

With all the server problems last weekend, I got a little behind (TWSS), so here is one ginormous and unsorted Weekend Tally, newer stuff on top.

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  1. that conspiracy theory is the stupidest thing I ever watched and I now feel dumber for ever watching it

  2. LOVE Ricky Gervais!
    “Me and Steve split everything 50/50. He was new, he didn’t know what he was signing.” haha
    Ahhh he’s so great.

  3. Ugh, I can’t believe I watched it, too even after reading your post. It was pretty much a waste of my 5 minutes!

  4. Kransinski is a nice guy and a great actor, but not naturally funny (Human Giant clips).

  5. Wow, that guy in the conspiracy vid can sure talk fast. I only watched the first minute or so…Jack Bauer taking Jan’s job? I think he would probably end up killing David Wallace and everyone else at the corporate office for giving him a bad look or something.

  6. Why didn’t I read the comments before watching that crazy conspiracy theory video? I should have known it wasn’t getting any better…

  7. Wow the Dunder Mifflin stickies are so cool!
    The great thing is that i have a Mac! Thank you so so so much for posting them Tanster! Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the heads up about the stuff at Kohl’s! I went there today and got my Dwight “Gun Show” shirt. They also had the blue DM one, but I didn’t see the other one. Very cool!!!

  9. Whoever thought the conspiracy theory video was dumb is crazy. I never laughed so hard at anything before in my life. For some reason I found that crazy dude in a tinfoil hat who clearly has hyperactivity disorder hysterical.

    It is a bit NSFW. Tanster, you should put a warning next to it.

  10. A video with Jim, Gob, and George Michael? I could not be anymore there.

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