1. Welcome back cast and crew! The fans here at OfficeTally will do our best to entertain you during your down time!

  2. HOORAY!!!!!!!! I’m a teacher and starting back to school next week…just knowing that The Office is BACK to work makes me HAPPY Summer is OVER b/c it’s that much CLOSER to the season 4 DVD release, Emmy’s AND season 5 PREMIERE!! CAn’t WAIT!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! :)

  3. It gives me the warm fuzzies to know they’re back at work. I hope you all enjoyed your hiatus!

  4. I love Jim’s face on that banner. Hysterical!!!

    And welcome back to work everyone!!!

    Bring on the FUNNY!!!!

  5. I haven’t been this excited for a Monday since you guys watched “Varsity Blues”…WELCOME BACK!

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