Wendy’s Review: The Return

Psycho Ass (Andy’s new title this week) was one Large Tuna of a catalyst for a long-awaited return in this week’s episode.

I’m not talking about the return of Oscar, back from “gaycation.” (Poor Kev — three agonizing months waiting to say that.)

And I’m not talking about the return of Dwight. OK, he was technically only gone 22 minutes. Still, it was enough for all of us to mourn his absence, including Jim. (“Thank you, Universe. You win.”)

I’m talking about JAM.

Because let’s face it peeps, this season has suffered a JAM drought …

We don’t need these two professing undying love before making out on the copy machine (though it certainly wouldn’t be the worst season finale.) But hardly any interaction this season? That’s just cruel.

Seeing JAM return to their prank-filled roots and take down Psycho Ass for his “Rocking Robin” ringtone antics was like watching an orchestrated waltz. They communicate beautifully without words. (Tell me Jim’s hand reaching back for the cell phone in Pam’s wasn’t loaded with subtext.)

I was ready to shake Jim like a Polaroid picture for denying his true feelings for Pam last week. But when Karen asked him again, he finally came through with a breathtaking “yes,” confirming Karen’s one-way ticket to Brokenheartville. Poor Karen. While I can appreciate her no-nonsense maturity with Jim, it’s no match for the complicated mess she faces in Scranton.

Meanwhile, Psycho Ass managed to bring out a Mexican fiesta of uncharacteristic emotions in our other Office pals.

Michael was dark and pensive, tired of Psycho Ass being up in his “bidness.” He got a glimpse of what a man with very little self-awareness looks like and no, it wasn’t from looking in a mirror. But say what you will about Michael Scott, he finally saw through Andy’s underhanded tactics like a sheet of Saran Wrap. Thankfully, glimpses of the old Michael were still around, most notably when he asks Phyllis to “find firecrackers and a Chihuahua” for Oscar’s “Mexicanity” party.

Angela failed to stand by her man Tammy Wynette-style last week. That guilt culminated in a touching break room scene with Michael and a hilarious meltdown with Oscar. My sympathy for Angela was limited ever since her Lady MacBeth maneuvers landed Dwight in the Michael Scott doghouse during “The Coup.” But when she finally tells Michael why Dwight really went to NYC, exacting her revenge on Andy simultaneously, she proves there’s much more to our uptight, cat-loving gal than meets the eye.

Michael rescues an exiled Dwight from Staples, a land of paper shredders, itchy red shirts (at least they look itchy) and employees who hate his “giant head and beady little eyes.” I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t choked up over Michael’s heartfelt plead to Dwight: “You should come back. Please.”

Of course he follows this up with “I don’t want somebody sucking up to me because they think I’m going to help their career. I want them sucking up to me because they genuinely love me.” Another gem for Michael Scott’s School of Philosophy.

There’s lots to look forward to with February Sweeps upon us. There’s yet another return. (Todd F. Packer … guess what the ‘F’ stands for?) We may see some explosive action when Phyllis and Dwight’s big personalities ignite again. And it’s safe to predict that exciting twists probably lie ahead for Man (Michael/Jan), Dwangela, and dare I say it … JAM.

In the words of Psycho Ass, that’s nothing short of doompity dawesome.

Wendy is the founder of Limelight Media, an entertainment marketing company in Los Angeles. She enjoys procrastinating with friends (online and elsewhere) and laughing at her dogs when they snore in their sleep. Visit her here.