1. Did anyone else notice that they spelled John’s name wrong? It’s KRASINSKI not KRASINSKY.

    ugh, that irks me. :[
    but what doesn’t irk me is the fact that she’s NOT going out with him.

    B.J. and Jenna are gorgeous!! haha. Very great scans, thank you. :]

  2. Rashida does look beautiful in that pic but is it just me or does that dress make her look like she has a little baby bump?

  3. Aw! I love that picture of Jenna and B.J.! Does anybody spell check those things?

  4. Wow, I always thought Rashida Jones was pretty but she is absolutely STUNNING in that photo. I need ice cream now, I’m depressed. :-)

  5. The BJ/Jenna picture is great! And so is Rashida’s picture she looks beautiful and she sounds so cool. I want her to stay and all, but she can’t be with Jim. Damn them for hiring a not only a cool actress, but writing a good character!

  6. wow i think rashidas hair looks amazing.. and i like her a whole loit more now that i know shes not dating john :)
    and yeah- bj and jenna are adorableee.. i love them

  7. Regarding Rashida’s photo- those empire waist dresses make most everyone look pregnant.

  8. I’m not afraid to say it – I love Rashida. She’s the type of girl I’d be friends with. And that little interview just clinched the deal. She’s awesome.

  9. wow Rashida looks a lot like her mom in that photo. It’s like a very tanned peggy lipton. very pretty

  10. Rashida looks gorgeous. That online boggle thing had me cracking up (the camera crew yells out words like “shark”).

    To be honest, I think that side view of Jenna makes her look like she has a little baby bump.

  11. I’m liking Rashida more and more. I hope we see more of her outside of The Office.

  12. I feel sorry for female celebrities when they have the slightest bumb and everyone assumes they are pregnant. It’s called eating normal!

  13. lol @ ‘very tanned peggy lipton’. her hair looks amazing! i do agree about her being really good friend material. i want a rashida!

  14. rashida and jenna both owe me a new keyboard…

    cause i just drooled all over it and shorted it out.

  15. Speaking of “bumps” that reminds me of the second episode of “Dirt” where an actress did actually just gain weight and then didn’t end up having her own baby, but having a surrogate! It must be nice to be so thin that you look pregnant when you just eat a bit more, however …

  16. I just read that Rashida is going to star in a movie that John Krasinsky is directing.

    John, please marry her!!

  17. I’ll have to echo the majority here….she is one beautiful woman, and the article makes it appear she has a great personality as well. When you hear someone grew up with celebrity parents, one sort of jumps to a Nicole Richie sort of idea about personality….glad that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

  18. I love Rashida! Here’s an interesting story… Rashida was good friends with deceased rap artist Tupac Shakur. Tupac critisized Quincy for dating a white woman in a magazine, leading Rashida to make a public statement defending biracial families. Tupac retracted his statements and tried to apologize personally to Rashida, but instead mistook her for Kidada, her sister. Kidada and Tupac eventually started dating and were reportedly engaged at the time of his death. Rashida and Tupac became very close and would talk on the phone frequently about everything from religion to Hollywood and Rashida even recorded the conversations which she keeps to this day!

  19. I think that Rashida looks a little like Leah Remini in that photo. Her hair looks awesome!

  20. Da Bell of Da Ball,

    I totally agree! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw her picture!!

    Soooo happy john and rashida are not dating!!!

  21. OK, I was watching Rashida yesterday in Parks and Recreation, really didn’t know who she was, but something about her, (maybe her eyes…) slowly began making me MELT the more I saw her. Now I’m TOTALLY hooked. What is it about her? Am I the only one?

  22. Hey Tommy222,

    You are not the only one, I agree there is something about her, I can’t figure out what it is. Funny thing is, is that there is a girl in my accounting class that looks exactly like her, it’s uncanny.

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