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Other notable items

  • Angela on Megan Mullally: If you missed the show, here is the video.
  • New fanvid site: Welcome the latest addition to the OfficeTally Links Page: — a compendium of Office-based fan videos, maintained by Becca, quite an accomplished fanvid creator in her own right.
  • An Office Halloween: I’ve posted a bunch of Office-inspired Halloween photos that people have sent in. Bask in the creativity!
  • TV Squad photos of Office set: People are leaving some interesting comments on what they are noticing in the photos. Props to the props team for their amazing attention to detail!
  • Office Games Get Flash Make-Over: “NBC’s The Office Games has produced a flash-enhanced game … The new [games] feature cleaner graphics, enhanced sound and quicker relay times …” Read more here.
  • Messages from the cast: I’ve added Angela’s and Kate’s audio messages to the sidebar — find them in the “Notable Posts” list.
  • 48 hours with Rainn Wilson: A little blurb on what does Rainn like to do on the weekend. Thanks to Jill for the tip!
  • Wicked sibling rivalry: And lastly, Jenna Fischer appeared in a video entry for the Instant Films Festival in 2003, entitled The Girl’s Guide to Summer. “What’s a little bit smaller than a cow?” Thanks to Paula for the tip! (And here is a Behind the scenes clip that is also really fascinating …)


  1. I mean poor Amy the character… hanging herself. She didn’t even get her eggroll!

    That behind the scenes video was interesting although it didn’t work well on my computer– I wonder how long ago Jenna filmed that!

  2. Oops watch out for spoilers to the mini-movie in my last comment, anyone!! Sorry about that.

  3. Girl’s Guide to Summer was written by Jeremy Miller? Is this the same guy that played Ben on Growing Pains? It would explain so much.

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