April Fool’s Day PSAs available at NBC.com

The entire collection of April Fool’s Day videos, some of which were shown last night and patterned after “The More You Know” public service announcements, can be found at the newly redesigned Office site at NBC.com.

And they’re Mac-friendly, woo-hoo!

I think my favorite ones are “Lipstick,” “Invite,” and “Taping Sex.” Kelly’s cute as a button, Pam looks just a little stressed, and Ryan needs a beer. (But not a $9 beer.)


Here’s what Greg Daniels, executive producer of The Office, had to say about the PSAs:

…we decided to produce these as if NBC went directly to the characters and asked for their advice, and then we’re putting them online as a little fun extra for the fans. Hopefully, by further popularizing the phrase ‘The More You Know,’ we will help make addressing the camera in front of a concrete wall the only acceptable way of transmitting information in the future.

Read the complete press release here.

What was your favorite PSA?

Update: You can find transcriptions here.

Reminder: Lots of Office treats today

Just a reminder of all the Office goodies we get today:

  • Jenna Fischer appears on various radio shows around the country, 6am-9am PT. Schedule
  • Angela Kinsey appears on Rock107 Scranton in the morning and Rock 105.3 San Diego in the afternoon.
  • Office characters appear in “The More You Know” spots throughout primetime tonight.
  • First run of Michael’s Birthday. Come right back here at 7pm PT to vote!
  • Jenna Fischer appears on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”



  • Here is the audio from Angela’s interview with Rock107.
  • Here are some quick TV Guide interviews (scroll to the bottom of the page) with the cast about tonight’s episode, Michael’s Birthday. Thanks to jillcet at LiveJournal for the tip!