This week’s "Diversity Day" giveaway!

Because this Thursday’s episode, Diversity Day, is a rerun from Season 1, there will be no iTunes drawing this week.

There will still be a giveaway, though, courtesy of The Scranton Branch.

David, proprietor of The Scranton Branch, says:

“Think of The Scranton Branch as the merchandise member of the Online Office Alliance. If you want to rate an episode, OfficeTally is the place. If you want the best forums — head to Northern Attack. If you want to pick up gear, though, click over to The Scranton Branch. The designs range from character quotes to the infamous Dwight bobblehead design — on shirts, mugs, hats, coasters, magnets, and more! And with more than 100 products priced under $14, it’s more fun than getting drunk with your laser tag team.”

To enter the drawing:

  1. Add a comment\ (including a valid email address) to the Diversity Day page.
  2. That’s it!

The deadline to enter comments is Saturday, March 11, 11pm PT.

A single winner will be chosen on Sunday, March 12th, to select any item from The Scranton Branch’s products under $14 page! Thanks, David!

"Take Your Daughter To Work Day" coming March 16th

Although NBC reruns a Season 1 episode Diversity Day next week, an episode summary has already been posted at for a brand new episode entitled “Take Your Daughter To Work Day,” which airs in two weeks on March 16:

It’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day at Dunder Mifflin, and Michael, who’s uncomfortable around kids, is pleasantly surprised when he becomes a hit with them. He tries to impress his new pint-sized posse by showing them a video of him as a “child star” on a local kids’ show—but, like all things Michael, it backfires. Meanwhile, Pam’s goal is to find just one child who likes her; and Stanley’s flirtatious daughter develops a crush on Ryan.

Trivia question: In which episode and in which scene has Stanley’s daughter been mentioned before?

Update, March 7

In the March 6-12 printed version of TV Guide, page 72 says:

Thank heaven for little girls. Michael puts his hatred for Toby on hold when he strikes up a friendship with his rival’s 5-year-old on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”

This just gets more and more interesting …

Some recent articles about The Office

I posted these over at Northern Attack a few days ago:

Regarding the blog article, did you know that Rainn Wilson (Dwight) actually writes Schrute-Space, whereas character blogs from other TV shows are written by show staff? Pretty darned cool.

‘Office’ Is Abuzz with Potential Love

Monique Marcil of Zap2it talks to John Krasinski (“Jim”) and Jenna Fischer (“Pam”) about the JAM phenomenon.

An excerpt:

“Roy is a good guy; he’s a provider, he’s stable, he’s reliable, but he isn’t very thoughtful and he just does the bare minimum,” Fischer says. “He’s the guy who buys you the rose at the 7-Eleven on Valentine’s Day. Whereas look what Jim gave her [for Christmas]: a teapot filled with inside jokes. That is the way to a woman’s heart.

Read the full article here.