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Oops. Wrong guilty pleasure. ;)

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Jenna Fischer answers fan questions!

Even with no Office episode airing tonight, Jenna Fischer (“Pam”) still took the time to post to her blog at

Bless her heart. Maybe today isn’t so gloomy after all.

Was that John Krasinski’s (“Jim”) actual yearbook picture in Email Surveillance? (I swear, I just don’t see the resemblance.)

Read her answer to that question and more here.

A week without The Office is like…

So today is Thursday.

Normally a day I really look forward to because we get a new episode of The Office. Or if not that, then we get to revisit a classic episode from last season like Diversity Day or Health Care.

So what happened this week? — absolutely no episode at all?!

Cruel, cruel, très cruel.

A week without The Office is like…

  • A morning without Starbucks.
  • A day without sunshine. (Which explains the weather we’ve been having in the SF Bay Area lately.)
  • Dwight with no cookie.

What is a week without The Office like for you? TV goes to the blogs

USAToday has posted an article about the power of the TV show blog here.

While this is nothing new to us Office fanatics, it’s interesting to see what other TV shows are jumping on the blog bandwagon.

No one does it as well as our Office cast, though! ;)

Speaking of which, don’t forget to take the survey — don’t let Grey’s Anatomy get all the credit …

Office gossip from Kristin at E!

Here are a few choice Office tidbits, including a funny video clip, from Kristin, E! Online’s TV Diva.

Caution: Some of this information is “spoilerish” — proceed at your own risk.

  • Will we see a Pam/Roy wedding by season’s end? See what David Denman (“Roy”) and Leslie David Baker (“Stanley”) have to say. Go here and scroll down the page until you see the video clip named “Couple talk on Grey’s, Lost, The Office, more.”
  • A few tidbits on this page — one on some “good lovin'” and another about… an upcoming episode idea? Use your browser to search on “office.”