A week without The Office is like…

So today is Thursday.

Normally a day I really look forward to because we get a new episode of The Office. Or if not that, then we get to revisit a classic episode from last season like Diversity Day or Health Care.

So what happened this week? — absolutely no episode at all?!

Cruel, cruel, très cruel.

A week without The Office is like…

  • A morning without Starbucks.
  • A day without sunshine. (Which explains the weather we’ve been having in the SF Bay Area lately.)
  • Dwight with no cookie.

What is a week without The Office like for you?


  1. A Thursday without The Office is like having anal fissures without medical coverage.

  2. Oh this is fun! :-)

    A week without The Office is like collard people. Because that’s just offensive.

  3. It’s like finding your stapler in jello.

    I’m sooo disappointed. I thought we were going to get The Dundies tonight, at least (love that one).

  4. Okay, I’ll play.

    A week without The Office is like realizing you hooked up with Kelly on Feburary 13.

  5. A Thursday without The Office is like…

    “getting a rash from a pony on your birthday – it’s just painful.”

    “seeing a guy in a towel walk though the house when an interview is going on – it’s just weird.”

  6. A week w/out the office is like waking up thinking its Saturday, then you realize it’s a Monday.

  7. Like being diagnosed with Inverted Penis, Hot Dog Fingers, AND Count Choculitis.

  8. …a trip to the dentist, a two hour wait at the DMV and the 15th of April (and you still haven’t done your taxes!)

  9. A week without the office is like…Easter with no Peeps! The Dundies with no DJ!

  10. A week without an Office episode is like working ALL DAY, putting up with Dwight, for michael’s “surprise” and in the end getting nothing.

  11. A week without the office is like…

    The Today Show w/o Katie Couric

    Christmas w/o presents

    Everybody forgetting your birthday

  12. …like winning the office basketball game and then having your boss make you work the weekend anyway!

  13. A week without The Office is like that word for when you have something stuck in your shoe.

  14. You guys are great. Every Office fan is so clever :) It gives me hope in humanity…

  15. a week without the office is like burning your foot on a george foreman grill…it hurts so much.

  16. Oh how disappointing! I was really looking forward to some Office action last night :(

    A week without The Office is like a day with no green tea.

    P.S. this is my new favourite The Office blog/site.

  17. loosing the sale that’s 25% of your yearly commission to another salesman here

    definetely no mini champagne on an officeless thursday

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