Wendy meets Kate!

Good OT gal pal Wendy recently had the chance to meet Kate Flannery (“Meredith”)!

wendy the office kate flannery

Here is Wendy’s report:

This event took place on Tuesday, October 24th at an M. Fredric Store in Studio City, CA. The event was sponsored by Tide because they were launching a line of Vintage Tide Tees. All the proceeds of one of these tees will benefit Take Action Hollywood, a charitable organization run by Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos, who served as the host/spokesperson for this Tide campaign. Kate was kind enough to stop by the event and could not have been sweeter. We loaded her down with gift bags for everyone in the cast and she was generous enough to distribute them to everyone on set a few days later. It was amazing to meet her as Meredith is one of my favorite characters on the show and I am also crazy about her act The Lampshades with Scot Robinson. She could not have been more gracious and more genuine in her love and appreciation of The Office fans everywhere.

Yay Wendy and Kate! And thanks for sending this awesome photo!

Friday’s ‘Ellen’ may be TiVo-worthy

I got an email yesterday from a very excited OT reader named Shannon:

I thought I’d give you (and all the fans of “The Office”) an update on a commercial I saw for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” I saw a commercial late last night for segments coming up this week, and up came a clip of John Cryer, Heidi Klum, and low and behold, our beloved John Krasinski!!!

Anyway, it was a clip of each of them singing, but there was no sound of them; just the announcer’s voice. I looked on Ellen’s website, and it lists Friday as “Ellen’s Karaoke Show”, and lists Heidi and John Cryer, and “some surprise performances.” (Why they didn’t list John Krasinski, I have no idea!) But, he will definitely be singing. And who doesn’t love John Krasinski singing??? “Love me, love me …”

Thanks, Shannon, for the heads-up!

Update: Here is a preview of Friday’s show — that is definitely John singing at the beginning!

‘Branch Closing’ producer’s cut on Nov. 9

From the NBC press release:

NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy “The Office” (Thursdays, 8:30 – 9:00pm ET/PT) will offer fans a first-ever, web-exclusive “producer’s cut” on November 9th. The episode will include additional scenes and extra footage not shown in the broadcast version. Viewers can log onto NBC.com at 9:00pm (PT) on November 9th to see the web-exclusive event.

Read NBC’s ‘The Office’ Web Event Streams Only on NBC.com here.

Update 1: The producer’s cut version will be available for a week. (Thanks, Dana!)

Update 2: Executive producer Greg Daniels will be live blogging that night, 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Stapler’s Office adventure

Stapler over at the NBC boards was lucky enough to take photos outside the Office set recently, and to meet Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Phyllis Smith, and Leslie David Baker!

the office rainn wilson leslie david baker

Photo posted with permission — thanks Stapler!