1. I love Michael’s half cry, half yell.

    Last week Pam wore her hair down. This week, a pony tail. The girl’s gone wild!

  2. I have to say…

    Even though we’re almost two and a half seasons in, I’m still surprised every week at the quality of writing of this show. Even in just a promo clip, I can tell it’s going to be another well written episode.

  3. The pained look on Michaels face is comedic genious. This is gonna be a stellar episode…I am counting down the days (as usual)

  4. Is it sad that (while I loved the promo and think Steve is hilarious in what I say) that the first thought was “OMG Pam’s wearing a different type of shirt and her hair is up?!”

    Fancy new Beesly! :)

    Can’t wait for this one!

  5. Much thanks for uploading this, Office Tally.

    But I’m surprised that we don’t know yet who wrote Branch Closing. Surely someone can find that out and let us know?

  6. wow. even though i know it’s supposed to be depressing, i find michael’s brave face quite hilarious. and the “nobody loves me anymore” line just made me fall off my chair.

  7. I love Michael’s brave face as well…I think that this is going to be an interesting episode…Tracy Michael is saying “Nobody Loves Me Anymore” as he’s rolling around on the ground

  8. It’s actually “nobody LIKES me anymore”

    poor michael. love the brave face on the verge of tears look

  9. I am excited for this weeks episode! I started thinking while watching the Dundies episode and it has been just about a year since the Dundies, do you ever think that they will do another one and it shows pam seeing her self kiss jim? hmmmm things to wonder!

  10. LOL @ “nobody likes me anymore” … awww … Poor Michael! Looks like another great eppy … thanks for posting!

  11. Though i am about 90% sure they will not actually move the show away from Scranton but if they do i will probly just stop watching.

  12. Someone probably figured this out and/or posted it already, but my theory is that their reactions in this week’s episode are based on rumors, and the reality will be that Stamford is closing instead because, let’s face it, the office space in Stamford must cost a LOT more money than the Scranton office.

  13. Wait, it says Jan told Michael that Scranton is shutting down… hmmm…. maybe Jan gets overruled?

  14. Thanks, Tanster. We can always count on you to keep us posted! I cannot wait for this episode :) (ok, I say that about every episode)

  15. Fancy New Beesly indeed! I noticed the hair right away.

    Now I just NEED to know if Jim got that text!

  16. Love Pam’s new look! I wonder why they are giving Pam the slow “transformation” to make her character a little prettier/hotter… maybe because of Karen??? Just a thought.

  17. I actually saw a longer promo for this week’s ep that aired during the last quarter of Sunday Night Football and it had all the clips from this one, but with one main addition: Jan telling (I assume, he was off-screen) Michael about corporate’s decision to close the Scranton branch. (!!!)

    This makes me worry not so much about Scranton getting the axe (I’m sure the coin will flip and it will be Stamford instead), but about what length Michael is going to have to go to save it!

    Season 3 has been absolutely amazing so far, and I can’t wait to see what they do with this… can Thursday come fast enough?!

  18. Yes, he goes as far as New York w/ Dwight to try and save the branch.

    Source: Jenna’s myspace blog.

  19. I think that you’re right, but Kevin’s blog says that he might need to “start sending out his resume.”

    This frightens me to no end. Army of Kevin!

  20. fleece it out … a couple of more reasons they would probably choose Scranton over Stamford to stay open …

    Recently Michael has closed two big deals … one w/Hammermill which was in “The Convention” and two a company Pam mentions where she says “this is a very big deal” at the end of “The Initiation” just before she gets the call from Jim. I would think those two would pull alot of weight.

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